Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smarter then Bush? MSM Hypocrisy

Unlike the incident which involved Bush, which ran over and over and over ...not a single large mainstream-media news outlet carried this story. Luckily there is us bloggers to spread the info. Obama is so protected by the liberal msm, it's sickening.

Obama nearly walks through a window, mistaking it for a door.

Hey Bam, that's not the door! (NY Daily News)
Obama Mistakes Oval Office Window for Door; Imagine If It Had Been Bush (NewsBusters)

You know the media would have been showing this day and night if this was Bush, but they have to protect the Messiah. He is in a Marxist media bubble. At least Bush tried a door, Bammy boy tried a window..!

The mainstream media = THE ENEMY WITHIN

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Anonymous said...

It is going to be a full time job keeping all his skeletons in the closet and trying to cover his ass. One cant even escape this crap by switching to BBC.

Anonymous said...

The MSM are used to covering black asses. They do what they do now - ignore it. Look at Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia - shit none of them make the news.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit unfair because the window looks like it should be a door, and the door looks like it should be a window. Obama is still getting used to the place.

You can't really compare someone of Obama's background with that of an African leader. They are worlds apart.

Anonymous said...

It's not unfair. Bush at least went to a DOOR. The point of the story is how much Bush was ridiculed for making an error trying to open a door in a FOREIGN country (big ha ha!) yet The One is protected and nothing is said about his slip-up.

The thing is Bush was ridiculed at every turn. The msm liberal media couldn't wait to laugh at Bush and wanted him to fail but not The One. He is untouchable. Tough. The shoe's on the other foot so it's our turn to enjoy Barry making a fool of himself.

Joe King said...

He must feel like a right dodo - this incident will only be the door to the forthcoming can of worms.I am glad to see that "THE ONE" also makes mistakes. OOf! that was a bad one. He was probably thinking to himself, " this goddam threshold is high!"

Anonymous said...

Well, Doberman, it won't be long before Obama gets ridiculed at every turn as well. The Americans haven't had the smartest of presidents for quite a while. But that's because they're complicit in allowing thmeselves to be dumbed down.

There's nothing more inane than an American sitcom. SABC tries to forcefeed us this fodder in between the Vanish commercials too. Sort of ironic, that. As if SA whites - even the previously most liberal ones - still believe any of that happiness-in-diversity bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"The Americans haven't had the smartest of presidents for quite a while."

Exactly, they've been puppets since the late 80's!