Friday, April 17, 2009

Congo lures SA farmers with free land

This is an oft-followed pattern. Boot out whitey, have a civil war, coups, army rule, some more civil strife, war, some more war, eventually get fed up with fighting, realise.. eish, I'm suffaring...enough with starving. Bring back whitey, bring back whitey! Kinda stuffs "the white colonisers were bad for Africa" argument in the bung hole, doesn't it liberals? "What.." says the liberal reading this, "blacks want whites to return?!!" *shriek* (followed by sound of thud as liberal doos hits the floor). How will they face life the next morning, their beliefs turned upside down...? It gets worse libs. These are "racist" white South African farmers.

Here's the facts libs. Blacks were never farmers. They can't do farming. Whitey can. Whitey can innovate, mine, extract and find value from almost anything. A stone has value to a white man.

Alas, while others find the same good value in our farmers, the idiots at the ANC continue to remove our farmers off their land. We're now a net importer of food for the first time. Of the 84 000 farmers in South Africa in 1994, only some 11 000 remain which will worsen if the 1 300 farmers that have shown interest in moving to the Congo leave. African countries have realised the value of white ingenuity when it comes to farming. Mozambique, Zambia, Angola etc have all welcomed white farmers with 99 year leases etc while others give land away for free, provided farmers put up the infrastructure and train black farmers. It's a win:win situation. I'm not so sure black governments will repeat their mistakes. They've gone full circle. They've done the hard time. We haven't. It's a lesson Zimbabwe is currently learning and soon we will too.

It's interesting to note that 10 million hectares equals 100 000 km2. The Republic of the Congo is just 342 000km2. That's almost 30% of the country! Back in white hands! (more liberals fainting). Now us, we have plenty of unused land yet insist on shutting down productive farms. I guess that's because our stores still have food. Not for long.

Johannesburg - In the biggest land deal in recent African history, the Republic of Congo has sent a delegation of five farmers to South Africa for talks with the South African farm union AgriSA, about the offer of 10-million hectares of farmland to South African farmers.

AgriSA said the government of the country, also known as Congo Brazzaville, wanted to improve food security.

Until now, Congo - which like the bigger Democratic Republic of Congo has been beset by political and ethnic tension in recent years - has had to import 99 percent of its food, mainly from France, Theo de Jager, deputy president of AgriSA, said. The South African farmers would be able to lease the land for free for 99 years, De Jager said. Other enticements include a five-year "holiday" on corporate tax and the dismantling of taxes on the import of agricultural inputs, such as seeds, fertiliser and machines, De Jager said.

The farmers will be allowed to take all their profits out of the country and, although the project is being billed a food security initiative, are under no obligation to sell their output on the domestic market.

De Jager said that food prices in the Congo are high, making it attractive for farmers to sell their products there. Some 1 300 farmers have shown interest in transplanting themselves; the first of these are expected to settle in the country after June. Among other things, they will grow maize, soya, cotton and coffee. Poultry and cattle farms are also planned.

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ThisIsAfrica said...

Whites would be MAD to go into any black territory to help them. At first the coon acts all nice to the White man until his belly is full and he forgets YTs generosity. Then the killing begins.

Viking said...

True. While it may be tempting, what happens when some general seizes power and starts looking for scapegoats?

Anonymous said...

History repeats itself in Africa every day!

Anonymous said...

Whitey who go must surely be stupid !! Mamon (The God of Money) is the only reason the Boer will give up his soul, I say if any white farmer settles there and help these bastards he must be treated like these bastards. The day of REckoning is coming to all I will hate to be a liberal white guy. LOL, So go and sell your soul to these Bastards...and may God forgive you for forsaken your own kind...