Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Urgent: Dear fellow SA citizen - FF+

This was received today from the Freedom Front Plus directly. It is 100% genuine. I cannot however, tell what date it was first sent although it does state "the FF Plus has just succeeded with a court application" which refers to the Pretoria High Court decision of Monday 9th February 2009 ordering the IEC to allow SA expats to vote. Whether registering your details now will have any effect remains to be seen since Motlanthe has already gazetted the poll date and the law states no new registrations are permissible after the date has been announced.

The Constitutional Court will hear the matter on
March 4th so everything depends on the outcome of that decision. Still, it helps to know what to do should the decision sway in your (expats) favour. Pass this on to as many people you know and get them to register their details.

Dear fellow SA citizen,

The FF Plus has just succeeded with a court application in the Pretoria High Court to allow South Africans abroad to vote in the national elections of 22 April 2009. The successful court ruling has to be confirmed early in March by the Constitutional Court. Other parties will also now have a chance to join our court process in the Constitutional Court. After confirmation, all South African citizens who are registered as voters, will be able to cast special votes.

You will however have to give notice to the Electoral Commission of your absence from South Africa, as well as where you plan to cast your vote. You will have to vote at your local South African mission in the country where you are. However you will have to complete the attached form and fax the completed form to +2712-665-2420. we shall deliver the form to the Electoral Commission on your behalf.

Please make use of this golden opportunity to strengthen the FF Plus to stand up for your rights.

Also kindly forward this message to all your e-mail contacts abroad and cc your message to

We appreciate your support.

Kind regards
Dr Pieter Mulder
FF Plus leader

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the ONLY party in SA worth anyone's vote. CONGRATULATIONS FREEDOM FRONT!

Anonymous said...

Why did they not look into this matter a year ago, everything is SA is done on short notice. If you are well organised this matter should have been followed up long ago.