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HODD's comment - How to beg for your gun rights from the ANC

I would like to state for the record that I strongly oppose these commie gun laws in SA and that I am in no way shape or form endorsing these gun laws by assisting people with adhoc 2-bit advice. Personally, I prefer the types of gun laws found in places like Alaska, USA.

Additionally, I am no legal expert on gun laws (such as Martin hood is), but since this advice is free, take what you can from it.

Here are a few supplementary sites <--Martin Hoods site

Its going to cost you to retain Martin Hood's services. Mr Hood specializes in firearms law. He is spokesperson for SAGA (SA gun-owners association) and has done many telly appearances debating the gun grabbers on talk shows.

For this little intro, we will assume that you want to purchase a piece for self defence and that you have never owned a gun before. This is generally the hardest type of licence to obtain (the ANC hates it when subjects shoot back).

Unfortunately, AK-47s are not allowed for self defence purposes (unless you are an AA BEE shopper of course)

Step 1

Obtain a training certificate at an SAPS accredited institution. A list of places where this is possible is found on the SAPS Website

Scroll down until you see a header called “Accreditation”. Click on the bullet point “Accredited Institutions”. See the shiny big red arrow that I painted? Look for that on the link above. Don't go clicking on the pic below. Its a screen shot of what the link above is.

Okay, I assume you have the EXCEL sheet open now? Goody…

Click on the worksheet tab that says “ACCREDITED TRAINING PROVIDERS” and pick the closest one near you. I did mine at Dave Sheer Guns (that’s found somewhere around row 580 in that worksheet tab if anyone gives a crap).

Speak to the muppet in charge of the academy / institution and tell him / her that you want to apply for a new firearm licence and that you would like a booking to do a training course for a new firearm application.

I will not go into the specifics of what the training will entail. If you are serious about complying with the communi... er... I mean ... ANC gun laws, you will be debriefed about the requirements for this certificate by the muppet who does the training at the academy / institution.

What I will tell you is that you will have to fork over a few hundred bucks for the training and the testing. On the successful completion of the training and testing, collect your certificate and stash it under your mattress until the day you proceed to apply for the permits.

If you do the training at a non accredited training provider, you will not succeed in being granted a license by the SAPS

Step 2

Purchase a proper gun safe and secure it somewhere hidden in your home. If you wish, purchase an additional cheaper safe to act as a decoy. Fill the decoy safe with plastic toy guns and plastic jewelery. You can purchase a gun safe from a gun shop.

"Officially", you are supposed to be told upon the successful application of your competency certificate (more on that later), that you may proceed to purchase the safe to prevent you from purchasing a safe unnecessarily if and when you fail to be granted a gun licence, however, I am not sure if this is strictly adhered to. In any event, you will need a gun safe so you will have to get one at some point.

Pick a gun from a gun shop that you like and pay for the firearm or lay down a deposit for a firearm of your choice.


You will need to purchase the gun before you apply, because the application forms require that you supply the serial numbers, make and model of the gun desired.

Step 3 - fill out forms

Click here for the forms

Take a moment and marvel at the bureaucracy.

The above link will look like this:

Proceed to download these 4 forms at “B” and print them. If you cannot, then go to your local
firearms registration centre and pick up hard copies of such forms. Click the link and phone the DFO office and ask for GPS co-ordinates. I dare you. It will confuse the hell out of them :-)

Failing that, call the Call Centre (012)353-6111 for any info you may need. Its an AA BEE Call Centre so don't expect much, but you may get lucky and deal with a semi-competent person.

You will need to fill out the forms to apply for a competency certificate (SAPS 517 form) as well as a firearm licence (SAPS 217 form)

Print out the forms and read the instructions. Point “A” will indicate which form is to be filled out and which form tells you how to fill out the first form. There is one point in the application form where you have to "prove a need" for your firearm. This point is critical in getting your application approved. It is *IMPERATIVE* this part is adequately addressed. It is not sufficient to simply state that you need a gun for self defence. You will have to prove that you are unable to protect your self by any other means and that only a gun will do. If you do not provide adequate proof of need your application will be unsuccessful.

(Footnote: Americans were intelligent enough to resist "proof of need" demands from the gun grabbers and instituted a "shall issue" type law. Unfortunately, we were handed over to the Marxists, so we don't have such luxuries)

With this proof of need section, you will have to show, for example: that where you live or travel has no cellphone reception and thus cannot call the police in emergencies, show the police newspaper clippings or even case numbers of people murdered in your area. Show how your job forces you to carry large amounts of cash in areas far from police stations or cell phone reception. The trick is to structure your argument in a manner that proves that there is no other way to defend or protect yourself other than with a firearm. Failure to do this will result in a rubber stamp refusal.

Note that you only have about 5 lines for all of this. If your argument is more than 5 lines, you may attach an annexure. An annexure is additional pages of text with your argument.

Proceed to your local DFO office with some cash and several passport sized photos and all your forms and police certified photo copies of your ID documents (you can certify copies at the cop shop)

Your spouse, neighbours and/or employers have to be interviewed by the Police. The police apparently have to check with your neighbours, spouse or employers to see if you are a nut case. Officially, the cops have to find your neighbours and interview them, however, in my experience, you may have to haul your spouse or parents or neighbours to the DFO to be interviewed. Cops are generally lazy to get off their backsides.

“Officially”, you are meant to apply for a competency certificate first and upon being granted a competency certificate, you are to proceed to apply for the actual licence. However, the SAPS does not like to do this and will expect you to apply for the competency certificate and licence simultaneously...(at least that is what I experienced)

You will be expected to surrender several of your Constitutional rights at this point. No I am not being sarcastic, I am serious. The cops will have to enter your home at some point after making an appointment with you, to inspect your safe. My advice is to have two safes and only show the cops one of them... I have had many gun owner friends and acquaintances who have complained that after the Gestapo have inspected their safes, they have suffered burglaries where nothing was taken, yet a bee line was made for the gun safe. Thus take my earlier advice and install decoy safes and show the decoy safe to the cops.

Chapter 2 subsection 14 of the SA constitution says:


  • 14. Everyone has the right to privacy, which includes the right not to have ­ their person or home searched;
  • their property searched;
  • their possessions seized;
  • or the privacy of their communications infringed

You will be expected to surrender this right in the face of begging for your right to keep and bear arms. Its pretty fucked up, but that is the price you need to pay for allowing LIBERALS to run riot and getting their way. It was never this way under Apartheid's Arms and Ammunition Act. Even blacks were allowed to purchase guns under the Arms and Ammunition Act as far back as the early 1980s. (so much for being oppressors eh?)


Wait about 1 year. That's how long it took for me. My application was a re-license and not a new licence. I heard talk that cops gave priority to new applications, thus it may take a lot less than 1 year.

Let me know if you succeed.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks HODD. This post is in reply to a reader who asked about the process for obtaining a gun licence.

Para Bellum said...

Good Luck Manne!

My RENEWAL COMPETENCY took two years to Issue (for an 100 yo .303 - still shoot well enough).

No sign of my license though. The local FCO (who are actually quite good - most being people of promise) say it is at the printers... And can take up to three months to find it's way out of there.

Have any of you had a problem with the quality of the new licenses? My father has had his for about a year, carried in his wallet like the old ones, but the new ones are now almost completely illegible... The ink has smudged, the photo is almost worn off, and the details of the firearms can barely be made out. They must be using one of those new improved AA BEE model printers.

I can only wonder what kind of problems he'll run into.

Vis Sic Pacem, Para Bellum!

He of difficult days said...

para bellum. My renewal took 1 year and a bit.

As for the quality of the cards? I left the plastic layers on so the ink has not smudged