Friday, April 24, 2009

Young expats surprised to discover they are right-wingers

PRETORIA. Young South Africans living and working abroad say they are surprised to learn that they are all racist fascists, after ANC spokesman Jesse Duarte launched a scathing attack on expatriate voters this morning in which she branded them "right-wingers".

According to many expatriates the announcement has made them slightly less eager to return.

Duarte, who raised eyebrows recently for explaining that the "forces of darkness" were working against the ANC, was in the headlines again this morning after declaring that expatriate voters were "right-wingers".

Referring to the strong showing by the Democratic Alliance at international polling stations, Duarte said, "It shows you who leaves the country: all the right-wingers."
Stunned South Africans living abroad said they had no idea they were racists until Duarte explained it to them.

"In a way we should be grateful to Ms Duarte because we didn't really know what we were," said Mary Gently, 28, an engineer living in London.

"All we knew was that were were unwanted by this government, but at least now we know where we stand.

Kobus Babotie, a 24-year-old intern working in Boston, said he would have been happy to vote for the ANC if they had presented a coherent vision for the future, but said that he would now have to join the Freedom Front Plus or perhaps even the AWB.

"I really don't want to," he explained, "but Ms Duarte has said it, so it must be true."
"If this is what my government thinks of me then I might as well stay here and try to confirm all their racist stereotypes of me," he said, adding that he would now have to try to find an old South African flag and cultivate racist friends.

Meanwhile Duarte has denied that her spate of racist and intellectually challenged statements are an attempt to gain the same high political profile enjoyed by fellow thinker Julius Malema.

"I'm not crazy," she told journalists this morning. "I know that's what crazy people say, but it's true." She added that the forces of darkness were trying to get inside her brain, but confirmed that she was constructing a hat made out of aluminum foil that would keep their whispers out of her head.

"The right-wingers and the forces of darkness can try whatever they want, but my body is nobody's body but mine.

You're not getting inside this brain. Nothing is getting inside this brain.

This mind is 100% closed, do you understand? Nothing's going in, nothing's going out."

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Para Bellum said...


One too many swallows while your lips were around Bra' Jakes rod eh Jessie?

The most fitting comment is probably a well worn one from one of her less toothful compatriots:

"Djessie - Djou ma se vokkin thtink POETH!"

Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

Leifur said...

Wow, this picture (the lower one) is one of the most stupid I have ever seen. Why on earth creating a flag and emblem so resembling the hated Nazi one is beyond me.

It just played into your enemies hands. Such pictures were posted with every article about the situation in South Africa, even in school books, so people in the West even thought this was the sign of the national party and its ideology.

The ideology of the Nazis is a failed one, and does still, just as before, do more harm than good to those cultures and people it supposes to support.

Best wishes,


Es. did people really support this group?

Anonymous said...

Well said Para Bellum

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that flag was a rather poor choice of flags.
These guys did have quite a following at one stage. Eugene Terblanche was a very powerful speaker and leader when this nation was stuck with such cowards as Roelf Meyer and co.They were however too right wing for most.
At this time in our history we all believed that this new South Africa will work, if we all pull together and there is no more discrimination..
Well, so much for that KAK idea.

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho fookin ho...stunning post Dude...freeking persbek meraai...that's telling her!

Anonymous said...

Hi DR. Great to see you popping in.