Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor white South Africans

The real South Africa.

To some extent, the economic playing field has been levelled since the end of apartheid 15 years ago. But that has had another impact — white poverty has doubled since 1994.

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal explores the rising poverty in South Africa’s white community.

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Not a nice sight . But - Lots of ground around their little houses where food could be planted ( my wife does it - and we do not need it economically ), some have enough money to smoke. Jobs ? the fact most likely is that no employer thinks they are worth the bucks. The AA story is only partially true.
( many workers in RSA are employed in small enterprises below 50 employees where AA does not apply provided they stay below a certain turn over ) Another common sight is the usual oversupply of children. Whenever you see poor people you see lots of kids that will be lacking a normal upbringing - it seems to be a trademark - black and white. Planning anything ? No way - live for today and tomorrow the good lord will sort our shit out ! As for the older ones : did you make any plan ? did you save anything or did you think that the NATS and the Broederbond will always feed you ? Life usually gives us in proportion as we give to life .
Do I feel sorry for them ? Yes - for the kids.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how, given just a tiny scrap of land (when each Bantu family gets 4 hectares) these guys can not only survive but make a vegetable garden that can more than feed their families!

These two Nations (Boer and Bantu) definitely differ in more than just physical appearance!

Anonymous said...

See the Master Race!
These are just people who were only employed under protectionist policies in the past, and now those policies are gone, they slip through the cracks.
This sight is not particularly sad, they seem to have been well able to make children in any case...

Liezel said...

This is sad, however, people forget that there were poor whites before 1994 too, lots of them! Not as many as blacks though, but the world seems to want to think all whites in SA were rich. Not true. It's just, that those people who were poor in the past, are now even poorer. Same for the blacks. The poor ones of the past are for the most part, now even poorer. So, this great ANC has really done well in making the poor, poorer, the rich, richer, and the whites simply not welcome in our own country. Again, I just shake my head when I think of the useless egghead, that is De Klerk. Where is this guy? I would love to have a little chat with him today.

Doberman said...

Notice how few of these poor whites turn to crime or violence which turns the whole "poverty = crime" theory to crap.

Anonymous said...

@Doberman: poor whites don't usually do violent crime - other than spouse bashing but that happens in all income categories - but a growing proportion of not-so-poor-anymore whites is involved in drug production and distribution.

White have historically done their fair share of while collar crime eg Masterbond, Fidentia to name just two.

Leifur said...

Doberman is right. But I am vary to think it is only a matter of race even though I will concede it is a matter of culture. But that is also shaped by the fact that if they would revert to crime, the black controlled police would have both a rather easy way to find them and would crack down at them with an extremely heavy hand.

But well, there you have it, the future soldiers of a potential ethnic conflict, a mass of poor children brought up without hope. Lets hope it doesn´t come to that, even though I am not sure all of you agree with that.

Come to think of it, foreign adoption agencies would love the opportunity to adopt from poor whites. But the SA´s white community needs the strenght of growing fast, but is there any hope for growing faster than the blacks?


Anonymous said...

To the idiot who vomited about a "master race":
the Boers NEVER CONSIDERED THEMSELVES ABOVE ANY OTHER RACE, but rather respected the rights of every Nation to maintain its independence, and live free of Imperialism in a State of their own!

Now Mbeki on the other hand, he believes the Negro to be the "master race"!

Anonymous said...

Leifur: police in Africa don't crack down on any kind of crime. The Scorpions used to do that, but today they were officially made history. African police take bribes and terrorise people of all colours.

It's open season for all crime, without regard to race. It's called typical African anarchy.

Anonymous said...

What I find encouraging is even though the houses are small and crammed, and the people are going through very tough times, I see gardens to grow food, and no sewage flowing through the streets, and sense a bit more order than you see in the townships. I wonder what the crime statistics are in these settlements.