Sunday, March 15, 2009

Govt reclaims unproductive farm

I think a hearty "I told you so" is in order. Commercial farming or farming on a large scale of any kind is not a black custom. One wonders where the notion came from. Did whites 'steal' farms from blacks when they arrived or did they turn tracts of land into farms? The answer is the latter. And I also wonder what the ANC regime's attitude would have been had the Zimbabwe land reclamation fiasco not occurred. They must gaze north and crap bricks knowing they are fu*ked as is the whole South African economy if white farming collapses. At some stage, despite all their lofty bullshit rhetoric and ideals, reality was bound to sink in eventually when faced with facts.

If the ANC was to check the facts, it would see that the concept of
large-scale black farming is a myth. Before the arrival of whites, blacks lived on subsistence farming and hunting. Their so-called economy was overwhelmingly pastoral and wealth was measured in the number of cattle they owned. My view is this change of heart is as a result of South Africa becoming a net importer of food - and worsening all the time. It hits them where it hurts most - in the pocket.

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The government took over a farm this week for the first time under a controversial new policy of taking back unproductive farms allocated to blacks as part of a land redistribution programme.

Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana announced the "use it or lose it" initiative last week for farms which the black beneficiaries have left idle.

Xingwana said the ostrich farm in Hammanskraal, north of the capital Pretoria, was repossessed "following demeaning reports regarding the poor conditions of the ostriches".

The government had leased the farm to a cooperative since 2007 but the new farmers did not run it productively, she said.

"I have requested Phaphamang Ma-Africa (cooperative) beneficiaries to relinquish themselves from the lease agreement they have with the Department of Land Affairs," Xingwana said in a speech on Friday.

She said the government was appalled at the deterioration of the farm since the cooperative took over two years ago.

"Of the 77 ostriches originally on the farm, only 57 could be accounted for," she said.

"Several of the birds were limping and they were in a chronic condition which would therefore probably not respond to treatment. This would consequently result in infertility."

The land affairs department will try to revive the farm and make it productive, treat the ostriches, repair the farm infrastructure and establish markets for the project.

Farmers organisations have given mixed responses to the government's repossession policy.

Sensitive issue
Land reform is a sensitive issue, brought into focus by the decline in agriculture in neighbouring Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe's government often violently evicted white commercial farmers.

"Clearly this 'use it or lose it' policy is a noble idea in terms of ensuring that our people are going to farm," said Motsepe Matlala, president of the National African Farmers Union, which represents new black farmers.

"Obviously we can't all be farmers... The challenge now is (that) all the people that want to approach government for farms must be selected carefully," he said.

The redistribution programme is part of a government plan developed after the fall of apartheid in 1994 to hand 30% of all agricultural land to the black majority by 2014.

Apart from redistribution, which enables blacks to secure loans to buy or lease land from the government, the land reform programme also includes restitution, by which black communities recover ancestral land taken from them under apartheid.

But critics say the government has dragged its feet on giving land back to blacks, while others say the programme has been poorly implemented, with the government failing to provide adequate support to new farmers once they are allocated land.

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Anonymous said...

My view is that there is no change of heart - how can you change your heart when you don't have one in the first place? My view is that Lulu Xingwana will replace non-productive black farmers with other wannabe black farmers, who will also, in turn, fail. Each time an ANC policy fails the ANC will blame their stuff ups on whites. That is the realpolitik of the situation.


An Ostrich gets harvested at the age of about 14 month. The most valuable part is its hide. This ostriches seem to be far over their sell by date - never mind their shocking condition. One can spot an old hide on the oversized quill where the feathers have been.
Pretty valueless. So just another brilliant victory for the black ANC commies on the road to final destruction of the RSA.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously we can't all be farmers... The challenge now is (that) all the people that want to approach government for farms must be selected carefully," he said.

Mugarbage doesn't agree, and he has South Africa's quiet diplomacy on his side - nobody from SA is condemning him, there's just the token bleat from Tsvangirai who nobody takes seriously anymore. He's grabbing another 100 of the 400 remaining white farms for less than 10% of the value of the improvements - if the farmer is lucky! Organised thugs arrive in busleads to get pissed on beer and ululate and dance and beat up farm workers and take away their shotguns.

Just 300 more white owned commercial farms to go, and voila, no more food at all. Lots of pesky Zimbo's, the self same bastards who did not vote for Mugabe, will die of cholera or starvation, whichever comes first. But that's what they deserve: didn't Mugabe say, "You were too busy worrying about your bellies and your children to vote for me."

Now there is nothing for non-Mugabe voting Zimbabweans to stay for anymore. In any case, it's not their country, it's Bob's. They can come down to South Africa, where the SAPS will beat the daylights out of them (I hear the Edenvale cops do this particularly well, especially with really disgraceful immigrants such as Zimbabwean students studying at Wits), the Department of Home Affairs will screw them over for work permits which will reach stratospheric prices, and
crime will get much worse.

Oh, and by the way, a lot of fat cat previous ANC members who have moved over to COPE have been fired from their civil service and parastatal jobs. You either vote for the ANC or you don't have a job. Of course those government jobs were just a front for behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing, so be prepared to see lots of new ANC faces on the social pages.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: they're gonna cycle the non-productive farms through more incompetent farmers, who in turn will then lose those farms again, to other incompetent farmers.

This will solve the aptly named Lulu's problems how, exactly?

Vee said...

ou guys should read this. WHITE farmers they want. Go figure. So will they all beg them to produce again in their countries.