Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretoria women ‘tortured with hot iron’

Two Pretoria women have been attacked, tortured with a hot iron and shot, allegedly by a gardener and his friend following an argument over missing household items, reports Beeld newspaper.

Edri Myburgh, 26, and her mother-in-law, Anna Myburgh, 55, were reportedly tortured with a hot iron and knives after Anna’s husband left for work on Wednesday.

Using firearms believed to have been stolen earlier in the week, the men entered the house in Bronkhorstspruit and overpowered the domestic worker Paulina Zithobeni.

Anna was confronted in a passage and repeatedly stabbed before being tied up and burnt with a hot iron by the men, who demanded guns and money.

Beeld reported that the assailants were disturbed when Edri stopped outside the house to visit her mother-in-law. The two men held Zithobeni at gunpoint and forced her to tell Edri her mother-in-law was not at home, but the woman refused to leave.

On entering the house she was hit on the head until she collapsed. She too was tied up and tortured. The men packed stolen goods into the Myburgh’s car and drove off in it with the three women moments before Hans arrived home to find out why he had been unable to contact them by cellphone or on the home telephone.

Seeing blood throughout the house, he called the police and a search was started. Police blocked off the N4 highway and the old Bronkhorstspruit Road after they were alerted to the withdrawal of money from the women’s accounts in Witbank.

However, the women had been taken to an old farm road near Spitskop where Anna was shot in the back of the head and Edri in the mouth. Zithobeni was forced back into the car.

A farmer, Willem Theron, alerted police to the whereabouts of the men when he came across a gun next to the Myburgh’s crashed car a short while later. Both men were arrested. Edri had meanwhile regained consciousness and, thinking Anna was dead, walked 12km through thick bushes and fields to a farmhouse for help.

When Anna came around, she crawled to a dirt road and flagged down a motorist. Both women were in a serious condition in the Pretoria East Hospital. Zithobeni, who was injured when the car overturned, was also taken to hospital. Edri’s husband, Henk Myburgh, said the family was devastated. "Our children do not know what is going on.

How do I explain this to my 9-month-old son, Hein? How do I tell his sisters, Simoné, 2, and Joanet, 6, that their mommy and granny have been shot?" Myburgh asked. Police said the men had been charged with two counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, possession of unlicensed firearms, ammunition and stolen property and vehicle theft.

When... o...... when are we going to get rid of the gardener and the maid???

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Anonymous said...

Man these Boere Women are tough! One shot in the head and the other in the face and then they "walk" to get help... amazing.

Please can someone please tell all those in the Transvaal that that country is (finally) lost! The foreign mine-owners saw to that by importing millions of Bantu Labourers from countries to the north. It's time to trek back to the Eastern Cape people, please. Leave the mine-owners to the mess they created. Our people can reclaim their Ancestral Land between the Fish River and the Khoikhoi lands beyond Knysna.
Just do it!

Anonymous said...

If you're still in this godforsaken country and do not have at least two unregistered firearms in your house/on your person you are a total doos.

I carry an unlicensed weapon wherever I go. I have been through roadblocks etc. with no problems. Show a Metro cop enough money and you just keep on trucking.

This country has degenerated into anarchy, and I refuse to be a vicitm!!!

When are you going to wake up?

If the criminals can use illegal weapons so can we. Just be careful of how you "arrange" the evidence and/or get rid of the body/ies.

See ya on the flip side.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Whoever has an unregistered firearm in his possession is a doos de luxe.

If you are caught, and you may very well be caught in a road block, you go straight to jail.
If you use it, then.....

Don't even think about it.

Anonymous said...

I concur Albs. An unlicensed firearm is an immediate arrest and jail time overnight at minimum and as we've seen that is not a pleasant experience. I'll take my chances without a firearm rather.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 07:25

The Eastern Cape, you say! That's where the thieving Xhosas hang out. We've moved from Joburg to a smaller town in KwaZulu and even here it's not safe for a white to shop at the local Pick 'n Pay because of all the stealing of handbags etc. You hardly see a white face at the shops, they're all black.

There's an Indian part of town here that I need to find. I'd rather shop there than be mugged by Zulus.

I also find this story a bit far fetched. How can you walk 12 km when you have been shot in the mouth? Or crawl to the freeway when you've been shot in the head. I think someone is exaggerating here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7h01 said: "That's where the thieving Xhosas hang out."

Eh, no, you're wrong anon! Gov. stats have the number of ethnic Xhosas in SA at approx. 5 mill. of which: 1.25 mill live in the Western Cape; .75 mill live in southern KZN; 1.25 live in Xhosaland (between Great Fish River and KZN); while 1 mill are spread out across the rest of SA...
this means only .75 are living in the old Boer Eastern Cape (between the Fish River and the old Khoikhoi lands to the west)!

Sounds like pretty good odds to me!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 03:23:

I stand corrected. Only R5 million Xhosas left, and only 750,000 in the old Eastern Cape sounds like good news to me. Xhosa's are dishonest of course, but very stupid, so they can be outmanouevered.