Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deny prisoners the vote

“Prisoners sentenced without the option of a fine will also be allowed to vote in the general election in April, the Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday.” (2004)

The irony of this situation, is that the animal featured in the news report, has the constitutional right to vote. Law abiding citizens residing abroad, will be denied the chance to vote , one way or another, no matter what the con-court ruling was. The ANC are already examining and contemplating different tactics to prevent the ex-pat votes.

We are going to have an arduous task to cast a vote beyond the borders of SA for the future of this morally decayed, disease ridden, crime infested, corrupt country. The ANC spin doctors give the prisoners and their gang members hope and promise the prisoners a presidential pardon if they vote the “right” way. It’s the oldest trick in the book and they still fall for it!

We have to stop believing that some sort of miracle or divine intervention is going to manifest itself to save this ailing, sick, beleaguered, mortified and once proud nation. The world is too busy with other problems and issues right now. The UN is not as efficient at telling nations what to do as it was in the past. It has become a case of each man for himself. The US is still licking its wounds over the amount of vetoes it had to contend with, over the past few months.

We as Saffricans must understand that we have to sort out our own cesspit. How do we get the message across to the ANC? A good start will be to give the ANC a run for their money during the next election. The only way to appease the masses is to make bigger and better promises than the ANC and once you have been voted into power, not office, a la Obamessiah, start with immediate damage control. This is commonly known as standard political procedure. As far as the prison vote is concerned, the better option is to treat these criminals with the contempt they deserve and take away their right to vote.

South Africa has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. But nonetheless, crime goes on unabated. The criminal’s motto is” You can’t scare us, we plead not guilty.” Having ascertained that, the criminals who plead not guilty and are proven by the courts to be guilty, should be sentenced to mandatory five year sentence for wasting the courts time.

Crime, as we are all aware, is out of hand and the prison system is, as with everything else the ANC has come into contact with, been systematically raped, pillaged and destroyed. There is no form of rehabilitation, and prisoners while away their days planning their next crime, on release or escape from prison.

The prison system was turned into a slaughtered cash cow for a few of the blessed elite and their families. The prison system is yet another example of African logic. If you are in the street, and a car comes careering towards you, close your eyes and it will go away. Sorry Bryce that does not work.

SA currently has more than 187,000 prisoners, but much more criminals. That is a drop in the ocean compared to the 21.6 million registered voters of which are mainly made up of……, well you know the story.

“Almost every person in our custody will someday be released back into the community. Even people who have been sentenced for murder will generally have a non-parole period set by the court and when this period has expired, they may be released.” That makes me feel safe – know thy neighbour!

22 November 2008

Pietermaritzburg - Two men posing as policemen broke into a Pietermaritzburg house and raped a young woman in front of her mother, sister and boyfriend, the city's High Court heard on Thursday.

The victim's sister testified that she pointed out the pair, Vusi Mseleku, 43, and Thulebona Zuma, 30, at a police identity parade.
Mseleku was the rapist, she said.

She told the court that Zuma forced her and her child out of their bed and into her mother's room where the rape took place in July 2007.

On Monday, the mother of a woman raped in May in 2007 said Mseleku and Zuma barged into their home while the family was asleep.Zuma fired a shot which narrowly missed her leg, and her husband and others were tied with shoe laces.The mother pointed out Mseleku as the rapist. Last week, the second rape victim told the court Mseleku had caused her so much pain that she cried out during the rape.

The witness cried when she told about the rape of her sister.

"She was crying ... When he (the rapist) finished he stood up and said: 'Why am I not shooting even one dog here?'"

The attackers robbed the victims of money, a TV set, DVD player and other items. (No cellphone?)

After they left, the rape victim was taken to a police station and hospital.

Zuma has also been charged with rape as he kept watch during the rape, remained nearby and prevented resistance or escape.

The two have also been charged with the attempted murder of a member of a community which tried to arrest them during a shootout.

No evidence has been given about this incident yet.

Both men have denied guilt.

17 February 2009

Three life sentences and 48 years in jail were imposed on a 44-year-old serial rapist and robber in the Pietermaritzburg High Court today.

Judge Chris Nicholson told Vusi Mseleku, of the Pietermaritzburg district, that he should be behind bars for the rest of his life as he was incapable of reformation.

Sentences of life behind bars were also imposed to protect society from criminals, Nicholson said.
Mseleku, a father of five, kicked down people’s doors, robbed them, and raped one victim in front of her boyfriend and another victim in front of her mother and child.

His catalogue of crime, including three rapes, two aggravated robberies of his rape victims, a third aggravated robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm stretched from 2003 to 2007.
Nicholson refused an application for leave to appeal against the convictions and sentences.

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