Monday, February 23, 2009

Motlanthe gets his payoff

Job done. As the ANC's lackey. Time to enjoy the fruits of his 'labour' for life. I dunno. Everything the ANC does these days has that air of stink about it.

President Kgalema Motlanthe and his longtime lover will soon move into a plush R7-million house.

The sprawling Bali-style home in Houghton, Johannesburg, boasts five en suite bedrooms and three lounges.

The couple will rent the single-storey 8th Street home from businessman Peter Malungani, who signed a deal to buy the house a few weeks ago in the name of one of his companies, Klaprops 83.

The latest agreement followed the collapse of an earlier deal for the same house last September, believed to have been done on behalf of Motlanthe. The earlier agreement was brokered by De Beers vice-chairman Manne Dipico, and signed in the name of the Kagi Family Trust.

The Sunday Times has established that:

  • Motlanthe visited the house last September, just days before becoming president;
  • Security personnel vetted the property before Motlanthe viewed it;
  • His lover, businesswoman and ANC colleague Gugu Mtshali, has been to the house at least twice;
  • Architects working on plans for a new guardhouse have already been commissioned; and
  • The couple plan to buy some of the house’s antique furniture.
Motlanthe, who lives in the official presidential residence in Pretoria, is not expected to return to government after the April elections, despite being No 2 on the party’s list.

He is believed to be separated from his wife.

When he leaves office, he is entitled to a salary for life and continued security at taxpayers’ expense.

Malungani, founder and chairman of black empowerment company Peu Group, said on Friday he had bought the house as an “investment”.

He denied buying the home for the couple but said “they had shown an interest” in leasing it.

“I haven’t taken transfer yet, but I’ve agreed in principle that they can lease the house,” said Malungani, who is a also a director of Investec Bank and Investec Asset Management Holdings.

Last December, the owner of a Saxonwold property occupied by Motlanthe accused him of leaving behind damage costing R500000 following the collapsed sale of the house. (How the fu*k does anyone do R500K's worth of damage to a house? Did he braai in the living room? Did he park his car in the bedroom, what?)

Cheques for the rental of that house had come from companies owned by controversial ANC benefactor Sandi Majali.

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take before he trashes this place as well.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Rhodesia when Mugabe first forced people to give up their houses. Spoke to this expat and he told me in the 1980's how they planted Corn in his pool which had been filled with soil and lite a fire in the fucking stove.

He left Zim for SA with the clothes on his back!