Friday, February 27, 2009

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3-yr-old beaten to death

Johannesburg - A three-year-old girl was allegedly beaten to death by two brothers, aged five and seven, in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape police said on Friday.

"The toddler was left in the care of a childminder, who is the neighbour of the two brothers," said Superintendent Priscilla Naidu.

"She was left by her sister Lucretia Smit, 14, on Thursday, as she had to go to school."

She said the childminder had to go to a local clinic and left the toddler next door with the brothers who were alone at home as their parents were at work.

"It is alleged that the boys began beating the toddler with sticks while they were inside the house.

"Lucretia finished school at 14:00 and was on her way to fetch her sister... she then noticed her [sister's] lifeless body, with the two little brothers, waiting at the side of their house."

Naidu said that numerous attempts to wake the child were not successful.

The toddler was taken inside the house and Lucretia called her parents.

Naidu said the toddler died from severe head and facial injuries.

"The boys were not arrested, but police are taking them and their parents to a social worker for questioning and evaluation."

A murder case was opened, Naidu said.

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry. The mother will soon be pregnant again by some stud who beats the crap out of her.