Thursday, February 19, 2009

Durban now is a Filthy Dirty Squatter Camp.

The following is rather amusing correspondence by a stalwart Snowy Smith of Durban.

Summary of my letters to ANC Comrade Michael Sutcliffe, the city manager of Durban, South Africa.

I refer to my last fifteen letters to you, and which you have not replied to. Again, I must warn you that the entire Durban beachfront area is in a permanent state of deterioration and neglect. Despite many complaints, there have been no improvements. You advertise the city of Durban as a tourist Mecca, with clean, safe beaches, but the truth, as documented by me over the past five years or so, is the exact opposite.

In fact, Durban's tourist area has now become one big, filthy, faeces-smeared, littered, broken glass-strewn squatter camp.

Vagrants have taken over the municipal toilets, which were built for the tourist trade. The water streaming into the ocean is so filthy and polluted with human faeces that Durban has lost its Blue Flag designation.

On Sunday, January 18 2009, I took another early morning stroll along the vagrant-infested embankment - at great risk to my own life I might add, since it's very unsafe, especially for white tourists with cameras. There were three murders on Durban beach on December 18 2008 alone. And during the last eighteen days in December, there were 1722 assaults, 111 gunshot wounds, 493 stabbings, and 282 rapes in this beachfront area.

On Christmas and New Year's, literally millions of broken beer bottles, human waste were deposited along the Durban beach front.

There were tens of thousands of drunken hooligans everywhere, stabbing people, mugging, raping and shooting.

Each day, residents in the flats along the embankment, like myself, have to look at this disgusting squatter camp mess.

We get smoked out inside our flats all day and night from their cooking fires. The place is smeared in human faeces, tons of litter and mountains of broken glass bottles which nobody is cleaning up.

During my early-morning walk on January 18, 2008, I counted 403 black vagrants sleeping on the Embankment alone. And there are many hundreds of vagrants also sleeping every night on the following sites: Stanger Street, Albert Park to the start of Southern Freeway, and along the railway lines, atop and next to the municipal toilets, and the green pumping station.

They always leave a huge mess, human faeces, rubbish and broken glass, and burnt out fires when they leave each morning.

All these streets are turning into squatter slums.

There are frequent, very large gang fights around the embankment's municipal toilet, the Yacht Mole and the Victoria Embankment.

Squatters are sleeping in every doorway, alley and bushes around the Yacht Mole and Wilson's Wharf.

Almost Every night, violent vagrants are chasing each other with sticks, screaming and shouting and running into the road in front of oncoming traffic at night.

We often phone the police -- but they never respond to these violent events.

The squatters have even moved onto the roof of the municipal toilets, averaging two to six each night sleeping there.

Also, they do their daily washing at the municipal toilets and hang it up to dry on the railway fence - not a pretty sight for tourists or residents.

There is stinking sewerage behind all the buildings around the entrance to the Yacht Mole. The complete railway line is covered in tons of rubbish, broken glass, an eyesore. I believe the municipal toilets should be demolished, and the half-round flower pots used by vagrants 24/7, should also be removed.

If you are not going to demolish the toilet then I suggest that you put up powerful spot-lights on high pole so the homeless cannot hide and sleep in the bushes.

The complete Victoria Embankment railway lines area is full of rubbish.

Public drinking takes place on the streets of the Victoria Embankment every day and night.

And all the glass bottles are thrown onto the railway lines.

Six months ago, the cast-iron manhole covers were stolen - which are creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians. They have yet to be replaced.

Your green water-pumping station building is falling down and it's rapidly being turned into a squatter camp, with drunken vagrants sleeping next to the building every night.

This past Christmas season and New Year's season at the Durban Beach Front was a total disaster - and a nightmare for local residents. There were three murders on Durban beach on December 18 alone. And during the last eighteen days in December, there were 1722 assaults, 111 gunshot wounds, 493 stabbings, and 282 rapes. On Christmas and New Year's, literally millions of broken beer bottles, human waste were deposited along the Durban beach front. There were tens of thousands of drunken hooligans everywhere, stabbing people, mugging, raping and shooting. Afterwards, the street cleaners picked up off 37,000 bags of rubbish from just two streets afterwards along the beach. And there were 51,000 bags of litter collected from the beach - rubbish, human waste and broken glass. In weight, this amounted to 716 tons of rubbish and broken glass.

In fact all of once so pristine Durban is deteriorating into a squatter slum, a filthy, disgusting, unhealthy mess, with dangerously polluted water streaming into the ocean. The whole place also looks like a permanent prison now, a nightmare scenario with shuttered shops, heavy burglar bars, barbed wire, vagrants and incredible pollution everywhere.

And Durban is a muggers' paradise, besides being an environmental disaster.

Yet you are advertising Durban as the Nr. 1 holiday destination in South Africa, where all tourists are safe and welcome.

It's all a lie: Durban is the Mugging capital of South Africa, and has become a disgusting, derelict slum.

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Dr. Michael Sutcliffe
The City Manager, DURBAN.
41 Margaret Mncadi Avenue,

Dear Sir,


I refer to my last 15 LETTERS to which I have NOT received a single reply.

I know most of the Durban ANC Council are ILLITERATE but Comrade ANC Michael Sutcliffe I have a sneaky suspicion YOU can read.



Every river, the Durban Bay and the Sea is highly Polluted with tons of rubbish and Environmental Disaster.

I have more than 7000 PHOTOS.

Proudly South African.

YOU Advertise DURBAN as the number ONE Holiday destination in South Africa

All Tourists WELCOME.

NO SIR You are DELUSIONAL, DURBAN is the number ONE MUGGING Capital in South Africa, a disgusting derelict SLUM.

Comrade ANC Michael Sutcliffe YOU must be VERY PROUD.

Comrade ANC Michael Sutcliffe YOU must be VERY PROUD.

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Anonymous said...

Good one Albs. Look out for CB's article on the subject posted here later. And good work Snowy. From another Proud South African.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree, I don't even visit Durban when I visit Natal every year!
It's a disgrace!

On a different note, please do an article on the proposal for the Boks to play the NZ Moari Team! If this is allowed then we should absolutely propose a Boer Rugby Team to play the Moari!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree, I don't even visit Durban when I visit Natal every year!
It's a disgrace!

On a different note, please do an article on the proposal for the Boks to play the NZ Moari Team! If this is allowed then we should absolutely propose a Boer Rugby Team to play the Moari!


Anonymous said...

Will do anon 8:56. Thanks for the heads up. Btw, didn't you know it's only racism if whites are involved? Struth..! With other races, it's.. er, "cultural". Fok that I say.
Bring on the Boer rugby team, the Engels team, the Porra side and the effing Lebs can have their own as well.

Joe King said...

Nobody cares - that is the sad reality. These things do not go away by themselves. Something has to be done. Thoughts of Charles Bronson - Vigilante spring to mind - but why should it be my problem. Durban is still a tourist attraction - come see the slums. have a look what the ANC has done. And the ANC has "proud" party members. It a f*cking crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Question to Snowy Smith: Where do all these blacks come from? Are they local Zulus? Or are they refugees from Zim?

Black Coffee said...

I never got to Durban so I do not know whether or not what Snowy says here is true. However, he tends to exaggerate things to fit his racist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Look at the damn pictures, Or is that too complicated. Snowy is a true blood born and bred South African, that does give him the right to criticize inept assholes. Argue the facts if you have the balls, but you will stop labeling people on this forum.

Black Coffee said...

Loggi - I do not label unnecessarily, but I do call a spade a spade. I have seen the pictures, I also saw the pictures on deathofjohannesburg, and I know for a fact that the latter only shows you a small slice of Johannesburg in specific neighborhoods, and not the whole of Johbg where I spent a lot of time. Why not look at

Anonymous said...

Greg/BLack wannabe
Any fool can take tourist postcard pictures in any city in the world. Sandton where these pictures were taken, is the center of business and wealth in South Africa. Of course it is beautiful, but so was the rest of South Africa. Please have your shebeen queen and friends take some pictures today of the Johannesburg stock exchange in Johannesburg. They had to flee this once first world city called Johannesburg, and relocate to Sandton. The last bastion of civilization in Africa.

Black Coffee said...

No - on the photoblog I cited most of the photos are of the Johannesburg CBD - especially Main Street, Market Street, the streets near Carleton Center. There is one or two pics of Sandton. Besides I was in these areas myself, and since I left I understand the city is doing things to improve these areas even more. The point is everything is not bad in SA. We shall see which way it goes once Zuma becomes president, which I am sure he will. Unfortunately, I do not know any shebeen queens, could you introduce me to one or two?

Anonymous said...

Black Coffee looks like a pawn of the Mining Elite who will continue to benefit from their once imperial stranglehold over southern africa, while all of southern africa's people suffer. He is the sort who would rather all farms were nationalised before the mines! I could guess his ethnicity and I'd be right!

Black Coffee said...

A pawn of mining elite? LOL - nice try. So what is my ethnicity?

Anonymous said...


Why don't you come and live in this Utopia?

Anonymous said...

Nice try??? What do you mean by that? It's obvious, you're an Imperialist.
It's also obvious you're an ethnic semitic! Nothing against ethnic semites, or any other ethnicity for that matter, but unlike ethnic Boers you guys value gold more than you do the independence of the various nations of the world. Hence your anti-apartheid stance. Apartheid gives "the people" the power, rather than "the money-dealers"!
Viva freedom!
Viva Apartheid!

Anonymous said...

Your ethnicity, you are a P*O*E*S black fuckin whatever!!! durban is so fuckin dirty, I had to wipe my Screen off after viewing the photos. I have never been to Mexico city, but i do beleive that it not as bad as they say.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Oh jeeze
Greg, the 36 year old virgin who looks like and sounds like a 15 year old wimp is back.....
I've just come back from the CBD of Jhb...shithole!

Anonymous said...

I have a hunch Black Coffee is the Rooster from Kill Whitey. He's a white guy. He mostly talks kak about South Africa, with occasional lucid moments.

The Durban beachfront around the Addington Hospital area was sleazy even under the National Party. Durban is the largest port in South Africa, so you can expect a lot of crime what with all the visiting sailors with cash to spend on booze drugs and whores.

Of course comrade Mike Shitface has fucked up Durban, but that's what you can expect from anyone in the ANC. But I do remember that in the past nobody in Durban went to the beaches near the CBD anyway, Durbanites tend to go to the beaches at Umhlanga Rocks or Amanzimtoti, or are those fucked up as well?

Are suburbs like Durban North, Berea and Umhlanga also in such a mess? I used to live in Durban North but that was a long time ago. Last visited Shaka's Rock about ten years ago, it was quite ok then. The south coast always sucked with its seedy dumps like Ramsgate and Margate.

Methinks I will make a draai there and check the place out myself, it's only about 2 hours from where I live.

Joburg CBD is gross, it's a hell of a waste what happened to that fantastic glass building that used to house the JSE in Diagonal Street, but Joburg CBD is not nearly as bad as Hillbrow which has got to be the arsehole of the world.

There are still some very nice areas in Joburg, but you have to be mad to live there because of the crime situation which is going to get a lot worse with the economic downturn. Joburg reminds me of a pretty French poodle with a severe infestation of blood sucking fleas that it can't shake off.

Most urban decay you see has to do with the constant urbanisation of poor blacks from the rural areas and destitute, jobless illegal immigrants. PW Botha couldn't do anything about the urbanisation problem either, but the ANC should be doing something about illegal immigrants and a hell of a lot more about crime. However, as they are a bunch of criminal bastards who should be kicked out yesterday, we can expect zilch from them except yet more incompetence and corruption.

Black Coffee said...

Albeus aka Doodler - I should not even respond to your baseless labeling of me, but I will try. You are basing this on what a certain homicidal, white supremacist maniac told you and you know who I refer to. You have never met me nor spoken to me, and you are a lawyer so you should know that what you are stating is based on pure hearsay, from an unreliable source at that. But think what you want about me. Let's address the shithole business. When I was in Jobg, parts of the CBD did look like a shithole, especially near Joubert Park, also along Mooi Street when coming out of Noord Street taxi rank. However, a few blocks over there are some very attractive and clean parts near Carlton Center, near the Joburg public library, I recall Anglo-Ashanti has a very picturesque building on Sauer Street not far from ANC headquarters. If you go to Pule's photoblog that I referred Loggi to it looks like there have been further improvements since I left SA. In most American cities one can find parts of downtowns or near downtowns that look like shitholes also. Again, I have not been to Durban so I do not know if what Snowy presents is true or whether it's a skewed picture based on a few neighborhoods just like the deathofjohannesburg blog. Anon 8:04 - I understand the Joburg stock exchange moved out of CBD in late 90s, long before I was able to visit SA. People in SA told me back then the CBD had a lot more crime than now, that's why the exchange moved out. Still when I was there I found Diagonal Street interesting because of all the street vendors there selling all kinds of items - a real flavor of Africa if you will in the middle of downtown Joburg. Interestingly enough one of my black SA friends emailed me an article written by a black reporter in "Sowetan" which described the bad stench in Bree Street taxi rank. I used that taxi rank a lot and do not recall encountering the stench, though it sure was there at Noord Street rank. This black friend of mine has his own shop near Joubert Park and he tells me there are many illegal Zimbabwean immigrants squatting there now and that he literally has to clean up their crap in the mornings from the area near his shop to make it attractive to potential customers. This is getting off topic but it leads me to wonder if Zimbabweans have lost standards of cleanliness and hygiene while under the Mugabe regime.

Anonymous said...

Greg , please read this article below. You may have seen one or two nice streets. Please remember we grew up here and have seen the decline, and every year it gets worse. This is not isolated, it has spread like a cancer trough our once beautiful country and this is something that nobody in this country can afford. Believe it or not, but tourism has a huge impact on this economy and is hugely beneficial to your dear friends. Also do bear in mind that this is the country that is trying to fill stadiums for 2010. You reckon there may be one or two places that are clean so tourists will come flocking to our beaches that have now lost their blue flag status and to our Cholera invested rivers.
Well some of us still have hygiene standards believe it or not, and we have a democratic right to criticize our politicians who are squandering our tax money.That was the point of this post. Hope you understand it now

Capetonians have been warned to clean up their act if they want the city to keep its rating as one of the world's most desirable holiday destinations.

Mayoral committee for utility services councillor Clive Justus said the rating could be jeopardised if residents continued to illegally dump refuse and "indiscriminately fill our public open spaces with litter".

"There seems to be an increasing tolerance by the public not only of litter, but of those responsible for it," he said in a statement.

A depressing example of this was the state of the city's beaches by late afternoon during the holiday season.

"Litter bins remained empty when people left for home and city employees had to then clean the beaches of everything from used nappies to bottles and food wrappings," he said

Anonymous said...

So I was bang-on regarding both his ethnicity and his Imperialist desires. Typical of his sort. The western world is so transparent, I don't believe more people can't see it!

Anonymous said...

Just returned from Dustbin, I mean Durban. My first visit in ten years. Aaargghhh!!! It is a ghastly open festering wound of garbage, and human excrement. Dilapidation is the new architecture of choice. Sutcliffe you have succeeded in being the most incompetent city manager ever. Disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:06, precisely. Durban is an example of the black man's philosophy in life. Maintain nothing, create nothing, use up everything until it returns to what it was, nothing but dirt.

Anonymous said...

I agree with eeryone,Durban is disgusting and as Mike Sutcliffe he should be pulled out of his flat and put to live in the streets or in the squatter camps as it does not bother him actually I feel he is just a brown nose a creeper up peoples ass sorry to say

Louis B said...

I have just visited Durban, my 'home' town after a long while and was saddened and shocked by the deterioration that has taken place in this once wonderful city. It is filthy. The whole beachfront is a dump. I was warned not to even try to walk along the esplanade and the Albert Park area is unrecognisable.
It is very very sad. I jut hope and pray that someone somewhere will try to do something about it. The city is dead!
I now live in Cape Town, What a pleasure to get back to this city.