Thursday, February 26, 2009

Only a little crime here and there ??

Nine die in axe killing spree

FEAR has gripped a Transkei village where at least nine women and girls have been axed to death in a killing spree that has forced people to abandon their homes and flee from the area.

All the murders in R1 village, just outside the Kei Cuttings, have taken place in the last three months and the similarities of the cases have prompted talk that it is the work of a serial killer.

Among the victims were a child and a teenager.

Police have since formed a task team to investigate the murders.
Butterworth police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha said the fact that th
e killings – with an axe or a blunt object – were continuing was a concern to the police.

The murders started in December last year when Nolundi Monakali was raped and killed. Shocked villagers said “it was the first of its kind”.

Then, on December 28, Sibongile Ngambi died in a similar attack.
On January 21, 47-year-old Nokhwezi Nogaya and her six- year-old daughter Sesethu were raped and hacked to death, and her only son, Anele, 14, was severely injured.

A week later, the decomposed bodies of Nobandla, Zintle and Lazola Mafika were found in their home.

Then on Sunday, Ntombomzi Gubevu, 70, and her 13-year-old gr
anddaughter Nonelelwa were raped and murdered.

In each case the victims suffered two wounds – a gash to the head and a severed artery in the neck. All the attacks occurred inside the victims’ homesteads.

Most villagers are now seeking safety in numbers, sleeping in groups at night under trees or in their cattle kraals. Others have left their homes and sought shelter in nearby villages. Fundiswa Gubevu, daughter and mother of the two most recent victims, said:

“We have just given up. We are living in fear … These thugs are not taking anything – they leave valuable items and just kill. Blood is splashed all over the place. What I know is that God will punish them but I need them to be found before another family is wiped out.” Fundiswa’s daughter Yonela said they suspected a serial killer was prowling around their village.

“Someone is spying on this village, knowing that the police station is 30km away,” she said.
Village headman Mthetheleli Mntwini said men were also scared: “We seek shelter with our wives and children anywhere.

We are living in terrible fear, and so wish that the night doesn’t come. I
t is scary.” Villager Luvuno Monakali, whose stepmother was among those murdered, took special leave from his job in Cape Town to rush home.

“My wife and kids have deserted our house; they are scared. I had to take leave … until these thugs are behind bars. The question we all ask is: Who is going to be next?”

At a community meeting this week, villagers decided to record the
details of every person and vehicle entering the village.

And today, village women and their children plan to march to the Butterworth police station to demand action. Manatha said a man was detained in January for questioning after the Nogaya killings.

And once again, no BBC, CNN, SKY or any bleeding heart Bonos.

Let's just sweep this under the carpet so that we don't upset the GREG types , and pretend this rainbow nation is Utopia.

Viva Mandela.... Viva

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He of difficult days said...

what pissed me of the most about Greg is that he felt that his 6 months experience in Africa trumped my 33 years worth of life experience in Africa and that his 6 months made him an EXPERT while my 3 decades made me ignorant

Loggi said...

What blows my mind is these bleeding heart liberals never comment on these posts, 3000 Cholera deaths, 200 babies die in one hospital, 100 people killed in Xenophobia attacks... Nothing.... no comment... no opinion. But let one white doos complain about the pollution!!! Then he must be a frigging Racist.

Seems they actually approve of Mbeki and his lover Bob killing thousands of people.

Canadian said...

Dobe, thanks for providing and maintaining an excellent site.
For anyone in the healthcare field looking to get out of there, if you consider Canada as destination, this might be a good place to start:


New mission for the Anti Gun lobby it seems ?

Doberman said...

Yep Whiteadder, we need AxeFree SA, KnifeFree SA, StickFree SA, TaxiFree SA, StoneFree SA, the list is endless. What the effing liberals don't get, they just don't GET, is that it is not the weapon or tool that kills, it is the person holding it.

Let's have a CriminalFree SA rather, arrest, try, execute, all can be done in 24 hours, end of story. I'll volunteer to pull the trigger, switch, lever, syringe whatever. Watch crime disappear then.

LizaD said...

Sorry Doberman, that execution job has been filled by me already.

Anonymous said...

Ag Loggi, leave them to it. Nobody gives a shit about Africans dying or killing each other, that's what blacks just naturally do. I just wish they would do it a lot more.

The only way you can make crime disappear is to make every pregnant black woman have an abortion. Roll on the Chinese colonisation of Africa.

Black Coffee said...

Loggi and HODD - I never said nor implied that SA is a utopia. I've said many times that I was mugged myself on Hoek Street in Johbg near Joubert Park, at a time when thousands of vendors were around and no one came to my aid. What I have said and continue to say is there is more to SA than just crime, cholera, xenophobia, hospital problems, etc. The problem with this blog and even more with SAS as I see is you only present the negative side of things in SA as if that is all there is to SA without presenting the positive sides. Like I stated previously, put it in perspective by presenting the names of all people who did not experience crime. That might be too much, but at least give us the numbers of people in SA who go through their day, go to work, store, etc. come back home and do not experience any crime. HODD - I never said I am more of an expert than you. What I said is being free of racism allows me to be more objective if I may say so. Also I circulated in minibus taxis and in townships during my 6 months. Have you done so once during your 33 years? During my 6 months I cannot tell you the number of times I caught minibus taxis on one or other corner in Johbg and white people looked at me like I was crazy. If a look could say a thousand words, those gave away the racism right there.

Doberman said...

@ Black Coffee/Greg..

Perhaps what this blog and SAS cannot impart to you is the sense of fear that living in South Africa means. You say many people go to work and back without experiencing crime but let me tell you, each and everyone of those people, unlike you in the US, goes about it in FEAR. It is this point that you do not understand.

Another point Greg, there is not ONE single South African that does not know someone who has not experienced serious crime. Can you say the same about every American? No. You just don't get it. You have authorities and law enforcement that give a shit about doing their jobs, we have apes in government and an inept police that does not care about protecting people. Why do you think over million people left, white, black and brown? Because they didn't like the government? Please. I stayed 14 years on after 1994 but after three hijackings, umpteen break ins, a friend cold-bloodedly murdered, many other friends affected by crime plus I saw the deteriorating service delivery, infrastructure, health care, education etc, everything going down the toilet and you say I must post about the people that go about their day unaffected by crime? - when their turn is only a matter of time.

What we post about is the truth. If your house is on fire, would you write about how lovely the garden is?

TRY Greg, I know many of us have said this, TRY and GET IT. We, unlike you, know what was before, and what it is now. We, unlike you, cannot change our government. We, unlike you stand to lose our lives and everything we have.

So spare me Greg the patronising bullshit about whether or not I have ridden a taxi or not. It is irrelevant (I have actually). You say you are anti-racist, I say you are anti-white. An anti-racist is really an anti-white in disguise and don't BS me otherwise. I never see you hit at black racism with the same vitriol yet we post about it constantly. Why the silence, my anti-racist friend?

In fact, you spend your time commenting here and SAS about white attitudes but say nothing about whites suffering black racism. 4000 white farmers in Zim and nothing from you except to say it is wrong. Wow, you really got heated about that huh. Please Greg. You are not that intelligent or that enlightened to understand.

And we are not that stupid that we cannot see though your motives. We love our country, we are losing our country, we are losing our culture, don't you DARE as a fucking foreigner come and preach to us about what we should or should not say about our country understood? You worry about your country and stay the fuck away from mine.

Black Coffee said...

Dobe - I do not have time to respond to everything you said, but I will try to respond to main points. First, whether or not I am a so-called "foreigner" I am married to South Africa if you will. For some reason a long time ago I got interested in history of apartheid and race relations. When I finally went to SA in 2006 and 2007 I fell in love with your country, and the only thing that keeps me away is money. Loggi asked why I do not move to SA. I tell you what as soon as I finish my PhD if you find me a position at any university in SA, I don't care what the salary is as long as it is liveable, I am applying for a visa and I will be back there in a heartbeat. Now Dobe - the thing is you DO post about America all the time. During the campaign you were relentless against Obama and for campaign. Recently you spoke in favor of keeping Guantanamo prison open, the one thing that makes US government lose any moral authority it may have had before Bush's presidency. You also post things related to discrepancies between white and black American incarceration rates without bothering to put those into perspective by discussing the disparities between poverty and education rates between white vs black Americans. I am not stupid either, am almost at point of getting a PHD and only post what I know about, I do not say what I do not know about, so don't you pontificate and tell me to fuck off. Again, I was in SA for 6 months. Ok, I lived in safety of Wits, but I did not stay there 24 hours, I circulated in many parts of Johbg including in townships where 99% of time I did not see another white soul. But in places where there are blacks and whites - Rosebank, Cresta, Melville, Sandton, Campus Square and Braamfontein I saw people walking around without this "fear" you refer to. Perhaps they feel a fear which they conceal well, I do not know, all I know is I did not see it. A white woman who manages a coffee shop in Braamfontein told me early on when I was still trying to figure out what is what in SA that one deals with crime by being careful but not by living your life in paranoia. A whole lot depends on how you carry yourself as to whether or not one will become a crime victim. That's certainly not all there is to it and an armed attacker or attackers are not going to care, but one can reduce one's chances of being mugged even in a place like Hillbrow by projecting confidence when you walk, same as in bad spots in US. When it comes to the crime of house invasions that becomes irrelevant of course and I have expressed outrage about that, not only here but in emails to my black SA friends. The thought has occurred to me that some blacks in townships deal with this problem with vigilantism - I have no problem with law-abiding white South Africans in "suburbs" doing same thing. On police - I just emailed you a success story from Roodepoort yesterday, you conveniently did not post it because it would not fit your polemic. On white farmers - this is complex but let me put my thoughts into a nutshell. The white farmers of Zimbabwe had the land that they had only for one reason: their ancestors - British South Africa Company - Cecil Rhodes and his gang, robbed the indigenous Shona and Ndebele people of their land at gunpoint in the late 19th century. So Zimbabwe needed land reform, it's just that Mugabe went about it in wrong way by not having a large class of black farmers prepared to take over.

FishEagle said...

Greg, you will never understand the dynamics of race relations in South Africa if you have just lived here for 6 months. I used to take taxis all the time before I had the luxury of a vehicle when I was a student. I have been on social dates with black men. Yet I hate blacks more than most whites, probably even more than those white people that stared at you when you got into your taxi.

You are still a child my friend. Come live in SA and grow up.

Doberman said...

Greg, Greg, Greg, tell you what. Come and LIVE HERE, set up roots then we'll talk further. This back and forth stuff is crap. You DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about and it is a waste of time talking to you.

You say you want to work for Wits? Do you have a white skin? Good luck with your application. I suggest changing your name to Khumalo and don't send a photo with your CV. If not a university, how about a parastatal institution where you can put your useless PhD to use? Nope. White skin, no good.

Well now, that leaves the private sector and there ain't much use for an American with a PhD from some black college in the US so good luck with the whole visa and job seeking thing.

After you've been here for a year or so, have put all your eggs in the rickety basket that is South Africa, FORFEITED your American citizenship (never gonna happen huh?) then I'd like to catch up with you. Walk a mile in our shoes before you tell us about our country.

As for me commenting on US politics, I comment on politicians and policies, not on Americans per se, a big difference. However, if 1000 Americans were to come back at me with opposing views, I would take their advice to heart and try and amend my views but with you, nope, your liberal revisionist history tripe that you are being fed won't let you think outside the box. Pity. That means that PhD is really crap then.

Nevermind, you will hopefully find out the real truth should you come to live in SA.

Black Coffee said...

When I was at Wits there were plenty of white professors - less than 2 years ago.

Jim Beam said...

Talk about the liberal mindset and Bono!

Fresh controversy over aid to Ethiopia erupted today after an investigation concluded that millions intended for victims of the 1984 famine was diverted to anti-government rebel leaders - including the current Ethiopian Prime Minister.