Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New VIP blue light directives issued

From the DA's Eye On Crime blog.

Yesterday, it was reported that the SAPS has finally issued a directive that clarifies regulations governing the use of emergency lights on vehicles operated by the VIP Protection Unit.

Well it is about time! The "Blue light bullies" have for too long now been a source of anger amongst other drivers. They have in recent months been accused of, among other things, driving drunk, ignoring red traffic lights, causing serious accidents, and then escaping without punishment.

"The move is timely, but it is essential that regulations are actually enforced, and that a tough new code of conduct is brought in to ensure that officers are held to the highest standards," said DA spokesperson on safety and security Dianne Kohler Barnard.

However, to assist in ensuring that officers in the unit are brought back into line, the DA have appealed to members of the public to report any further instances of unruly behaviour on our roads by members of the VIP Protection Units.

Complaints should be directed to the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD); failing that, members of the public can submit their complaints to the DA (, and we will forward them to the ICD on their behalf.

I personally hope that the SAPS will take the initiative on this matter, and make it clear to the public what measures are in place to ensure that rules are not flouted, and punish those that break the new regulations. (pigs will grow wings and fly first, buddy - Ed.)

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The first thing the cops will want to know is who submitted the complaint, and will refuse to do anything without in-person, eyewitness testimony.

You can work out the rest from there.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Remember when they refused to arrest Motlanthe recently when a landlord laid a criminal charge? They even refused to open a case.

The VIP thugs protect the bigwigs. There is no effing way in God's dirty grey planet that some lowly blue suit will arrange for a premier or member of his entourage to be taken into custody. Like I said, pigs loaded and ready to fly. I'll believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

The first thing the cops will want is a bribe to even open a case, if they are prepared to do it at all. They will then lose the file.

Don't bother to waste a phone call on the government's Anti-Corruption hotline. The fact that they have anything to do with government says it all. They may not necessarily try to extort a bribe from you, but all they do is whinge about death threats they get from taxi owners and the police themselves.

I asked a middle class black the other day why blacks tolerate such a shit government. The smug reply was that if someone is in power, they can do what they like, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Total apathy. They are so happy that whites are unhappy that they don't realise they are in shit themselves.