Tuesday, January 20, 2009

“We have a fractured, weak, incompetent state,”

ANC’s woes stall service delivery

THE ANC’s internal fighting is slowing down service delivery, authors of an audit on the country’s transformation warned yesterday. Jan Hofmeyr, head of political analysis at the Cape Town-based Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, said its audit also confirmed a lack of quality essential services such education and healthcare.

The institute’s annual independent transformation audit tracks socio-economic transformation in governance, economy, the labour market, education and poverty.

The latest audit was launched in Cape Town yesterday. Hofmeyr said the ANC “lacked social cohesion”, negatively affecting social progress. Fanie du Toit, the institute’s executive director, said that democracy existed where “peace in communities remains brittle where racialised inequality lingers and the poor continue to receive patchy service delivery”.

“This is the most insecure nexus of the past few years,” he said. Mills Soko, senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business and contributing author to the audit, said the country cannot afford this state of affairs.

“We have a fractured, weak, incompetent state,” he said.

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