Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ANC challenges SA expats' right to vote

South Africa's government [ANC] has applied to the country's highest court to appeal against a ruling saying South Africans abroad have the right to vote.

Date set for votes abroad - 15 April (unless you are an expat of course)

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The judgement, made by Pretoria's High Court earlier this month, has to be confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

But Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula says there were mistakes in the ruling, national radio reported.

If confirmed by the Constitutional Court, the decision could delay the 22 April general elections.

Some two million South Africans live abroad.

According to the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Ms Mapisa-Nqakula said that the ruling disqualified certain classes of absent citizens from voting - and was therefore discriminatory.

The opposition Afrikaner nationalist Freedom Front Plus party brought the original case on behalf of a South African school teacher living in the UK.

The Constitutional Court is due to hear the applications next week.

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Anonymous said...

"Ms Mapisa-Nqakula said that the ruling disqualified certain classes of absent citizens from voting - and was therefore discriminatory."

And who would those disqualified classes be? Chippy Shaik who is hiding out in Australia because Oz does not have an extradition agreement with SA? The ANC are going to enormous lengths to keep expats from voting because they know they won't vote for the ANC.

Anonymous said...

bear in my mind fellow expats and citizens, that whatever you vote for is in a minority and we whites will always lose an election, so why vote, becuase if you vote you actually are in a process of binding yourselfs to this communist regime with only a few whites or mixed parties trying to supress further problems the anc causes, ??? So why vote ? dont!!!, Rather vote for your freedom, and the only way to accomplish this is for a Volkstaat !

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:11

Granted, good point however the only way we can get close to that is by voting for a party that will bring you to that Volkstaat which is the Freedom Front Plus. Their stated aim is autonomy for the Afrikaner people. So I would use my vote on them if I were you. Don't waste the opportunity.

Anonymous said...


There is an area with a high carrying capacity that owns the sources of its rivers, is easily defendable and is very sparsely populated. Not only this but the Boer People have more of an historical right to this part of SA than any other people (bar the true Southern San who are now extinct)! However I'm worried about making this public as the last two occasions I've done this - putting my thoughts known on sites like praag and boerevryheid, the anc has quickly moved people into these areas in large numbers, thereby making any UDI very difficult indeed!

Any ideas?

We need UDI of at least part of SA NOW! It recently worked for Kosovo and Lichtenstein. It must work for us! The "Kosovans" had an ethnic homeland already (Albania) and a religous homeland (in the form of Bosnia), yet they were granted Independence against the will of the majority (and the government)of Serbia! We have neither an ethnic NOR religous homeland in close proximity to SA. If we fail on either ground, it will show the world who really runs "the West" (those who hate the Christians and those who hate the ethnic Gallileans)!

Pleas, any ideas on getting this info. out to Boers (any white african Christians) without the ANC getting wind of it! We need this area and there are others we need to approach BEFORE any of the foreign controlled parties (ANC, Cope, DA, ID) get wind of it!

Many Thanks
I Care

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the ANC doesn't actually give a rats arse about the expat vote. They know it won't make any difference, relatively speaking.

What they ARE worried about is any delays to the election. The longer they wait, the more people they lose to Cope. And the longer they wait, the more chance there is that the priapic Zuma will have to actually have his day in court. Anything that gets in the way, any stumbling blocks, is a risk to them.

This is why murderers and baby rapists get to vote, but honest expats overseas, funnelling money back into ZA via their families left behind, don't.

The best the expats can hope for is that they can actually use their votes to change the party ratios such that the FF+ and DA et. al. can form a better opposition. Remember that all those okes who have moved to Cope were all really strong supporters of the ANC policies less than a year ago. What changed overnight to make them change their minds like that?

A party filled with vicarious coat-tail riding sheeple like that won't be getting my vote. Ever. At least with the DA and FF+ and ID, you know what you're getting...

Anonymous said...

@Doberman: I don't know so much about the Freedom Front and their Volkstaat being keen to let in English speakers - as you say, they want it for Afrikaners only. You certainly aren't welcome in Orania if you are not an Afrikaner.

Afrikaners can vote for the FF+ and English speakers for the DA or ID. English speakers should form their own separate territory.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:21.

You're right. I was just stating that the guy must not waste the opportunity to vote. We are outnumbered yes, and our vote probably means nothing in the grand scheme of things but not to vote is wrong. If a volkstaat is your aim, put the cross there but please vote for anyone but the ANC. That's doing something and every vote counts. Not to vote means you should not complain. We only get this chance once every five years. Use it. Make it count. That's all we can do bar complaining and/or taking up arms.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21, NOT TRUE!

We visited Orania and they couldn't stop trying to encourage us to move there, even speaking English to us despite our trying to communicate in Afrikaans. (my wife and I are both English-speaking S'Africans)

Also joined Boerevryheid a few years back, they are NOT limited to Afrikaans-speakers but rather white-African Christians, and went out of their way to remind us that there were English-speaking Voortrekkers (with Retief's party) who were against Britain taking control of the Eastern Cape. Not only this but many English-speakers and Irish and Scots fought on the side of the Boers in both Boer Wars!

Viva Boer (because trust me, the Bantu doesn't care what language you mumble while he slits your throught - to him, you're ALL maBhulu)