Saturday, February 21, 2009

Iraqi Police Get a Motivational Speech

This came from Little Green Footballs weblog. A US Army soldier has some ... special instructions for a group of Iraqi police, who apparently haven’t been sufficiently motivated.

Why I decided to post this video here is to show what we would need to do in South Africa to turn our police around. Replace 'Iraq' with 'South Africa'. Replace
militia with the ANC. Replace 'loyalties' with 'special jobs' that involve criminality and you get what this soldier is trying to impart to the Iraqi policemen. We've sunk that low. We need to "kick some ass" as he says, find out where their loyalties lie. Many are good, decent, honest hardworking police but the majority are too lazy to do their jobs properly, on the take or just filling seats instead of getting out there and taking the fight to the criminals.

Warning: Harsh language.

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All I see in this flick are victims
that believe the BS their leaders =
(lackeys of the financial powers)
are telling them. What must the Yankee soldier feel when realising that the Blackwater operators in similar position to his in Iraq earn about 22 times his monthly crums? Are this Iraqi cops
( useless or not )happy to have foreigners first destroying their land and than telling them how high to jump ? What would the Yankee solder do if the roles were reversed ?
Why are the Yanks in a foreign country that has not attacked them nor posed a military danger to them ? For what reason did about 4000 American soldiers die there ?What about around 1.2 million dead Iraqis ?
Was it in defence of the crumbling U$ greenback ? Did the Fed not want Saddam to sell his oil for any other currency and set a example to other oil exporting nations ?

Anonymous said...

You and I will have to differ on this one Whiteadder. The US soldier is not the one that needs to answer to anything, he was sent there to do a job and so have the Iraqi police. The gist of this example is that despite what one may believe personally, when one puts on a uniform be it for the US Army or Iraqi Army or the SA Police Service, one must DO IT and to the best of one's abilities.

Why they are there, why things are they way they are, whether having Saddam still there starting war after war was better, that's not the purpose of this blog. There are different viewpoints on the whole Iraqi issue as there are people.

The point is, the SAPS needs a good kick up the butt, along the lines of this soldier's rant. Otherwise, they must just get out of uniform and go do something else.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80's, we never gave the SADF reason for such an "uitkak sessie"(for lack of bravery), but episodes of similar tone were preceeded by a 3-hour "opvok sessie"

Anonymous said...

oh, and i almost forgot to mention that these happened daily for the first 14 months, and intermittently there after...

Anonymous said...

Yep, I can recall them fondly..ah, good times..NOT. Used to scare the living daylights out of me. But it seems nowadays with the police and army unions, our soldiers/ coppers have 'human rights' now and managed to get this type of good ol' earwax-cleaning uitkakery done away with which explains their state - have you seen the beerbellies on some of them? (I'm talking about the women) - not to mention the crappy state of the institutions themselves. We need discipline back, in all spheres of life.


Sure Doberman , we differ on this type of subject. Where we not differ is our opinion on the ability and disposition of a large part of our police force.
This force is "managed" by some political appointees who I would not let near my petty cash box.
Most cops I have seen in inaction would not even blink an eye when crapped on by some superior in the manner as shown in this short flick. It is a known fact that the RSA police force employs a crew that contains a 5 times higher content of awaiting trial/and convicted criminals than the national average.
No amount of yelling will change the IQ or the values of such a useless lot. The only realistic solution would be to start a parallel force with people of value, ability and merit that in time would replace the present sad outfit. We both know this is politically not possible as long we have a government by criminals for criminals.

Anonymous said...

In response to WHITEADDER 09:53.

"No amount of yelling will change the IQ or the values of such a useless lot."

Therein lies your answer regarding the Iraqi police too.