Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IEC ballot papers found

Hmm. Methinks something is beginning to stink. A whole wadful found too. The opposition parties better be alert. The IEC is another one of those "levers of power" the ANC has tucked away under its shirt. Can the ANC regime manage anything right?! Perhaps this is why they held on to Mad Bob for so long. They had to learn from a master on how to steal elections!

Ballots found scattered along main road in White River, Mpumalanga - DA concern over lost IEC ballots in Mpumalanga

Sunday 19th April 2009, just three days before the Election, Mr Jakkie Geldenhuys of Castor Bridge Estate near White River was travelling into town when he noticed papers scattered along the R40 Main Road. Mr Geldenhuys had just read a Sunday paper in which a specimen of a Ballot Paper had been depicted and immediately recognised the scattered papers as actual Ballot Papers.

Mr Geldenhuys phoned the Democratic Alliance (DA) and was advised to collect the papers -- which turned out to be a full pack of Numbered Ballot Papers -- and to contact the Police. The SAPS were, however, unsure about actions to be taken and unwilling to attend to the matter.

I have advised Mr Geldenhuys to keep the ballots until contacted by an authorised IEC official to whom the Ballot Papers can be handed on receipt of a written acknowledgement.

I have also advised the IEC's Provincial Electoral Office in Nelspruit accordingly. This incident is evidence of gross negligence on the eve of one of the most important elections in the history of South Africa and I would call on the IEC to explain to the voters of South Africa how this came about, and what is being done to resolve the matter.

One must accept that the pack of Ballot Papers could have accidently fallen off a vehicle transporting materials to Voting Stations, but that in itself shows that proper control measures are not in place.

Statement issued by Watty Watson, Democratic Alliance leader in the NCOP and party representative on IEC provincial liaison committee in Mpumalanga, April 20 2009

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Anonymous said...

There we go! I wonder how many will find its way into the ballot boxes! Its just so African.

ThisIsAfrica said...

And so it begins....