Saturday, April 25, 2009

Final Election Results

Ok, it's bad but not as bad as we thought it would be. Here's why every vote for the opposition counted and why I am glad I made the effort to put in my two cents' worth. Well done everyone. I'm sure someone in the opposition, particularly COPE members being ex-ANC members 'n all will turncoat to vote with ANC (perhaps) as they are accustomed to a little grease money but it is good to see that the ANC has to rely on at least two or more opposition members to change the constitution. Now had this been the case a few months ago for instance, we'd still have the Scorpions and Zuma wouldn't be president.

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) on Saturday announced election results following Wednesday's poll, saying the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has scored a resounding victory.

IEC Chairperson Brigalia Bam said the results showed that 15 years after the first election, the emotions, the enthusiasm and commitment and quest for democracy remains the same.

"In terms of Section 57 of the Elections Act 73 of 1998, the Election Commission of South Africa is proud to declare the 2009 national and provincial elections free and fair and that they reflect the will of South African voters," she said.

Likening voting to an orchestra of democracy, Bam said, the 2009 election showed that the central tenet of a fledgling democracy and its sustenance rested squarely on public participation.

"We as the Electoral Commission are proud to serve as the medium or conduit through which the people express their participation in our fledgling democracy. We are just one of the notes in an orchestra of democracy," she said.

The ANC has won a big victory in Wednesday's elections but fallen short of two-thirds majority in parliament, the final tally showed on Saturday.

The final results showed the ANC garnered 65.9 percent of the 17,680,729 valid votes cast. It received the support of 11,650,748 voters.

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) won 16.68 percent of the votes, followed by the newcomer Congress of the People with 7.42 percent of the votes.

The final turnout was recorded as 17,919,966. There were 23,181,977 South Africans who had registered to cast their ballots on Wednesday's elections.

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Corry said...

You are right Doberman, I don't know how COPE will cope with the pressure from their former partners to vote with the anc. Well at least the DA won here in the Western Cape, this means that we won't have to watch the provincial government screw up any more for the next 5 years, hopefully they will now be able to open Chapman Peak. This is of course not the only problem we have to deal with, but Helen Zille can now focus on all these issues that have been screwed up over the last 8 years.
Thanks again for the effort you took to cast your votes.

Leifur said...


Sadly I can´t be as happy about our election results from last night, where something akin to the advancement of De Klerk as head of your government happened to us. Now our 1994 vote is up and coming and soon.

But now it is more important than ever that the media and blogs like that keep the opposition together and absolutely make them close ranks in not accepting constitutional changes that will increase the power of the central government because it will eventually undermine all the small parties.

One question, is there any change that Zuma will (can he?) disband the national parliment ahead of the municipial elections in 2011 so that a new national parliment will be voted alongside the municipial elections? Would he try thus try to regain the two thirds majority?

Best wishes,


He of difficult days said...

Would he try thus try to regain the two thirds majority?

Best wishes,

The Constitution allows for the suspension of parliament by the president for a limited period... I think... I will have to read it...

Leifur said...

Please do let me know if he can. I wonder because if he is serious in hindering the efforts of the DA of managing Western Cape properly he may have to disband parliment and vote again in two years. Then as president he could be more popular (as many people vote for whoever is the leader) and thus willing to cash in on his popularity.

Also in many ways maybe the national vote and the municipial vote fits better together, that is for the highest office and for the one closest to the people.

Best wishes,