Saturday, February 28, 2009

ANC puts corrupt MPs back into parliament

Cape Town - The chief whip of the Democratic Alliance, Ian Davidson, is protesting about the ANC decision to return to Parliament MPs who have been convicted of offences connected to the Travelgate scandal.

Davidson also said on Thursday that the nomination of an "ethically - tainted individual such as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela" - who was given a three and half year sentence, suspended for a period for five years, for 43 counts of fraud in 2004 - goes against the spirit of the Constitution.

He added that his party is preparing legislation to submit to the constitutional review committee to change section 47 of the Constitution to prevent anyone who has been found guilty of corruption by a court of law from becoming a public representative.

"This will send a clear message to individuals who seek to abuse their public office for personal gain that we are serious about rooting out corruption in government," he said.

"We believe that the ANC's decision to nominate individuals who have been found guilty of corruption to serve as its public representatives undermines the country's efforts to promote and uphold principles of good governance."

He said that the ANC's decision to return at least five individuals who were all found guilty of misusing taxpayers' money in the Travelgate scandal underscores the governing party's contempt for Parliament.

The five are Bathabile Dlamini, Beauty Dludlane, Duma Ndleleni, Angie Molebatsi and Ruth Bhengu.

"These individuals betrayed the public yet the ANC sees fit to 'deploy' them to the same institution which they defrauded," he said.

"The ANC's tendency to elevate its corrupt loyalists to senior positions in the public service creates the impression that it believes its leaders are somehow above the law of the country."

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Have pity on the ANC ! Where from could they come up with educated, effective, non corrupt politicos? They just have not got them. Their luck is that most voters are simply to ignorant to understand the consequences of their choice.

Leifur said...

Are there no primaries (I am not sure what is the proper english word, primary elections, straw vote or what) for selecting the candidates on the South African parties lists for the elections?

How is the list then chosen? Behind the scenes by the party leaders? Is that only in the ANC and is there a more democratic process by the DA, COPE, FF or other parties?

Once the list has been published, can the party change it? Is it true what I heard that even after the elections the party can change the list or even not publish one until after that? If so that is a very strange system indeed.

Best wishes,