Thursday, February 19, 2009

NO. We should not.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”.

How many times have we heard this timeless truth and how many times, still, are we going to get it wrong?

Reading through Sunday papers was like reading a politically-inspired obituary. Printed in black and white our so-called leader’s worlds of woe.

“ANC turns of Kgalema Motlanthe” (for not toeing the part line). “Plans afoot to unseat Julius Malema” (I will fight the cowards off he says in defiance). “Criminal case opened against said President for alleged misappropriations at a rental property.” (No action yet taken by police). “Jacob Zuma – again alleged – threatening to spill the arms deal beans” (and implicating others who – apparently - played a larger role). “Robert Mugabe’s wife blows the budget in
Japan” (and donners the living daylights out of a photographer).


It’s easy not to be surprised, I suppose. It’s also the wrong attitude to have – to be apathetic to it all. We really deserve a bit better don’t you think? We deserve a government that is honest (well, as honest as can be), one that understands and recognises the problems we have and proactively tackles the issues of the day, fulfilling their political mandate – the one that got them into seats of power in the first place.

Instead our days and nights are consumed by fights for survival, witch-hunts, childish, mindless, hopeless pettiness and scandalous non-delivery. So occupied are we with who said what about us, that we completely forget that the best way to answer any critic is to perform, inspire and lead by example.

Yet we do not.

Africa – what a problem child it is and it is only that because of greed. Greed for money, power, stature – all of it at the expense of ordinary citizens who want nothing more than a safe environment where fair effort is rewarded with a fair life.

It’s bloody sad if you ask me. All this bickering. All this dishonesty – this farcical tango between those who want to rule. . .

Any honourable person in a respectable democracy would step down as leader of the ruling party when clouds of justified suspicion hangs over him – not here. Any honourable leader would relinquish the reigns entrusted to him should it be palpably obvious that he is of questionable moral fibre, wholly unfit to guide others to a new dawn. Alas, there’s no sign of anyone wanting to do the right thing.

Nah. On this day we should be anything but apathetic, everything but resigned to our fate. We should demand a mass cleanout of our political cabinet. It’s a rotting mess of infighting, injustice and inbred thinking. It is a disgrace to the people of South Africa that we are subjected to this nonsense.

It stopped being amusing a very long time ago. It is time for action. It is time for change. It is time we demand the best from our leaders.

Settling for anything less is just too depressing to comprehend.

Let’s not.

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Anonymous said...

Things will only start to change when the ANC discovers and acknowledges the difference between "ruling" and "governing".

Don't hold your breath.