Sunday, April 26, 2009

Robbery at post office HQ

Greg (Black Coffee) sent this in: Man, this had to be scary situation for those who happened to go to that post office. I have to wonder where the hell were the police, though I realize the police can't be everywhere at once.

Indeed Greg. When the ANC came to power it feared a large [mostly white] armed police force and army. It had political power but as you know, political power is only as secure as the armed institutions of state are willing to play along. The ANC surmised its power would never be assured as long as a large number of whites held weapons and posed the remotest possibility of overthrowing the new government. Maybe it's in some Marxist handbook somewhere but it obviously must say 'disarm the enemy and replace with supporters'. Look at all the countries where Marxists have taken power. Same thing. Hence the ANC began an aggressive policy of removing competent whites and placing political appointees in high ranking positions, from the police chief down - people with zero police experience - aided by an affirmative action policy which basically entailed swapping experienced white policemen for blacks regardless of their abilities, the result being an organisation completely bereft of skills, order and structure, such was the ANC's fear of leaving those arms of the state armed and predominantly white. That was done quite quickly. But that was not all, it also had to disarm the public, again another Marxist doctrine, a task accomplished recently. The ANC now has no fear of ever being overthrown militarily. It's total control is complete.

When you are next in South Africa, I suggest you visit some police stations and look at the state of those buildings. You will be dismayed. Added to that, observe the police and their attitude towards the public. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. Anybody who has been to a police station will describe it as an awful experience. There are many other issues such as police corruption, police criminals etc but I don't have the space to go into that here.

Armed robbers shot their way out of the Post Office headquarters in Potgieter Street yesterday after holding up staff.

A female security guard was shot in the chest during the robbery.

Witnesses said two robbers went into the premises at about 8.30am while two others waited outside in a getaway vehicle.

The robbers entered the building after pretending they were employees of a company doing repairs and maintenance work on site.

Post Office spokeswoman Lungi Lose said two men in green overalls walked into the building while two others waited in a green bakkie outside.

"The two robbers were wearing overalls and carried a bucket which would typically be carried by on-site workmen.

"They gave security guards the name of the company that is on site as their employer, indicating that they were joining a team already on site," said Lose.

Inside the post office, two tellers were preparing their cash float for business.

The two men started shouting and swearing at customers and employees.

One approached a teller and ordered him to hand over the money in his till.

The teller hesitated and the robber used his gun to hit him on back of the head. The teller fell on the floor. The robber helped himself from the till, holding the teller down on the floor with his leg. The two men then fled the building.

Employees inside alerted others and security at the gate and one of the security guards, a woman, tried to stop the men from fleeing, unaware they were armed.

"The men shot their way out. They ran out of the building and before they could reach the gate, they saw the woman and started shooting randomly, before aiming at her. The woman was shot in the chest," said police spokesman Duminsani Ndlazi.

Ntombenhle Manyi, who went for a job interview at the post office yesterday, witnessed the robbery.

A traumatised Manyi said she was struggling to find parking and was near the entrance to the building when she heard shots. One bullet hit the front of her car.

Manyi's brother, Norman Manyi, who was in the car with her, said he yelled at his sister to drive away.

"I shouted 'drive, drive', but she was so sacred. We were both scared because we saw these men running out and shooting everywhere," said Norman.

One of the bullets narrowly missed Manyi, who was crouching behind the wheel. It pierced the bonnet and ended up near the dashboard.

"I saw one of the robbers shooting. He turned and looked at me and aimed right at my car and fired. I thought I was going to die," she said.

"I heard my brother ordering me to drive but I couldn't. I even heard the bullet going through my bonnet. I was shaking," she said, tears streaming down cheeks.

The robbers fled in the getaway vehicle, apparently with about R20 000. The amount could not be confirmed.

The security guard was rushed to the Steve Biko Ho spital. She is in a stable condition.

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Vince R said...

"When you are next in South Africa, I suggest you visit some police stations and look at the state of those buildings. You will be dismayed"
Let me add to that: When I still lived in Azania, my job entailed deposing a lot of affidavits for civil legal cases supporting the company I worked for. We used to go to the cop shop as constable can attest and stamp as commissioner of oaths. It was nearby and convenient. After awhile, there is a build up of an expectation of reciprocity. The cops expected a "thank you" gift every few months for doing a public service! Sadly enough, on one occassion, when I suggested we buy them pizza, the sargent said "You know what, please buy us a new Stamp (commisioner of oaths rubber stamp) That's what we want now" They did not have the money or resources to replace something so basic as that! So we duly drew some petty cash and bought the new stamp on their behalf! So sad, it shows what a pathetic state the police force is in.

Vanilla Ice said...

Another tip for when you ever lose an important document, say for emmigration, but you have a copy. Go to the cop shop and ask them to certify a copy as being a reasonable facsimile. You will discover how easy it is to get a certified copy of a copy. Bizarre but true.

Black Coffee said...

The only police stations I visited were Johannesburg Central and the small satellite station in Braamfontein in Johbg. Just before I got mugged I lost a cell phone in a minibus taxi. I reported it first at Braamfontein, they said because the taxi originated on Bree Street to go to Johbg Central. I went there and a cop at desk said to go back to Braamfontein since that was where I stayed. I told him I already went there and they sent me to Central station, then an officer who appeared to be a commanding officer intervened and took my report. But thinking back on that, is this typical run-around, getting sent from station to station? What if someone needs to report something more serious than a lost cell-phone? If that is typical, that's a part of bureaucracy that SAPS needs to work on, considering especially that all the stations are part of one SAPS and one station is just a phone call away from another. The second time I went to Johbg Central to report my mugging there was a nice cop there who immediately took my report. He also told me honestly that there was little chance that they'd catch the perpetrators as the Joubert Park area of Johbg where the incident occurred had lots of muggings.

Vanilla Ice said...

@BC. No, it is not normal to get the run around, at least it never used to be. A few years back you were entitled to lodge your complaint at any police station, and this would have been forwarded on later. In fact you were even entitled to call the police out to your premises, to record your complaint. Those were the days when the Brixton Flying Squad could cover every part of Johannesburg in under 8 minutes. I know, I was one of them.