Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Double Standards

A quick background to this story: Comedian Jamie Foxx hurled insults at teen singer/actress Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) the other day and apologised afterwards on Jay Leno, using the worn excuse "Hey, I is a comedian, is wot I does". No outrage. Not much media interest. One quick apology on a talk show good enough and away it floats like a turd. But what if it had been a WHITE 'comedian' attacking a young black girl? What would the media attention have been and what of our two favourite race pimps, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? You can bet your left nut they'd be picketing outside whatever radio station allowed the comments to be made. Does this hypocrisy not stick in your craw as much as it does mine? This racial double-standard is what we whites must fight against and it starts by a) being aware that it is happening, b) fighting back by not allowing ourselves to be being caught up in the crap that follows afterwards, c) boycotting the media that panders to these low lives and d) the best weapon of all, pooh pooh the race hustlers and instigators. Nobody likes to be ridiculed.

It is us that allow this shit to happen every time by buying into the feigned indignation. We know it is bull but we think, "Agh..just let them let off steam". But that's us. What most whites see is intimidation. Fear that if they do something "racist" they will be met with this so-called black anger and it is this fear that race hustlers count on. This is shaping society over time. It becomes ingrained and the norm. We hold whites to a higher standard than other races. Who among you when speaking of other races - even among friends and family - do so in hushed tones as if walls have ears or the neighbours can hear you? Come on, fess up. And stop it! Speak your mind. Don't let society control your thoughts too. If you want to be racist, BE racist!

Stop buying newspapers, magazines and listening to stations that pander this double standard! Start spreading this issue to those around you that cannot see what is going on.


What the heck was Jamie Foxx thinking?

Perhaps the Oscar-winning actor still was deep in character — channeling Nathaniel Ayers, the music prodigy-turned-homeless schizophrenic who is the subject of Foxx's upcoming film, The Soloist.

That must have been the case given his coarse bashing of teen singer/actress Miley Cyrus was plain off-the-charts deranged.

During his weekend Sirius satellite-radio show, The Foxxhole, Foxx shoved the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star under the school bus after a caller reminded him that she'd vowed to "ruin" Radiohead because the rock band blew her off at the Grammys.

"Who is Miley Cyrus?" Foxx asked. "The one with all the gums? She's got to get a gum transplant!"

Ouch. Still, Foxx's inner "Dice" Clay had only begun to stir:

Generously offering some career tips, Foxx advised the Disney Channel teen idol to "... make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan ... and get some crack in your pipe ... That's what I want."

Know what I want? To usher Foxx to the public woodshed.

I mean, I liked Ray as much as the next guy, but his trenchant tirade against someone not old enough to vote was unconscionable.

Scratch that. I forgot — the sly Foxx said he was sorry.

"I so apologize ... and this is sincere," he said on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. "I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don't mean any of it."

That's probably true — of the apology.

A nice slice of America's nobility lies in a bedrock belief in second chances. But when celebrities who catch flak predictably offer up sham mea culpas to escape the doghouse for any foul thing they say, perhaps we ought to amend our no-strings forgive-and-forget philosophy.

"I have a radio show ... We're really the black Howard Stern," Foxx told Leno. "We go at everybody. There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn't mean it maliciously ..."

Oh, I am sure the cast member who described Cyrus as a "white [rhymes with itch]" meant it as a sweet nothing.

"Miley, I apologize, so I'll call you," Foxx said on the Leno show. "I got a daughter too, so I completely understand."

What I can't understand is the deafening silence in some quarters during this rancid episode.

Where was Jesse Jackson? Did you hear a word from the Rev. Al Sharpton? Can I get a witness to some outrage from the familiar black voices that hit the high notes over anything resembling a racist slight?

Had some white shock jock called a group of black girls, say, "nappy-headed hos," the arbiters of racial decorum at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People would have dragged out torches and pitchforks.

Wait — the NAACP did just that two years ago when shock jock
Don Imus used that hair-raising phrase in referring to the black players on the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

"The announcement by CBS and MSNBC that they will no longer carry Don Imus' show is a welcome first step in removing this scourge from the airwaves," NAACP National Board of Directors Chairman Julian Bond said in a 2007 press release.

Still, on this latest broadcasting scourge, the NAACP predictably has been lax in dressing down Foxx, who recently added an NAACP Image Award to his trophy collection. Where are the calls for Foxx's pelt? Where are the letters to Sirius management? "The Imus controversy has had the unexpected but refreshing effect of reigniting an American conversation about race and the coarsening of our society," Bond said. "We want to extend the conversation to include the prevalence of bigotry, misogyny and homophobia, which cheapens our society, denigrates our population and marginalizes our people. Whether it comes from so-called 'shock jocks,' rappers or the non-famous, it has to end, and the NAACP stands ready to assist in the dialogue and the solutions."
Your move, NAACP.

Credible leadership demands that if you hunt Imus' scalp for running off at the mouth, you must too excoriate Foxx.

It is the height of hypocrisy to play mute when someone black goes blue on a white teenage girl. (hear hear)

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Anonymous said...

I am appalled and sickened by what I've read on your website, and on other sites regarding the horrific crimes that have targeted white South Africans.

I feel a great deal of sympathy - empathy even - for the Afrikaners especially. Mostly because many of them remind me of my own family members here in the states. They seem to be good, decent, hardworking people who are very down to earth. I love to see the photos of the farm families, especially the photos of the seniors and the middle aged family members in happier times. The seniors seem to be targeted for vicious crimes, and this pains me greatly.

And my heart goes out to them.

I find it incredibly hypocritical that the plight of white South Africans, especially the Afrikaners, is so widely ignored by the rest of the world. And the issue of white guilt really needs to be addressed, not just in South Africa, but in North America, Europe and other developed nations.

However, in my opinion your case might be better received if some of the rhetoric regarding liberals and other groups were downplayed. There seems to be a racist undertone towards blacks in some of the articles. Please, please don't take this the wrong way. Because I think your case is so strong, and so ignored. Your anger is entirely justified.

I believe the facts that you present speak for themselves. And you make a very strong case. However, if there is any hint of white racism, it will immediately discredit you in the eyes of some and only provides ammunition for those Blacks who would play the race card. Quite honestly, I am enraged and sickened just reading about the plight of the Afrikaners, and I do not have to live it every day as so many of you do.

Finally, a little bit of self-disclosure regarding myself. I'm a white gay man. I voted for Barak Obama in the last election because I thought he was the better candidate. This, despite the fact that I too am fed up with the hypocritical double standard regarding black racism.

In my view, any one -regardless of being a left-winger or a right-winger or an in-betweener -ought to be sympathetic to your plight. If only they were better educated on this topic. I sincerely applaud your efforts, and I pray that your situation improves.

Loggi said...

Hi Anon
Thanks for your kind words, your encouragement, concern and your constructive criticism.
We do aim to bring the plight of our people to a wider audience as the international media have decided not to report even one of the 70 or more murders per day in South Africa. Not to even mention the highest child rape figures in the world. This site most certainly does not aim to be racist but as you rightly mentioned that will surface from time to time. In South Africa people of all races and creed are being slaughtered like animals on a daily basis while the world is oblivious to their plight. Murders do of course occur in every part of the world, but no where on earth with this brutality. This has astounded many international criminologists and yet it is still not news worthy. Whilst abroad I was watching a racist incident in South Africa on BBC, CNN, FOX and SKY. The story revolved around some guy pushing black women at a rugby game. This made International news for weeks on end, rewards were offered, and parliament demanded answers and our rugby teams were forced to wear anti racism patches.
On the very same weekend (as in every other) there where were more than 150 murders, 300 rapes and countless armed robberies, attempted murders, assaults, carjackings etc. etc. Yet this was not newsworthy then, or now.
It is this double standard that is making people change, the very same people that voted to end apartheid.
As for the boer genocide, we have made a conscious decision not to post these pictures on this site, as It is just too brutal. Here are some sites that do go into more detail if you so which. With these murders we can of course generalize. The victims are always white and the criminals are always black. That is not a racist statement, just fact. No white teenage gang has ever in the history of this country attacked a defenseless 85 year old women, beaten her to a pulp, raped her and then spent hours torturing her with a hot iron. Not racist, just a fact. And yet we as a nation was forced to go on our knees and apologize because one black women was shoved in a crowd of 60 000 people. As neutral and objective as we do try and remain, the reality of our plight does make us emotional every now and then, and we do then call a spade a spade.
We are labeled and discriminated upon in every possible way and yet we are forced to walk on egg shells, and do not dare offend the black race?

Having said that we do most certainly agree with you, and we do need to keep spreading the word without being labeled right wingers and supremacists’, as the ANC called the ex pats that voted for the opposition parties.

Hope you pop in again real soon.

Vanilla Ice said...

Nice one Loggi.