Saturday, April 25, 2009

'Give Zuma a chance' - Pik Botha

Pik Botha formed part of the Afrikaner leadership led by traitor FW de Klerk and Roelf Meyer that sold out the white population to save their necks. To date, NO former minister or high-ranking official from the previous apartheid regime has been investigated much less charged for any crime which leads one to surmise that these people struck an amnesty agreement with the ANC terrorists in return for handing over the country.

Utterances therefore, from people like FW de Klerk, Pik Botha and Roelf Meyer must be taken in that context plus the fact that the latter two joined the ANC (or applied to join) afterwards. They therefore, have
zero credibility with whites.

They are and will always remain veraaiers. May they burn in hell.

Former minister Pik Botha wants South Africa to give ANC leader Jacob Zuma a chance as the country's president.

Johannesburg - Former minister Pik Botha wants South Africa to give ANC leader Jacob Zuma a chance to be the country's president.

Botha said on Thursday that Zuma, to whom he refers as "Jakob", was the right man to lead South Africa for the next five years as he listened to others, even if he didn't agree with them.

"The man has to be given a chance to put into practice what he has been saying," said Botha. "He must be given a chance to be president."

Botha and Zuma got to know each other between 1990 and 1994 during the negotiations over the Constitution. Under these circumstances, Botha also got to know former president, Thabo Mbeki.

"Mbeki changed from the person I knew when he became president," said Botha. "He was, just like Zuma, accessible. But he changed and didn't want to listen anymore to people outside his circle. Zuma didn't change."

According to Botha, Zuma "who has regard for the Afrikaner and his history", made reassuring comments about the Afrikaner and his position in the country.

Botha believes South Africans should support these views as well as Zuma's stand about working together, minority groups and their role in the country, the improvement of public service delivery, the appointment of efficient people instead of the inefficient, crime fighting, media freedom and the importance of economic growth for job creation.

"We reject everything (that Zuma says) blindly. Why?" Botha wanted to know. "We should ask him what we can do to assist him in helping South Africa."

Botha said Zuma had approached him years ago, when he was still the country's deputy president, asking him to gather a group of people to inform government about what they were doing wrong and how they could fix it. But Zuma was fired by Mbeki shortly afterwards.
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Vince R said...

I cannot understand why everyone is saying "give Zuma a chance" What do they mean by that? Do they want people to have a lobotomy? Go on drugs, or what? Listen up, Azanians of all colour have no Fricken choice already! OK? Zuma will get his chance, nothing you can do about it, but does that mean we have to be happy about it?
Not for this Exzanian, no sir, never!

Islandshark said...
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Islandshark said...

Absolutely, Vince.

How many chances do the ANC want? So they want to bugger up everything, oust the previous bafoon and then tell us to give the next communist lackey a chance?

Maybe they forgot that we are not all gullible fools.

Vince R said...

I see it as another step down on the cultural evolutionary ladder; a dumbing down that everyone just has to accept. I know it's difficult for whites still living there; they have no choice, they've just got to give Zuma a chance. What everyone is asking though, is too much. They expect us all to give hearts and minds to the Zuma cause. For whites to now, once and for all, swallow transformation, even if it sticks in their throats. Maybe that in itself is fair, but Azania has broken moorings from the west and is drifting east in a big way. It's irreversible, and it's too much!

Viking said...

I think what they must mean is:

1. please don't emigrate (ha ha ha)
2. don't assassinate him.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day they sold everyone out. Who the hell is Pik Botha to say - give the man a chance. Pik has no credibility.

From African Crisis:

"I have notes I made of our discussions at his house, and I am sure I can find the exact notes of what he told me about FW. We discussed it in detail. He described a visit by FW De Klerk to his house, Die Anker, and it was then that he confronted FW De Klerk over his sellout to the ANC at the instigation of foreigners which included money, the Nobel prize and various other awards."

Anonymous said...

Island Shark asked:
"How many chances do the ANC want?"

That's simple Island Shark, the answer is: AS MANY CHANCES AS THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA GIVE THEM!

Thulasizwe said...

This is what this is all about look for the publication labelled "In The Name of YAHUWE - Sinai News". I don't get why people don't get that politics is just proPAGANda. Those with eyes shall see.

Anonymous said...

Aan PIK BOTHA en Almal Wat Wil Onthou...

My broer sou vandag 50 geword het -maar forever young... op 24!
Eliminated: 21 Junie 1984 - NkomatiAccord/Renamo/Frelimo - ONTHOU JY PIK???!

Het vandag weer die seer saam met my ouers gedeel. Kan nie glo daar het soveel tyd reeds verloop nie, en daar sit die ene uitgevrete Pik Botha (en Magnus en Breyetenbach) nog steeds wawyd wakker en nonsens praat, en almal hang aan sy lippe, en so min van ons ou nasie weet hoe hy ons seuns uitverkoop het. Maar ek het hom 'n paar jaar gelede reeds vergewe en aan die Here oorgegee - ek wil nie hy wees as hy eendag voor sy eie oordeel moet staan nie. So wonder ek baie dae of sy dogter Lien, en sy seun - beide sulke kunstige siele - weet dat hul pa 'n monster was. Soos die Hitler-trawante se kinders moes saamleef met die bloed op hul nasate, so sal die sondes van die vaders die kinders besoek van die wat hulself nie bekeer en tot inkeer bring nie. Dank die Vader vir die kruis waar voor ons almal kan gaan kniel en ons sondes was - wonder of Pik dit al gedoen het, want sy tyd is min.

'n Suster wat onthou

*** Translation: My brother was eliminated by his own government in 1984 because he stood up against Pik Botha at a military meeting in Phalaborwa. Witnesses told us Pik Botha gave Magnus the order, who gave Breytenbach the order to get rid of him. We were warned as a family that we will all be killed if we pursuit the details of his death any further. Pik you better sort out your life with your Saviour before you die. ***