Thursday, April 23, 2009

Muzzling Nando’s and other stupefying attacks on our freedoms

Muzzling the Nando’s chicken would be funny if it weren’t so serious:

the ANC Youth League’s threat to mobilise — get that?

mobilise the
people of South Africa to rise up against a manufacturer of spicy chicken takeaways is another worrying pointer to a near future that every true democrat must dread.

Oh come on, it can’t be the 1st of April again, surely?

“Cheap satire” is how ANCYL sees a Nando’s TV commercial which, it says, mocks its president, Julius Malema.

Nothing wrong with that — it’s the ANCYL’s view, it has been expressed, and it has a right
to express it.

And we should all be prepared to mobilise to defend the ANCYL’s right to call the Nando’s ad “cheap satire”.

What is
inapt in a democracy is the notion of rising up to quell that freedom.

What is about to happen to freedom of speech in South Africa? When the voices of freedom are stilled, the powerful carry on unchecked.

It is the road to an authoritarian future. We need, just as we did in the darkest days of apartheid, our cartoonists, satirists and more ser
ious political commentators to point out the potholes in the road lest our freedoms fall into them and disappear.

This all follows the debacle over cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro’s lampooning of Jacob Zuma, and we have to worry: what does it all mean for the future of one of our basic freedoms, the freedom of speech?

The freedom to wri
te unpalatable things?

My freedom to write what I write here, Pieter-Dirk Uys’s freedom to say what he and Evita Bezuidenhout say on stage, a TV company’s right to make fun of a politician or public figure in a TV ad, a cartoonist’s right to pillory:

Just in!

Nando's 'Julius' ad canned

Cape Town - The ANC Youth League has persuaded Nando's to can its "disgusting" television and radio adverts featuring a puppet named Julius.

The league met with Nando's on Thursday, it said in a statement. "The ANCYL expressed our concern over the advertisement and requested Nando's to promptly withdraw the adverts in all televisi
on and radio channels.

"The ANCYL and Nando's have agreed that the advertisements should be withdrawn within 24 hours in all the television and radio channels they were aired," it said.

"Nando's will continue to properly advertise their products in a suitable manner, and disassociate the ANCYL and its president Julius Malema from their advertisements."

And we at least have the right to disassociate ourselves from your products.

Chickens !

4 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

But it is clearly not Julius!

the puppet can do basic arithmetic...

Joe King said...

n a radio interview yesterday, with Sylvester Chauke the Nandos CHICKEN(sic) pro, she clearly stated that the imbecile himself was not offended by the advert.

"Nando's spokesperson Sylvester Chauke said that they were puzzled by the threats, because in an article in Sowetan on Tuesday Malema seemed to suggest he was not offended by the advertisement." In fact he was considering offering his nuggets to be used in a KFC campaign.

As Tutu said at the unveiling of his holy likeness at Madame Tussauds, "I hope no-one sticks pins in it!" Given the African beliefs in witchcraft, I guess the ANCYL are afraid of the sangomas.

Free speech - hahahahahahehehehhohohoh!!! You aint seen nuthin yet!

Militant action from a nation that cannot afford Nandos. Let them eat KFC!

ThisIsAfrica said...

If Malema wasn't such a ignorant prick, then he would see that if he just stopped flapping his big phutu rubber lips about all of it, the whole thing would just go away!

Anonymous said...

What do they mean by mobilising against Nando's? Smashing up Nando outlets and stealing all the fried chicken?

Yup. Would be their style.