Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sheriff to seize municipal cars

This was unheard of in the 'bad old South Africa'. The clowns employed to run these councils (into the ground that is) are there purely because of their skin pigment and the ability to walk upright.

We have people with a Standard 3 education playing mayor (much like our president-to-be Zuma who also only has a Grade 3 education).

They should not be anywhere near the coffers of a municipality much less put in positions where they must manage people's lives and investments. Extrapolate this scenario to include hundreds of other councils, all badly mismanaged and this is just a foretaste of what is to come. At some time, sooner or later, the money wells will run dry and then it will be jungle Africa time, before that horrible white man came ashore and built up a flourishing nation.

Bloemfontein - The sheriff at Theunissen in the Free State plans to seize five vehicles belonging to the Masilonyana Local Municipality to pay the municipality's debt to three companies, the Democratic Alliance said on Tuesday.

The auction of the vehicles was advertised to take place on February 6 at the sheriff's office in Theunissen, said Phillip Botha, DA councillor at the municipality.

He said this was not the only financial woe the municipality was facing. The Johannesburg High Court ordered the municipality last year to pay monies, apparently about R1m, it owed to the Municipal Pension Fund.

Botha said the money was allegedly deducted from municipal worker's salaries but never paid to the fund.

The municipality encompasses Theunissen, Brandfort, Winburg, Soutpan and Verkeerdevlei.

Botha said the matter involving the workers pension money should be investigated by the Free State MEC for local government, Joel Mafereka.

"We urge the MEC for local government to urgently take action in regard to the financial crisis," Botha said in a statement.

The DA said municipal manager Maboe Phike had sent out a letter to all the municipality's creditors in October 2008 informing them that it could not pay its bills.

Botha said the council also voted that the municipality could get a bank overdraft of R7m, which had since increased to R11.5m.

"This whole amount must be discharged by the end of May this year." He said the situation had led to the municipality's telephone services being stopped due to non-payment.

He said the municipality was owed about R181m by defaulters but no effort was made to collect the money.

When asked for comment on the situation, Masilonyana municipal manager Maboe Phike said she could not react to the DA's comments immediately.

She said due to the political nature of the comments she would rather refer the questions to Masilonyana mayor, Steven Koalane.

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Loggi said...

Self enrichment is and always will remain the only objective for African politicians.Every city council, every department of such council, every Government department and every government tender is used as a means for self enrichment.The new politicians will just continue raiding whats left in the cookie jar. This can never ever be reversed again. Where will the money come from?

Anonymous said...

@Loggi: I can think of one way. It's called bracket creep.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. Take away their cars away and then see how lenient they are with defaulters.

Loggi said...

Well anon. You had me with that one, I had to Google bracket creep. South Africa will never be financially able to repair our infrastructure to its former glory. It is all downhill from here.

Loggi said...

That will sounds like a damn fine idea.