Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another child raped and murdered

Nadine Jantjie's rape and murder has left the authorities at their wit's end.

The shame of the Rainbow nation - The Mirror (UK) - 21 June 2009

1 in 4 South African BLACK males ADMIT to rape
One child raped every three minutes! - 530 child rapes take place every day
Dad kills men after rape of daughter

9-year-old raped, killed
Child-rape epidemic in South Africa

They admit their efforts to safeguard children are not enough and have acknowledged that family units need to be strengthened, as children who are murdered are most often killed by relatives.

Premier Helen Zille says dealing with the scourge of substance abuse, notably tik, is vital if the horrific murders of children are to be stopped. Tik seemed to turn people into "violent psychopaths", she said.

She is busy appointing a children's commissioner in the Premier's Office. At the national level talks arre under way to implement systems for protecting children.

This week Nadine became the latest child murdered in the Western Cape, just one of about 100 children who are deliberately killed in the Western Cape every year. Latest figures show that from April 2007 to March last year 128 children and teens were murdered.

Montesha Kekana, 10, who disappeared from Saldanha in May, has still not been found. A man, 32, was arrested and charged with rape and murder.

In April a 16-month-old girl was left with severe injuries after being raped, allegedly by two brothers, in Delft.

In January the partially clothed body of Unakho Ntelezi, 10, was found in bush in Witsand, near Atlantis.

Chelsea Jacobs, 5, was raped last July. She was found but died hours later.

On Tuesday this week Nadine's partially clothed body was found in bush on a dune in Wesbank. She had been raped and strangled. The man arrested for her murder, Manfred Swartz, is the brother of her two aunts' partners.

Manfred Swartz appeared briefly in the Blue Downs Magistrate's Court on Thursday. The minimum sentence for rape is life and for murder 15 years. On instruction from President Jacob Zuma, the national Minister of Women, Youth, Children and Persons with Disabilities, Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya, flew to Cape Town this week to be with the Jantjies family.

She has spoken to the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, who is said to be equally concerned about the murders.

Mayende-Sibiya said: "Together we will look at ways of ensuring that all our children grow up and live in communities that are safe and that they enjoy the kind of security that will enable them to reach their full potential."

She is to meet provincial and municipal authorities as well as relevant NGOs next week.

Zille said one of the key tasks of the children's commissioner would be to look at child abuse across the board but also the role played by men in the family.

Zille believes an investigation will show that in almost all child murder cases, substance abuse had played a part.

"One cannot blame poverty, for example. There are hundreds of very poor communities across the world in which the rape and murder of children and babies is unheard of.

"I have not heard of a case where the man involved in such violent abuse of children was not under the influence of a substance."

Social Development MEC Ivan Meyer says he plans to turn the department's current strategy to protect children on its head.

"What has become abundantly clear," he said, "is that if the majority of perpetrators are known to the children and communities, we must focus on parents and families taking more personal responsibility, with the support of communities.

"More importantly, we need to create an environment for this to happen, for each one of us to feel, believe and give effect to the idea that 'your child is my child'."

His department, in conjunction with NGOs, runs a number of programmes, including a 24-hour child protection service, foster care and residential care services, neighbourhood response programmes like "Eye on the Child" and ward-based safety parents, as well as after-school care and early childhood development programmes.

Meyer said recently they were focusing on public awareness and education "which places the emphasis on balancing rights with responsibilities, as well as programmes that preserve, strengthen and build the resilience of families".

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Vince R said...

Let's see if we can get the trail right: 1) Tik is a poor man's drug based on cocaine 2) Cocaine originated in South America 3) North America is connected to South America 4) Americans sumggled cocaine 5) Americans are white colonialists descendants from Britain 6) White South Africans are colonial descendants from Britain 7) Colonialism is evil


it's Apartheid's fault

Vanilla Ice said...

I can see why so many people despise white South Africans for the alleged atrocities we committed. Take a look at the state South Africa is in. Look what we have done.

However, that is only part of the story. There is no evidence of widespread atricities, so the logical next step is to assume that all the manifest social ills must be as a result of Apartheid. Because these ills are so abhorrent, it is intuitive to assume that the alleged atrocities were equally as horrid. As the decay in society advances, so does the rhetoric, placing blame on Apartheid. This type of reasoning is prevalent everywhere.

Take a look at an extract from the article, referred to in the posting.

"It is essentially a question of education and changing social mindsets. It is, in part, just another legacy of apartheid. Generations of the black and coloured population were discarded and written off when it came to education."

So, by the stroke of a pen it is concluded that rape is a blight on South African society because of the lack of education.

Of course this is nonesense, but it is easier than having to explore and admit that there are fundamental differences in culture and intellect, which have nothing to do with Apartheid, and more to do with heritable, genetic characteristics.

Lazy thinking, in the form of conventional wisdom, leads to lazy results, in the form of spurious and unsubstantiated results.

Anonymous said...

Has it actually occured to anyone that the anti-apartheid movement especially by europeans is in actual fact just a very simple form of reverse racism...

Afterall most white South Africans tend to be from european origin...

As a white South African now living in europe I openly admit that i love South Africa, yes it's not perfect but then which country is...

Some might think it a bit strange that I make this statement whilst living in europe, well it really is'nt in my opinion the world should have no borders.

My mission is to experience life whilst living and working my way around the world.

I'm not here for an easy life or to run away from a corrupt government. I'm here for the reason stated above.

That said whilst i'm close to becoming a citizen of 'supposedly' the greatest country on earth yet have realised the following:
1.) Hate all politicians irrespective of the country you live in they are all corrupt - 'They do not care about you they care about how much money they can steal from you. This can be backed up by the actions of both british and south african politicians'
2.) Governments have never been socially responsible - 'Governments complain about drugs and people on drugs yet they take money from known criminals and drug lords to keep the peace. Yet they will never openly admit they do.'
3.)Governments expect you to pay taxes and promise to look after you. - 'Yet at every opportunity they waive the right to healthcare based on your supposed life style.'

In my humble opinion i'm at the stage where i now refuse to pay taxes as the government in the country i'm in, has stolen from me for the past number of years and justified it by claiming that i'm a foreigner, yet colonised my people and stole my countries natural resources.

Do i hate the queen? Is this a facist regime?

Whatever the case might be i live save in the knowledge that i will return to south africa and if i die atleast it will be with the sun in my face supporting a rugby team which undoubtely the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

@ VI. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

The Simple Fix:

1. Criminalize non-ownership of guns.
2. Enable over the counter gun sales.
3. Enact Castle Doctrine.
4. Smile as rape rate plummets.
5. Crack open a cold one.