Friday, May 15, 2009

9-year-old raped, killed

A nine-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in her bed in Zithobeni near Bronkhorstspruit on Friday, Gauteng police said.

Inspector Sanet Lourens said her body was found around 7.45am on Friday in her room that she shared with her four-year-old brother.

The brother called for help from their grandmother who lived in the main house after he could not wake his sister. She broke down the door to get inside.

It was not known how the girl was killed and a post mortem would be conducted on Monday.

A friend of the family was being sought in connection with the rape and murder, said Lourens.

Let us not forget that this is not an isolated incident. South Africa has the highest child rape statistics in the world. It is in fact so bad that the government has refused to release these figures.

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Rape, including child rape, is increasing at shocking rates in South Africa. Sexual violence against children, including the raping of infants, has increased 400% over the past decade.

According to a report by BBC news, a female born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped in her lifetime than learning how to read.

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