Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dying empires need slave castes

An excellent point from an unusual source:

Those who form the majority population of a territory will rule that territory, no matter how powerful a ruling elite may be. They will determine its culture and society. A majority-European population will create a society that reflects European values and norms. A majority-African population will create a society that reflects African norms.

If the Boers had inhabited and worked their own land rather than rely on black labor, the states they created might still be strong and independent today. Their decision to use non-white labor was a critical error that undid all of the sacrifices of the early pioneers.

The only way to maintain a civilization is for the majority to occupy its own land with its own people, and to do its own manual labor.

Source: American Renaissance

Racism is the belief that some people should be your servants because of their race. It leads to slavery, or a kind of outcaste serfdom, and eventually, demographic ruin.

Nationalism is the belief that each nation needs its own ethnicity, bonded to its own culture, to resist capitalism and communism and other “hands free” methods of self-regulation.

Even more than nationalism is the knowledge that among an ethnic group, people need to be roughly equal in ability — or class war breaks out. People who have radically lower ability will be unable to compete, and they’ll counterattack with charges of oppression, whether true or not.
An ideal nation would consist of people of roughly similar ability and health and beauty, thus eliminating the strain of those with less being irate at those gifted by nature with more. That would be the realistic version of the “equality” liberals like to talk about; you can’t apply reality after the fact, or you end up hobbling the strong to preserve the weak.

That doesn’t sound bad until you think about society as an organism which must thrive or machine which must keep going. If you have a fleet of one thousand cars, you don’t sell off the new flawless ones and keep the junkers. If you have a field of trees, you don’t kill the healthy ones so you can nourish the runts. You pick the best and make more of them. That is how societies rise.

Against that idea, there are many dumb ideas which have a common root: wanting to deny reality. One of the dumbest of these ideas is that you can find nearby humans, discover they’re dumb, and use them as disposable labor, and not have it come back to bite you in the hindquarters.

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cyberzealot said...

Once again mr Doberman, your puppy dog lack of education shines through, what is it that you have dim wit, a matric, no wait standard 8, from a technical school, you were good at, wait, carpentry?


I have met smarter creatures at the bottom of ponds.

Racism is not the belief that other people should be your servants, only in your twisted moronity, you twit.

Here is a real definition
Racism:• noun 1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race. - Oxford

and nationalism you half baked retard,

patriotic feeling, often to an excessive degree

also Oxford.

But then again they must be Marxists.

The only problem with my belief system is that we can't cull people like you.

I mean you can write and that makes you look human, but lets face it, the average baboon is far, far smarter.

But then agin, you know that, don't you ?

cyberzealot said...

Tell me, does your ignorance keep you warm ? I hope so, because, I promise you, I am coming. The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

Either way, welcome to the big time.

Tick tock.

Its amusing, your response. Amusing because you never had to deal with someone like me before.

Amusing because, you take me literally, but read between the lines, read, can you ?

You think we are constrained by our morality ?


You will gaze into my eyes, in the darkness of your night, you will be called to account.

It will be a while though.

Not that long.

Hope Aus was fun.

Welcome back to the rainbow.

Dachshund said...

@cyberzealot: would you be EJP Vanderveen, Advocate of the High Court of SA? If so, I'm underwhelmed.

Doberman said...

Yep, our friend is back. How do I know it?

Because he writes like this.

Short sentences.

He thinks it's clever.

I know.

It's shows.

His level of stupidity.

He likes.

To make threats.

Gets off on it.


Here he comes.

Reading between the lines.

I am afraid.


Oh fuck off.










At which time.

You will be banned again.


You have nothing to add.

Except make empty threats.




Doberman said...

Folks, here's a home truth for our dear deluded friend. Making online threats is akin to making it in person. This "JP" character has now made a physical threat against my person.

Wake-up call sunshine. The Aussies take threats of whatever nature VERY, VERY seriously especially against one of their citizens. That's right, I hold dual citizenship.

I have your full name, IP address, your picture (btw, you look like a pansy with that red wine glass), I have your home address, I have everything down to your ID number.

You want to play ball fucker?!!!! YOU welcome to the big time!!Bring it on!!! I will tear into you like you've never been buddy. Contact me in private and I'll buy you a plane ticket to Australia so you and I can have this chat face to face. Don't fucking threaten me mother fucker. I am the meanest fuck you would NEVER want to cross. GOT IT?!! I have the money, the time, the resources and the inclination to pursue you wherever you are in the world. Are YOU reading between the lines?!

Tell me when you are available and I'll have you brought over. Then make the threat to my face and we'll see what transpires. You won't be going home any time soon. Unlike that third world zoo you like to call home, there are repercussions for threats made on this side. Come on. Bring it!

Or shut the fuck up and go troll somewhere else.

Viking said...

This guy has broken the law big time- looks like a personal threat to me. Just my 2 cents worth.
And he writes like a crazy person.

you didn't write the article itself though, right?

Doberman said...

Hi Viking, no I didn't write the article, not a word. I like to put out views that allow for contemplation and debate hence the variety of authors and views. With this character (and many others before him) unbeknown to them I have the resources to hurt back so while making threats may sound like a good idea to them, when you get down to making a physical threat on my person, then I will take it serious. The dumb schmuck even made the threat in writing! His latest username can be traced back to him etc.

If this dumb fuck has the balls I will get him over here and I will have a couple of Australia's finest waiting for him at the airport to take him into custody. I will use Interpol if need be.

This isn't Africa. I have been around the world and let me tell you, Australian cops are some of the meanest SOBs I have ever seen. And the wheels of justice won't grind slowly for him, I will pursue a private prosecution which will hurry it along a touch. I have the time and the money and I will make an example of this character.

FishEagle said...

@ Cyberzealot. Don’t make threats and insults. We are ALL angry. Don’t look for an ego boost on this site. We are a bunch of beat up, run down, vandalized, humiliated, abused, threatened, shot at, robbed and raped whites that are trying to come to terms with our shock and amazement. If you get a kick out of that, then you can’t even call yourself to account never mind anybody else. No wonder you are not constrained by morality.

This rainbow feels like a faded skid mark on a discarded pair of underpants.

@Dobes, thinks for giving me an awesome turn on!

Islandshark said...

I just love it when people like Doberman put silly arseholes where they belong - in the crapper.

These cyberbullies who think they are mean when they get aggressive from the other side of the world, but in reality are cowards who would never say something to your face.

Dachshund said...

Totally unsurprisingly, there is no Advocate Vanderveen or Van der Veen in South Africa.

No lawyer in his right mind would dare make online threats. I had a similar situation with some wet dream doos making physical threats at me, and when I called his bluff he was nowhere to be seen. It doesn't help to go to the police with someone making a pest of himself in SA. The arsehole has to commit grievous bodily injury on you first. Cowardly acts of heavy breathing and simulated orgasms over the phone and sending smut or threatening e-mail do not qualify. The best you can do is totally ignore the little nobody. Press delete.

Joe King said...

"I have met smarter creatures at the bottom of ponds."

Says It all.

Julius malema has a st4 in woodwoork.

Oh sorry, he failed.

These are the people you support.

Are you the strange person with the wine glass.

Do not drink and write.

Bad for you ugly person.

Down boy, down.

Good dog!

C*nt: Usage:Vulgar offensive

A person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked.

Sound familiar.

Viking said...


I've heard about the Aussie cops ...
and very glad too, they won't take sh*t from "refugees".
My friend has just got back from Perth and says it's paradise on earth - beautiful neighbourhoods, and in the suburb where her bro lives is just one run-down sh*tty property. Wait for it....

Somalis live there!

I have five months left in SA before my visa runs out, so if I don't get a full time job by then, I will be heading to Perth myself!

Vanilla Ice said...

@ Viking.

"I have five months left in SA before my visa runs out, so if I don't get a full time job by then, I will be heading to Perth myself!"

By the above comment I surmise that if you do get a full time job, you will let your Oz visa expire. If I am correct, you are nuts. I had a similar situation with my Canadian visa, and elected to travel back and forth for years. It cost a fortune, but I now live in Canada and although I dearly miss SA of old, I look at my daughter, the freedoms I enjoy (speech not being one of them) and know that it was all worth it.

Viking said...

hi VI

alas, have no Oz visa :(
If I get kicked out of South Africa, it's off to Perth or Vancouver - no way am I going back to nanny state Europe...

why do you say you have no freedom of speech there?

Vanilla Ice said...

@ Viking. Your profile filled in the gaps. The "freedom of speech" remark was tongue in cheek. Canadians have this bizarre belief that they have a right to "not be offended" which is tantamount to stifling freedom of speech. If you jump, Canada is worth looking at.