Monday, February 23, 2009

White schools swamped with non-paying black pupils

The poor believe that no-fee schools offer inferior education (it's free, shit for brains! You get what you pay for)

The government’s fee-exemption policy could drive the country’s few successful public schools into bankruptcy. (could? Will. Bit by bit the fabric of society is being dismantled)

This warning issued by the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security (Acess), an association of 1500 children sector organisations, is contained in a report on the impact of the government’s fee-exemption policy on public schools.

Acess director Patricia Martin told minister of education Naledi Pandor in a letter last week that fee exemptions had “worsened the situation” for many fee-paying schools, especially those housing a high percentage of poor children.

The report maintained that:

  • The number of paying parents is declining, resulting in an increase in bad debt;
  • Schools are forced to cut down on employing additional teachers and have scaled back extramural activities and maintenance jobs; and
  • The provincial departments of education are forcing schools to take in extra pupils, even when they are full.
In many cases, these extra children have to be exempted from paying school fees.

Teacher unions and various former model C schools this week confirmed that they have been faced with an unprecedented influx of children, resulting in class sizes growing to as many as 40 pupils. Several no-fee schools in mainly township areas, which are meant to provide access to free education for the country’s poorest children, are standing half empty.

The Sunday Times has established that some former model C schools, bursting at the seams, are converting home economics units, biology laboratories and store rooms into extra classrooms.

Some of the schools facing increased pressure from parents who don’t pay fees include:
  • Camps Bay High, in the Western Cape, where outstanding fees from last year were R826000. Of 490 pupils, 120 are either fully or partially exempt from paying fees, according to principal, David de Korte;
  • Brackenfell High, in the Western Cape, where principal André Pretorius said outstanding fees from last year were 11.6% (R1.3-million) of the total budget of R12-million a year — up 4% from the previous year;
  • Hoërskool Warmbad, in Limpopo, which would have had to release over 200 children if the department had not stepped in to cover the salaries of nine teachers. Its governing body chairman, Roelof Coertze, said outstanding fees handed over to debt collectors last year totalled R396851; and
  • Sandringham High, in Johannesburg, where the grade 8 intake increased from 160 last year to 280 this year. Principal Lynda Paige said many of the pupils came from Alexandra and Soweto.
“They hear that the school has a 100% pass rate and they trust the white set-up far more than they trust township schools because there are no unions, no strikes.”

Mike Kessel of the Governing Body Foundation, a national consultative forum, said the influx of pupils from poor families into top-performing schools in the suburbs was mainly a result of the perception that no-fee and low-fee schools offered inferior education.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesman Nanagolo Leopeng confirmed that, in some cases, schools meant to cater for 800 pupils only had 200 registered. Hlalefang Primary School in Pimville, Soweto, was one of many schools that was forced to shut down because of dwindling pupil numbers.

Paul Colditz, of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools, said the introduction of the no-fee school policy had exacerbated the problem because of the growing perception among parents that free education was inferior.

“People are voting with their feet and causing overcrowding in successful schools — not just former model C schools, but all good public schools,” he said.

Although Pandor told the Sunday Times that her department was considering offering financial support to schools that granted fee exemptions to large numbers of poor pupils, minister of finance Trevor Manuel has not allocated any money for this in his budget.

Pandor’s department is set to spend about R12-billion on the creation of more no-fee schools, despite closures or mergers at 60 such schools in Gauteng last year for various reasons, including low pupil numbers.

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Anonymous said...

This is completely accurate - I can vouch for this. A formerly great school in Pinelands in Cape Town is imploding, because parent of the non-white kids (who don't live in the area but are flooding the school) aren't paying their fees, and on the other hand, the muslim parents are bullying the authorities at every turn - they even managed to ban pizza last year!

Anonymous said...

It is always people who put the least into the system that want the greatest say in things!


Interesting that on this issue the Blacks realise that everything they touch turns to shit. Wished they had this insight on voting day !

Anonymous said...

And I suppose that the children of affirmative action beneficiaries will not be obliged to pay fees, because of their "disadvantaged" status. Meaning that they can't afford to pay for school fees as well as the Mercedes C.

Joe King said...

The school i wanted my son to attend has a requirement that all white students pay an extra R800.00 per term to finance the darker ones. But as you said, you should see the cars that arrive to fetch these underpriviledged kids. My beat up fully piad for "skondok" is no match. My son no doubt does not attend that racist school. If you as white refuse or stop paying the additional bucks - well guess what? You Meester white man are asked to remove your child.

Anonymous said...

@Joe King: What you have just told me about whites having to subsidise black students is unconstitutional and it should be taken to the Constitutional Court.

It's high time whites spoke up as a group and stopped the abuse constantly directed at us. If we don't stand up together we are going to be driven totally into the ground.

How do we go about it, send around a petition first to find out how many people are prepared to get involved? Bit of a bugger trying to organise an initiative on a blog where everyone is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:15..

The forum is here. If only we could get people to step up.

You'll find many people are prepared to just sit back, take it and do nothing. Oh, they'll whinge about it lots but do nothing. Over the weekend, the tiny population of Ireland (4,2 million people in total) mustered up 120 000!! people to complain about their govt's response to the economic situation. Ditto Iceland. There it brought down the government.

Us, we've had our rights taken away, we are discriminated against, we are being killed, raped and attacked daily, our govt is corrupt and our society is being destroyed. For 15 years we've been taking abuse.

But what do we do about it? Nothing. The last crime march got 5000 people.

What needs to happen before we get off our butts and "make a noise"? I dunno. You tell me.

Anonymous said...

As long as those in "the West" encourage Negroes to breed, Caucasians and Gallic will keep footing the bill! We're the only ones stupid enough to do it. I don't see the Indians or Chinese baby-sitting the blacks.

Anonymous said...

@Doberman: The reason the last crime march was so pathetic was that Thabo Mbeki said he would not be in his office to receive any petition.

Know what whites can do to stop this kind of nonsense? Go on strike. Get every white person with schoolgoing children to take the day off, for just one day, and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

On the positive side, those kids who are now being forced to work and learn alongside those who aren't paying will get an object lesson in why people have to pay for stuff, and what happens when they don't.

Might open a few young eyes, when they see that mommy and daddy have to cough up thousands of additional rands that they can ill afford so that children of PDIs can get everything for free. It might raise questions as to why Themba's dad drives an '09 beemer but won't pay Sipho's school fees because he believes it's little Johnny's daddy's duty to do so.

One can only hope... but with the revisionists all rewriting the history books, little Johnny is gonna be convinced his daddy SHOULD pay those fees coz of what happened 50 years ago.

ThisIsAfrica said...

Yet more proof that the coon is simply a cancer on the world.
Wherever you you have them you have chaos and destruction!

As for muslims, they are the WORST hypocrites of all! They NEVER practice what they preach.