Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Four of them then took turns to rape her'

Durban police were on Thursday searching for four men who allegedly shot and killed a man, injured three other people and raped six women.

"They began their horrendous crimes on Wednesday night, and finished off this morning," said Captain Khephu Ndlovu.

All four were believed to be in their twenties. "Four unknown men went to J section in Umlazi and kidnapped four women from their house. They then took the women to a nearby bush where they were repeatedly gang raped."

The men then left the women in the bushes and fled on foot. They then walked to a house in Welbedad, Chatsworth, not far from Umlazi, and approached a family of three.

"Two men came to the door and without even saying a word to them, [they] opened fire." One man was shot in the thigh, the other in the neck. "They then ran into the house and found a lady [age unknown] in the bedroom.

The four of them then took turns to rape her... after they raped her, she was shot in the head."
The four men fled on foot after taking valuables, including cellphones and jewellery. The woman shot in the head and the man shot in the neck were in a critical condition in hospital.

Ndlovu said by the time that they had committed these two crimes, it was almost daylight and they headed back to Umlazi, went to a house in N Section and knocked on the door.

"A 35-year-old man who was living with his niece in the house opened the door... he was then told that they were policemen... when the man did not allow them in, they shot him in the head." He died on the scene.

The four ran into the house and went into the main bedroom where his 19-year-old niece was asleep. All four allegedly raped her.

"I am with her now, she is traumatised, and we are taking her for medical treatment... the other four women who were raped in Umlazi are also receiving treatment," said Ndlovu. The motive behind crimes was not yet known. The alleged perpetrators were still at large.

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Anonymous said...

If you compare the drawing of the couple depicted in the anti-rape poster with the real item below the poster, there's no similarity.

Someone peecee must have drawn it so as not to offend Bantu sensitivities.