Wednesday, February 25, 2009

390 air crash reports incomplete

African competence at its best

Cape Town - Although there were a total number of 190 reported flying accidents during 2008, including a total of 94 fatalities, no final reports into any of them have been completed as yet.

Transport Minister Jeff Radebe revealed this in a written answer to a Parliamentary question on Wednesday. He added a note from his department which explained that in addition to the 190 accidents in 2008, there are another approximately 200 reports from previous years which are still not completed. Backlog dates back to 2000

"There is a serious challenge to the SACAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to overcome," the note says. "This backlog dates back to the year 2000." The department adds that medically related issues cannot be excluded as a possible cause in any fatal accident, so there is a need for the investigator to review the relevant post mortem and toxological report of the autopsy.

"A fatality in an aircraft accident is classified as an unnatural death which requires an autopsy to be conducted by a pathologist of the Department of Health," it continues. "The results of the autopsy are formally made available to the investigator through the South African Police Services office dealing with the unnatural death investigation.

"Lack of a speedy process in the provision of the autopsy is the major cause of the delay of the completion of the final report."

Five investigators employed.
Another five investigators have been employed during last year to diminish the backlog, and the department adds that good progress is being made in the process of completing the outstanding reports. Radebe told his questioner that a preliminary review of the 2008 accidents identifies human factors as the primary cause.

"These can be categorised as mainly poor decision making, error of judgement and lack of skill and experience," he said. "Mechanical defects and maintenance are involved as a minority causal factor."

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you give pilots licenses to those without depth-of-vision!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Look on the Carteblanche website there are a series of 3 videos covering the Nigerians who buy the licenses.

Anonymous said...

"... medically related issues cannot be excluded as a possible cause in any fatal accident". These pilots were stoned or pissed or both, in other words.