Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Leftist Threat To Our Safety

By Guy White

Leftists always argue that there are nasty people on both sides and citing some doesn’t prove anything about the rest. They are wrong.

At it’s core, conservatism is about doing things “well” and liberalism is about doing “good” things.

In wanting efficiency, there’s no reason to get your emotions involved. If I have a military battle plan and you have what you say is a better battle plan, we can logically discuss whose is better. It’s possible that pride and ego will get in the way when we are discussing plans created by you and me. But if I support Pentagon Plan A and you support Pentagon Plan B, we are really only discussing efficiency and we probably won’t feel any emotional reason to fight with each other.

Leftists, however, want to do what they perceive as “good”. All theories that decided that they know what is good and what is bad are dangerous. This is the road to Inquisition, Zealotry, Islamism and other religious fundamentalisms.

In politics, it’s the same ideas embraced by the Nazis and the Communists. One decided that being Aryan is good, being all else is bad. The other decided that equality is good, and any inequality for any reason is bad.

At its most basic, that is what liberalism is. Leftists decided that their programs and beliefs are good. The logical conclusion is that anyone who disagrees with them is bad and is out to do bad things to others.

Just as we prevent criminals from acting because we believe their acts are bad, so do the leftists must logically conclude that anyone who disagrees with them must be stopped.

If an ideology believes that we must move slowly to make progress, with setbacks and mistakes, then they take their lumps as they come. That’s not liberalism, however.

But if an ideology believes that “yes, we can” get anything we want, and that the way to the promised land is known, then the logical question is, “why aren’t we creating heaven on Earth?”

The only logical answer to it is that someone is preventing this heaven on Earth.

Who are the people who are preventing heaven on Earth? The only logical answer is those who disagree with our “good” plans.

What can we do about it? The only logical answer is that we must expose them and then prevent them from blocking our “goodness”.

Therefore, anyone opposing the left must be vilified and then denied political rights such as freedom of speech.

This is the only logical conclusion that one must draw if one comes to believe that his theories are “good”. No other conclusion is even possible. If it is, please let me know how it is possible.

Notice how easy all liberal solutions seem.

1) We must raise the minimum wage. The poor will be wealthier, and the businesses will do better because the poor will spend more (never mind that we aren’t creating wealth, just transferring it). If this is such a good idea, why aren’t we raising the minimum wage even more, to $12 or $15 an hour? Everyone will benefit, right? Because someone’s out to get us, but we know the way, we just have to fight the Forces of Evil.

2) We must raise car mileage per gallon. Everyone will be happy to pay less for gas. And how do we do it? By passing a law. Easy enough. So why aren’t we passing more of those laws? Why not mandate that cars get 50 miles per gallon? Why not make all cars run on electricity? Because the Forces of Evil are blocking us and we must fight them.

These are just two examples dealing with economics. For obvious reasons, I won’t even bring up racial issues.

So if you are a liberal, you can’t allow conservatives to open their mouth. They are just spreading evil. Conservatives are essentially playing the role of the anti-Christ in the Orthodox Liberal Church.

Just as Christians will need to defeat and destroy the anti-Christ, so too do the liberals will need to defeat and destroy the conservatives to get to heaven on Earth when air will be perfectly clean, cars will run on water and nobody will be sick or poor.

So if a conservative tries to speak, he must be stopped. They will bang their drums, scream, yell, even riot. It all makes sense to them because the anti-Christ must be stopped.

They know the way. They know the “good” way. Any opposition to their “goodness” must be bad.

Therefore, political opposition must be fought by any means necessary.

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