Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Realities Of White Oppression

Yesterday's post, "White People Are Beautiful Too" obviously elicited some flak for DearRicky. Here he responds. From his comments it's easy to see that when whites are defended or receive support (other than from their own kind) it attracts negative reaction, something no other race has to contend with as much as whites. Why? Are other races afraid of the power of the white awakening or more likely, are they afraid that if white guilt fades that they will no longer be able to count on the generosity of the white race and must fend for themselves?

While I appreciate the feedback regarding my previous entry, negative or positive, I was surprised by some of the comments received. One particular comment that caught my eye was the person who found my defence for the Caucasian race “disturbing” as I’m Chinese…

Let me ask, is it still “disturbing” when white defends black? Is it “disturbing” when William Wilberforce made it his personal agenda to abolish the slave trade?

Defending someone requires neither the same gender nor race, nor age, nor disability. It requires empathy.

There is no such thing as “reverse racism.” Racism exists as a sole entity, while such nonsense and socially accepted racism towards Caucasians were created by self-loathing white liberals as a deception towards the public eye. Do not be deceived. White oppression is a reality, and because of this deception, people are afraid to speak up, rendering it harmless as it remains hidden. Calling someone “pale” or “pasty” and alongside with “frail” is racism. Is it acceptable if I made fun of a darker skinned person without the use of chocolate?

If the history card is to be played, then you have to ask yourself, is it not racism to call a Jew “frail and pasty” considering their history of turmoil within the walls of Nazi concentration camps?

Discriminating against someone for a physical trait that can’t be changed is wrong, regardless, and generalization is also wrong. In one of the comments, someone wrote, “Wow we’re finally getting a taste of our own medicine!”

This is a dangerous mindset because not only does it imply that every member of the Caucasian race deserves prejudice, it lumps everyone together, including the Irish, who were victims of slavery. Irish females were forced to be raped by African slave men to create more profit in the slave trade. Do the Irish deserve a taste of said medicine?

History gives us the opportunity to better ourselves as a civilization, not to repeat mistakes. Too wrongs don’t make a right, but hypocrisy continues to outweigh common sense. While there were some who claim whites are not attacked the most in the media, they also contradict themselves by acknowledging that they are the safest group to attack. Is it not logical to assume that safety is means for a free ticket towards white oppression?

To say I’m not surprised by the delusions of the deceived would be a lie, especially the responses from black women. Such liberals you are defending are the same individuals who deem the original African female unattractive. How often do you see a black woman with kinky hair on television or in movies?

When you open your eyes to see the truth, you will see that almost every famous actress of colour is transformed with delicate facial features and straightened hair. As a direct result of this, it causes insecurity amongst black females and insecurity creates an environment of unpredictability, which feeds into the deception that is to promote white oppression.

Insecurity as in, “There were so many beautiful sexy colored women mostly black or latina, we happened to turn the page after seeing so many gorgeous women and happened to end up seeing a really pale white woman in purple undies. Let me just tell you, we were so turned off. It looked dead and unappealing.”

And to further elaborate on this deception, you must take into account the comedic industry. For the record, I like Russell Peters, but you have to wonder why he is “allowed” to make racially discriminating jokes about all races. Would he still be able to thrive in his career if he was Caucasian?

Chris Rock is a perfect example. He discriminates against the Caucasian race time and time again, and yet no one is publicly offended because again, racism against whites is socially accepted. The dilemma:

Either you abolish racism in the media completely, or you give everyone a free ticket to make fun of anyone of any race. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t go and call someone a “cracker” or “white trash” and get away with it, but yet you can…

Funny, how there are consequences to defending white people and none when you defend national minorities. Making examples of white oppression is apparently racist because I’m generalizing? What the deluded fail to understand is that there is a difference between making examples and generalizing because examples are evidence that racism exists, while generalization is a catalyst that yields hatred and more.

Generalizing is when you bring up blood diamonds as a justifiable defence to suppress the truth. As someone very intelligently wrote, “Didn’t the word ‘bling’ come from black people? You know, the rich black rappers who wear ‘blood diamonds’ large enough to eat dinner off of?”

Affirmative action is also racism and a slap to your own face if you agree as a national minority. When you agree with the falsities of affirmative action, you also agree that you are inferior intellectually and can only be hired because of your race. Do you not find it sad how you are racist against yourself?

As far as the Chinese are concerned, no, you are neither a “chigga” nor a “gangsta.” Stop jumping around like a bunch of idiots! You have your own culture to appreciate. Learn kung fu and remember that machine guns have nothing on you!

As for the white boys (this goes for the Chinese as well), you are neither frail nor pasty and you are not un-cool because of your skin colour. Stop listening to crap and pull your pants up! You look like you just had a crap in your pants! Get offended when you are discriminated against and stop taking the insults like a doormat. Grow some balls and be the white man you were always meant to be! Take a stand for your women because anything else makes you nothing more than a “white boy.”

Do not be deceived. White people are beautiful “too,” and Caucasian women do not look like corpses because of their impeccable white skin, though you will die of skin cancer if you excessively tan. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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FishEagle said...


Dachshund said...

Middle and upper class Chinese women avoid the sun like the plague because they want to keep their skin as pale as possible.

There are, admittedly, some Chinese who do sunbathe. Uncensored pic of Chinese chics in the buff:


Anonymous said...

"Why have no other races other than whites had to deal with such prejudice?"
It's quite simple really, there's another race, which runs the western world, which seeks to destroy the so-called "white" race!

Research "the twelve protocols"!

He of difficult days said...

Research "the twelve protocols"!

29 April 2009 02:47

Jeff Nyquist, PhD (non Jew) claims that the protocols were proven to be a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I see "he of difficult days" is in for many difficult days!

You obviously need to wake up and look around you young man, do you think someone like Obama just makes himself!

I know these guys personally; worked for the Rotheschilds, Rockefellas, Morgans and my family worked for the Oppenhiemers!
Seen it all, and don't give a shit what some PHD says! I've lived it!

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Vince R said...

Anon said: I know these guys personally; worked for the Rotheschilds, Rockefellas, Morgans and my family worked for the Oppenhiemers. Seen it all, and don't give a shit what some PHD says!
Anon (no doubt you are Anonymous due to imminent pursuit) I seriously suggest you make an URGENT appointment with the GP to renew your meds. If you have nothing intelligent to say, if you are in a megalomaniac mood, then all I can say is just
To Dobes and the others, please don't let this anti-semitism creep in on this site. Keep Greg/ black coffee, but please just delete shit comments like Anon made.
Am I going over the top?
Anon, get yourself a good old thick history book, like JM Roberts' "History of the World" read it slowly and take it easy. There is no conspiracy you twat, just the weak and the strong.

Vanilla Ice said...

I hear ya. Anti-semitism is not welcome here. At the same time we try to be tolerant. Be assured if it goes any further it will be nipped in the bud, at least by this moderator.

Doberman said...

@ Vince R, yep, we do keep a lookout for anti-Joo stuff and some characters persist with their conspiracy theories of "you know who" or "those that may not be named". Like those that oppose Diamed's views, the idea is to get people debating and that can only be done with putting forth a varied opinion from different authors. Imagine how boring it would be if everything we posted, everyone agreed with. Sure some (like Diamed) do go off on a tangent and I think he confuses himself but he is worth reading occasionally. As for this moderator too, strictly no anti-Joo stuff and pretty soon the "you know who who is behind all this" *wink* *wink* stuff is going to fall away. All the moderators here agree on this.

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding me right???
Slavery fueled the foundation and rise of not just capitalism in general, but the U.S. in particular. This is not just a “stain” that can eventually be washed, or even scrubbed, away within the confines of this system; it is embedded in the very fabric of this society—indeed, the U.S. Constitution itself legally institutionalized slavery and deemed African-Americans to count as only 3/5 of a white person for census purposes..this person is brainwashed...

Vanilla Ice said...

@Anon 09:42. So what is your point exactly, given that Europeans were also enslaved?