Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Light Bull

Question everything. Every stripe, every star, every word spoken. Everything.” ~ Ernest Gaines

What are they up to - my incertitude is always aroused when the ANC reacts to (mainly white) public opinion. I am not saying that the black population is not affected by the continuous inappropriate misbehavior of the blue light thugs, but hey, they are family and its generally accepted that it is only whites that bitch and moan and complain (Charles Nqakula) peevishly in an annoying, repetitive manner to achieve fairness and justice in this corrupt society led by an incompetent ANC government.

That’s what on-line journals are for! You have to keep on sticking it to those guilty of fallacious behaviour, namely the ANC.

But WTF, it is the only way to get results. If we stop our moaning and groaning, the problems will persist. My concern is now, is that the legal blue lights will become more arrogant, due to the fact that the non-existent law has given them permission to mount the light as a permanent fixture. The fact that these VIP thugs have been wrist slapped, will leave a foul aftertaste in their already racially intolerant abuse spewing mouths.

As for revenge, which is the commonly practiced anti-white victimization ANC tactic, who will suffer, not the family, but you my fellow motorist? So beware of the street legal blue light monkeys for the next few weeks because their behaviour will be more arrogant and aggressive to prove that they are untouchable and beyond reproach. Do not be a hero – there is no point. But do not despair, as with everything, all will return to the normal pot-holed chaos within a short period of time, and be rest assured, at least you know, things will probably get worse.

But “on da udder hand” , these so called elite politico units believe that they are above the law, so be rest assured, that these thugs will not take too much notice of the “uitkak”. As far as risking their jobs, we all know the ANC does not fire anybody, black or white. We are also aware that these ANC thugs have a total disregard for anything or any body, besides colluding African leaders and generous Indian “businessmen” The fact that the SAPS cannot police the community, how in G’s name are they going to police themselves. That was a job for the Scorpions, and we know what happened to them. That is what you get for doing your job in the new SA, sir!

The last ANC world cup corruption implicating fiasco whistle blower (and not of the referee type) was shot- remember Jimmy Mohlala (Police say Mohlala was gunned down by two men wearing balaclavas and lying in wait. Mohlala’s son was also wounded in the shooting and is recovering in hospital.)

Deadly ANC sin number eight “One shall not split on one’s buddies without first having made funeral arrangements”

Question: Is this the start to the ANC pre-election pr appeasement exercise to exhibit the caring nature of the dominating party in charge of the power. Is the ANC having reconsideration as far as the white bitch’n and moanin electorate is concerned? Is the ANC listening? Is the ANC trying to pull the shower curtain over our eyes? Does the ANC give a f*ck?

Wait, I forget, Lekota wants his own band of blue lighters, and they said in no uncertain terms “NO!” Do you not think that this is a double edged compromise? Ban the blue lights and white people will be happy, and Lekota will be in “BIG” trouble.

What threat? Safety and Security Minister Nathi Mthethwa says the government is not obligated to provide protection for COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota.

In my opinion if anyone needs protection at this point in time it is Terror himself. The man has too many enemies. With the IFP and ANC starting with their political violence, it is only a matter of time before someone will take a pot shot at Lekota.

"Terror has decided that he is going to urinate on the ANC by rubbishing the ANC as much as he can. If he continues to do so, ordinary members are going to feel the need to defend the party.” (Oh dear!!!)

Zuma should not be entitled to travel in tax payer sponsored motorcade on party business. But the ANC has once again wormed their way around that one. Maybe good hearted honest Indian, Viv, will be reddy (sic) to sponsor a string of luxury machine gun totting bullet proof Hummers for the Zoom and expect nothing in return, the lying, cheating corrupt, ass-kissing, you can't fool me, piece of sh*t.

The Story

The blue-light cowboys have been reined in and police bodyguards and drivers of VIP vehicles have been warned they are risking their jobs if they flout the rules. (Who in their right mind would laugh with contempt and derision at the serious threats from Sean)

News of the ban on the use of mainly portable blue lights in convoys carrying politicians has been welcomed by opposition political parties after a recent public outcry at the reckless way motorists were pushed out of the way by these cavalcades. Police vehicles escorting dignitaries will only be able to use their blue lights under very strict circumstances, including medical emergencies, situations deemed to be dangerous,(Riding at high speed is dangerous) and when a VIP's vehicle has been swamped by crowds.(That is bound to stop a stone through the windscreen)

A directive (not a command) was issued last week by the national commander of the SAPS VIP unit, Director Layton Mzondeki "Sean" Tshabalala, that certain portable, LED and rotating blue lights have to be removed from officials' vehicles.(How do you define which lights need to be removed)

At a meeting involving the country's top brass of VIP protectors, and at subsequent provincial meetings, it was spelt out to bodyguards and other VIP protectors and drivers that the unnecessary use of the blue light would not be tolerated.(There will always be a reason to use it)

Those found using the blue light in contravention of Tshabalala's directive would face disciplinary action and could be suspended or slapped with hefty fines.(And could even be suspended with pay for a long rest )Those allowed to use the blue light are the president, deputy president, premiers and MECs, former presidents and deputy presidents. ? (Does that include FW when he visits this mess he made)

National SAPS spokesperson Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo confirmed the directive. "The small, portable blue light, the LED blue light and the rotating blue light (will be, have been, please make up your mind)have been removed from all vehicles in the protection and security services environment, including VIP protection services, following the directive, issued by the spokesperson for the Independent Complaints Directorate Sammy Tshabalala."All support services vehicles, as well as VIP protection vehicles with blue lights, will have to have the blue lights removed. (As we speak no doubt)

"The only vehicles allowed to have the blue light, besides official SAPS vehicles, are the vehicles driven by close protectors of VIPs. (The same motorcades as now?) "Those vehicles, however, will have fixed blue lights on the outside of the vehicle," said Naidoo. (Which BEE company will be supplying the lights?)Naidoo confirmed the three circumstances under which the blue light may be used.(define medical emergency-is being late for a daily dose 7de Laan a medical emergency?)

He said while it would be difficult to police,(no sh*t Kojack) those found contravening the directive would be subjected to internal disciplinary procedures, including suspension and fines. (Bring back the death penalty)"The decision was taken for better, effective policing," said Naidoo. (Window dressing)

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Anonymous said...

I was driving along Van Reenen's pass a week or so ago and I was nearly totalled by a blue light coming towards me, careerering from left to right at high speed all over this massively dangerous mountain pass. Fortunately I was driving slowly. Had I been driving faster it was have been tickets for all of us.

What quite possibly happened was that gangsters stole the blue light, because the first one was shortly followed by another blue light travelling at high speed, but not suicidally.

Just when I thought I had left Gangster Paradise ...