Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Happens When White Just Isn't White Enough

Recently a fellow blogger and I, and a few vigorous contributors, went head-to-head regarding the remarks made by Jacob Zuma, concerning English and Afrikaans South Africans. In light of that, and on a lighter note, I decided to post this video. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

The sad irony is that the Geldmag (Western big money) made us think the war was between English Speaking Colonists and Boers (hence the propaganda term "Anglo-Boer Wars") when in fact it was nothing less than the invasion of the Boer Republics by Britain...
I mean let's face it, it wasn't a bunch of 1820 settlers' grandchildren invading the Boer Countries, but rather soldiers sent over directly from Britain!
There were thousands of English Speakers (incl. an entire regiment of Irishmen, some Canadians, French and Americans) fighting for the Boers, while there were thousands of Afrikaans Speakers (mainly in the Cape) supporting the Imperial expansion!


Vanilla Ice said...

@Anon 06:00. Excellent point. The tensions that arose as a result would have been manufactured, as they would have been based on a widespread myth.