Friday, April 03, 2009

Guns handed to cops – and then?

Like everything else the ANC has tried to do, always big on ideas but short on implementation. Ain't it nice to know that the trusty piece you had for all those years may have been involved in someone's death? We've been effectively removing licensed firearms from law-abiding citizens - thereby rendering them defenceless - and handing those weapons over to criminals courtesy of corrupt cops. It should therefore be no surprise that crime has not gone down but increased since criminals now know people are unlikely to be armed. Wonderful. Well done Gun Free SA. The blood of thousands of victims are in your hands.

As thousands of licensed firearms are set to be handed over to the police by their previous owners, The Citizen has learned that KwaZulu- Natal’s most feared rapist had been armed with a previously licensed handgun handed into a police station at the time he was shot dead in Folweni, south of Durban.

Sipho Hlongwane was wanted for violent home invasions, kidnappings and rapes at the time he was tracked down to rural Folweni last year and shot after opening fire on a police helicopter.

Police investigations have revealed that the pistol he used had been handed into the Jeppe police station. It is not clear whether the gun was one of those handed into the SAPS as part of the new Firearms Control Act (FCA).

The FCA required that firearms be relicensed or handed into the police for destruction by midnight on Tuesday. From then, millions of firearm licences became invalid.

Police spokesman Director Phuti Setati said that gun owners without a new licence could now only hand over their guns to the police for destruction, to deactivate them or to sell them to a registered gun dealer. He added that those who did not comply faced prosecution.

However, many thousands of owners are believed to have ignored the deadlines of the new FCA.

Chairman of the Black Gun Owners’ Association of SA, Abios Koehle, was among those who did not renew his firearm licences.

He said: “We view the Act as primarily designed to disarm the low-income wage earner who has little money or spare time to jump through the hurdles government has decided to erect against law- abiding people being enabled to defend themselves from violent criminals.”

Martin Hood, spokesman for the SA Gun Owners’ Association said he did not believe the new law would have any impact on crime, adding that he knew of several cases where licensed firearms had been handed over to the police, only to find their way into the hands of criminals.

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Anonymous said...

I handed in my revolver to the local police station last month, I have had the gun in excess of 40 years and have never used it in anger. I handed it in due to my age and the high cost of getting a new licence as well as cost of licence renewal. I am now sorry that I have done this as we now feel vulnerable. We do have a well organised neihbourhood watch and the cops patrol the streets in our suburb at least 4 times a day, but that additional security of having my own firearm is gone.