Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Understanding Nationalism

By Mike Smith

Few words today bring up as much misunderstanding, confusion and resentment today as “Nationalism”. Nationalism has been vilified by the Marxist Communist agenda that see it as the biggest stumbling block in their way to a Global Communist State. One of the first things the Communists attack is a people’s Nationalism.

Nationalism is often confused with National Socialism (Nazism). It should be made clear from the start that Nationalism is a direct opposite of National Socialism. National Socialism is not a rightwing ideology or even an extreme rightwing ideology… It does not belong to the Right of the Political spectrum at all. It is a leftist ideology and the opposite side of the same coin as Communism.

National Socialism is Fascist first of all. It rejects the individual’s right to property ownership and undermines his pursuit of happiness. Fascism is the public ownership of all property except in name. It allows citizens to pretend that they own property, but they must use it in accordance with the wishes of the state. National Socialism, as an ideology is based on hatred and therefore self-destructive. The ideology of National Socialism preaches the destruction of races and inferior citizens (even their own) and promotes the concept of eugenics to breed a “Master Race”.

This ideology is flawed, because as soon as all the other races are wiped out, they will turn on their own people (the inferior ones) and seeing that there will always be one who considers himself “superior” and others “inferior”, in the end there will be only one man left standing, the King of the world. National Socialism is therefore self destructive, just like Communism. It also has a record of massive slaughter, scapegoats, starvation, and destruction of wealth.

Communism is the bloodiest form of government ever conceived. It insists on a bloody revolution with streets flowing with blood before a Communist Utopia can be established. It enslaves the entire population, and rules through fear. The government slaughters citizens to keep the rest in line. Everybody gets the same no matter how hard they work so the incentive to produce is gone. Therefore the only means of production under Communism is hard physical labour. The fear of death replaces the motivation of self interest in production. To distract the population from its failure, the government must blame it on others and anyone guilty enough of harming everyone in society should be killed of course. Communism lives on scapegoats. The results have been exactly what one would predict: starvation, poverty, and the slaughter of millions.

National Socialism and Communism are both based on hatred. They are both based on Collectivism. In other words the group is more important than the individual. It requires the individual to sacrifice himself for the alleged good of the group. National Socialism and Communism are therefore not opposites but “Oppo-sames”.

Pure Nationalism on the other side is based on love and respect. As an ideology, it does not preach any of the destructive policies of Communism or National Socialism. It preaches love of your own and respect for others; love of your own culture, religion, language, history, etc and respect for others’.

A Nationalist wishes the same for others nations as he wishes for his own, sovereignty, self determination as a Nation and individual property rights. A nationalist will not deny any other nation the same rights and in fact will try to promote it amongst other Nations.

Nationalism is the most natural form of Government and does not interfere with nature through policies of eugenics or the destruction of other races. It does not hate other races; it simply loves its own.

Nationalism is nothing else than an extended family. Just as we are proud of our own families, our sons and daughters, we are proud of our national heroes, sport stars, culture, academical achievements and history.

A Nation is not some organization or body that exists to whom individual members can belong to. The very existence of the Nation is dependent on the individuals and manifests itself as the solidarity between them. A nation is not simply the coalescing of individuals. The relationship between the individuals should also be considered.

The opposition to Nationalism often claims that it leads to racism, xenophobia and war, but nothing can be further from the truth. The forceful imposition of un-natural Liberal policies of multi-racism and multi-culturalism is a form of aggression and what leads to xenophobia and war. If these policies were not aggressively forced on individuals and undermining their individual rights and their right to self determination, war would not be necessary. Most often than not the Liberal critique of Nationalism is as aggressive as they claim Nationalism is.

Nationalism is beautiful. It cuts to the soul. It moves one to tears. Singing one’s national anthem, wearing one’s national colours, standing under one’s national flag…what can compete with that feeling of pride? We practice Nationalism in everything from sport to beauty queens. From our military to our distinct architecture.

Nationalism is nature at work. Roses do not need to strangle carnations or lilies. Roses just need to be Roses to be beautiful. But Roses also have thorns. Roses need to defend themselves to be able to Roses. Just like any other species have the right to defend themselves to be what they are. Through acknowledging the right of Roses to exist alongside carnations we see true peace. Nationalism is true diversity not an artificially created one.

In South Africa prior to 1994, we saw the most perfect example of Nationalism. The Nationalist Government gave every single tribe their own full independent countries, such as Transkei, Ciskei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, etc. A country of their own where they could govern themselves and practice their own culture, language and religious beliefs. What Nation on this planet does not want that? Yet some Black tribes refused it…

Along with giving them their own countries, White Nationalist taxpayers supported these Homelands with vast amounts of money; building schools, universities, hospitals, dams, roads, international airports and every conceivable infrastructure imaginable. They even offered them their knowledge and expertise to help them on their way and get them started. Businesses from South Africa where encouraged to open up branches in these Black Homelands to create jobs for Blacks…in return they would receive generous tax concessions. For other minorities such as the Indian community of Natal and the Cape Coloureds, provisions were made in a representative Tricameral parliament.

The White Nationalist government of South Africa are today remembered not for promoting Nationalism amongst other nations, but rather for “Apartheid” which was declared a “Crime against humanity”.

What crime is it to give people their own countries and right to self determination? What crime is it to ask these people to carry passports when visiting South Africa? Every country does that.

Yet South Africa with their Nationalist Government was vilified and made out to be akin to Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are no mass graves of Blacks in South Africa. There never was any mass slaughter of blacks. The worst scenario under Apartheid Nationalism was the Sharpeville “Massacre” on 21 March 1960. A crowd of about 5000 Blacks (conservative estimates) armed with makeshift weapons and machetes converged on a police station manned by about 150 officers. They cut all telephone lines and basically isolated the police officers. A panicked rooky cop started shooting and eventually the incident left 69 people dead amongst was eight women and 10 children. A tragedy obviously, but one has to ask who are the organizers of such a protest march who would include and risk the lives of women and children? Obviously the march was organized by the Marxist terrorist PAC officials who were sitting safely in another town when the whole incident played out.

69…dead….In a tragic incident is today commemorated as a “genocide” at the back drop of more than 3000 White farmers alone killed since the ANC Marxist terrorist regime took over in 1994.

The need to separate different tribes in South Africa was not an easy and light decision. The Nationalist Government of South Africa lived alongside nine major different tribes of Blacks for about 300 years. They did in-depth studies of each tribe and even sent many delegations abroad to come up with proposals to the complexities of tribalism in South Africa. The Nationalist Government of South Africa never passed any laws or adopted any policies without thorough research into these complexities.

A small example is the initiation rites of Xhosas and Zulus. Xhosas are circumcised at about 16 years old and Zulus are not. Working with Xhosas and Zulus on a farm or in a mine becomes very complex, because a Xhosa of say 25 will never accept any orders from a Zulu even if his age is 50, because according to the Xhosa, the Zulu is not a man, he is still a boy. They have different standards when it comes to Whites, but at least we Whites understood all these tribal differences. We further knew about the Zulu King Shaka who genocided and subjugated many Black tribes and who wanted to wipe the Xhosas from the face of the earth. That animosity is still present to this very day. There are many examples, but the myth that Blacks in South Africa were living in peace before Whites arrived is ridiculous to say the least. We Whites observed horrific wars between Black tribes with centuries of cultural hatred amongst them, and the worst thing for them would be to try and Multicultirize them.

The only logical solution for South Africa was therefore to keep them all apart. Apartheid was therefore a system to maintain the peace and it WORKED. The Nationalism practiced by the former government of South Africa was not perfect, but since Apartheid was done away with, we have seen an unprecedented escalation in hatred, intolerance and crime in this country. Nationalism was the most natural and fairest political system South Africa ever had and ever will have.

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Anonymous said...

"Nationalism has been vilified by the Marxist Communist agenda that see it as the biggest stumbling block in their way to a Global Communist State."

Let us not forget who made up the "allies" in WW2!

Anonymous said...

Wow, and you think think this was an intelligent piece. Holy crap. Who dropped you on your head?

Anonymous said...

Mike Smith writes kak.

Mad Kiwi said...

Excellent post. Only commies like these anon posters above who never experienced true nationalism would try and debunk the facts.

Anonymous said...

I see "Japan is paying foreigners to leave the country" (IOL).

They obviously realise that ONLY Nationalism can save a People.

As a true Nationalist I don't propose elimination of ANY Nation, BUT ONLY A PLACE FOR EVERY NATION TO EXIST ON ITS OWN! (The Capitalist and Communist owned media of "the West" and "the East" will have you believe otherwise)!