Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ANC scum caught peddling hoax DA pamphlet

This is the real ANC. More and more people, black and white are beginning to realise what we have always known - that the root of most of our problems is the ANC. South Africa does not stand a chance while the ANC remains in power, it IS that simple.

DA Lays Criminal Charge Against ANC - MAS536/02/2009

The Democratic Alliance today laid criminal charges against the ANC - case number MAS536/02/2009 at the Middelburg Police Station.

On Saturday, 21 February 2009, the DA became aware of a fake DA pamphlet being distributed (see below) by the ANC in the Steve Tshwete Municipality.

According to the DA's information a Ms Jaenette Mahlangu, an ANC candidate in a coming by-election, distributed the pamphlet to learners at the Middelburg Mine Combined School on Friday last week.

In the pamphlet, the DA is portrayed as a racist party, claiming that the DA wants to bring back the days of 'permits', in order to fight the 'Swart Gevaar'. The pamphlet ends with the words 'Warning: Do not show this pamphlet to your maids and garden boys ... we need their votes'.

This kind of Mugabe-style propaganda is unacceptable and illustrates the extent to which the ANC will go to cling to power.

The ANC knows that the only way they can maintain dominance over the electorate is by playing race politics. They are a disgrace to our society.

The Electoral Act prohibits persons from 'impersonating' other parties and or candidates and prohibits the distribution of false information. As such the DA has laid criminal charges against the ANC and has submitted a formal complaint to the Provincial Electoral Officer, Mr Steve Ngwenya.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the ANC are resorting to intimidation tactics to secure votes in this election and are clearly threatened by the growth that the DA has shown in traditional ANC strong-holds. The DA won't be intimidated and neither must the community be intimidated, we will defend our democratic space with all our worth.

The DA is committed to a non-racial South Africa, free from crime and corruption whereby every South African can achieve their dreams within an equal open opportunity society.

Statement issued by Anthony Benadie MPL, Democratic Alliance Provincial Leader, February 23 2009

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Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is the tactics used by the ANC. For me, what is more disturbing is that the ANC know their voters are a bunch of intellectual retards, that will very much believe such crap. No intelligent electorate would be swayed by such ridiculous tactics, quite the contrary in fact. Such tactics would hurt you. The ANC, or any liberation movement in Africa, knows you just need to attain power once. Thereafter your gullible electorate keeps you in for life.

Haikutastic said...

Good comment.

The ANC deliberately keep the masses uneducated and in poverty, because that way, they're just so much easier to control.

Anonymous said...

It's suprisingly well written for a bunch of blacks. I wonder who actually wrote it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is well written at all. It reads like a Chinese instruction manual.