Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HoDD gives the ANC the HoDD middle finger

My one mealy mouthed vote may not sway things, but I decided to vote to give the ANC the middle finger. Note the X next to the FF + on both ballots. #@$%@#% the ANC

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Leifur said...

Is there no danger that voting for the VF/FF will play in the hands of the ANC if the vote dies because of the VF not getting enough votes to get seats?

How many or hig percentage of the vote does a party have to get to get seats in parliment?

Is there only one ballot paper? That is both for the national and the regions list? How about for the regional/provinsial government?

I really do hope the DA (and its allies) do win a majority in a province or two, and that the opposition has enough votes to stop the central government interfering and destroying their work through constitutional changes and so on.

Really best wishes on this important day, we will have ours on saturday,


ThisIsAfrica said...

HoDD, I agree with you all the way!!!

He of difficult days said...

ThisIsAfrica said...
HoDD, I agree with you all the way!!!

23 April 2009 12:29

Rangers lead the way! Hooha!



Leifur: The vote does not die.

If there are 100 seats and 100 people show up to vote, then your vote puts 1 person in a seat.

Our system is simple. It is nothing like america with its strange caucasus and electoral college with weighted averages per state etc etc.

Unless of course, I am completely mistaken... this is my understanding of how it is done (when the ANC isnt cheating)

In Africa, its one man one vote... one time !!!

He of difficult days said...

Additionally as you saw: there are two photos. One is for the national government. The other is for the provincial government

Anonymous said...

Good choice! Correction: Only choice1

Anonymous said...

Well done HODD! Funny how we think alike. I thought about taking a pic as well but since there would be so few of us voting, it would be strange to see a flash going off in that small cardboard enclosure they use. Did you use a flash? It would have been hilarious for the officials to spot a bright light coming from one of the booths. Maybe it was a sign from above, y'know, since "Black Jesus" has arrived.

Leifur said...

Well of course, it wasn´t just a double posting of the picture for aesthetic reasons. But I understand that in the elections for the national parliment there are two lists, half of the seats from a national list, and half from provinsial lists. Is one of the votes then in fact counted twice?

Well if we develop this description further, you of difficult days, what if there were 200 voters, and 100 seats, then you would need two voters for each party so it could get a seat. So if you are afraid that you will be the only one voting for a party, that is understandable as your vote would then "die" that is not be counted.

I am just asking if there is any official benchmark, or if not how many votes does it need nationally (I would guess there to be more danger of votes dying on the provinsional lists) to get a seat and if the VF is in any danger of slipping below that watermark?

Best wishes, and good luck in halting the march of tyranny,


Es. Would it not make more sense to have the voting for the national parliment and the regions separate, like I understand you are doing in two years for the municipialities?(how are they voted for today?) Would it maybe not make more sense to group the national parliments vote with the municipal vote?

Anonymous said...

@ HoDD... Good Choice!!!
Nice fingers.

There seems to be a bit of konfushun around how it works. We have proportional representation. So they tally up the total unspoiled votes cast for each party, divide it by the total number of unspoiled votes cast and that gives a percentage of the seats in parlyMUNT won by the specific party. If only three people voted, 1 for ANC, 1 for DA, and 1 for FF+ but the ANC simian supporter spoiled their ballot, the DA would get half the seats and the FF+ the other half...

The other ballot is to select who will run the provinces. It is therefor possible in our dual system to get a completely ANC dominated provincial legislature and a completely DA dominated parlyMUNT at the same time. It will never happen though as most of the munts just go with the food parcel party on both.

Then if you bring the municiple ballot into the mix in two years or whenever, you could have a DA parlyMUNT, with a ANC provincila legislature, and a FF+ municipality. It sounds stranger than fiction, but it is a good system. One of the best around because you can get to vote strategically depending on the functionality you require from your government, parlyMUNT, or municipality.

Eg: Midvaal is a DA municipality in Gauteng which is an ANC controlled province, with an ANC dominated parlyMUNT. They can all be different though.

I know my old man voted FF+ nationally and DA provincially coz they do get the trash collected on time, and votes DA municipally for the same reasons.

Me... FF+ all the way!!!

See Ya.

He of difficult days said...

Dobes, I used a phone camera that does not utilize a flash but does have a "lights on lights off" option.

It did make a loud "click" sound but no one paid any attention


Leifur: anon answered your question. In my hood, we have a ANC controlled province with an ANC controlled municipality but we have a DA controlled Ward. I voted DA 3 years ago in Ward elections.

we have 3 levels of government

Then again, I am not too clued up with the cogs and wheels. All I want is to squash the 2 3rds majority of the ANC.

AS for the fingas? At least you can see that I am not black... har har har :-)

He of difficult days said...


I read somewhere that 3 people in orania voted ANC

there are 3 people in Orania who still long for the days of being murdered on their farms