Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharp drop in overseas tourists

Lemme see. We get fed constantly figures of 'exploding' tourism numbers whereas the reality is something else. Only - get this - 203 702 OVERSEAS visitors felt it necessary to come to our sunny parts (year to November 2008).

Now don't blame the economic downturn for the numbers, that sorta only kicked in sometime in September/October 2008 so what this tells us is that our Tourism Munista Kortbroekie has been telling big whoppers. The reality is that people are afraid to come to South Africa.

The word, my china, is out. Listen up, ANC, the fancy advertising, the cheap holidays, they won't fly when people think their lives are at stake. Would you go to Iraq for a holiday? Well, maybe. Iraq is statistically SAFER than SA at the moment!

Nah, blogs like this and others have done the job of telling people the facts and if it has saved one life, then it will have been worth it - but our ultimate aim to force our rubbish regime to take crime seriously has a ways to go and so we will persist with spreading the good 'cheer' about the reality of South Africa. In the meantime, we'll pretend those Zimbabwean 'tourists' are real tourists making use of our 5-star hotels and resorts and dropping big dimes.

Johannesburg - The total number of travellers who visited South Africa through all its ports of entry during November 2008 was up 1.1% year-on-year (y/y) to 2.207m from the 2.182m recorded in November 2007, according to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) data issued on Tuesday.

A month-on-month decrease of 2.8% was recorded from October.

The number of foreign travellers who departed from South Africa in November was 748,487, an increase of 4.6% from the 715,801 recorded in November 2007.

The number of foreign arrivals was up 2.8% y/y to 827,605, from 805,400 in November 2007.

A total of 315 437 South African residents departed from South Africa in November 2008, a decrease of 7.1% from the 339 473 recorded in November last year. The number of South African residents arriving decreased by 1.9% y/y to 315 629 from 321 643 in November 2007.

Stats SA data shows that slightly less than three-quarters (74.6%) of foreign arrivals were from Africa, while almost a quarter (24.6%) were from overseas countries.

The number of overseas arrivals declined by 12.0% from 231 585 in November 2007 to 203 702 in November 2008.

Arrivals from Africa increased by 8.7% from 568 308 in November 2007 to 617 695 in November 2008.

Overseas travellers came mainly from Europe (70.3%) followed by North America (12.4%), Asia (9.0%), Australasia (4.4%), Central and South America (2.5%) and the Middle East (1.3%). Virtually all arrivals (97.5%) from Africa came from the SADC countries.

The number of travellers from overseas showed steady growth from 2004 to 2007, but dropped between 2007 and 2008. Data indicates that UK, Germany, US, France, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden and Ireland were the eight leading overseas source countries. Travellers from these eight countries constitute 66.8% of all travellers from overseas.

Overall, 93.5% of overseas travellers came to South Africa to visit. A detailed analysis by Stats SA revealed that all the overseas regions had more than 77.2% travellers coming to South Africa for holidays.

The arrival data on South African residents shows that 39.5% came by air and 60.0% by road. For their departure, 40.9% and 59.1% used air and road transport respectively. When taking into consideration the countries of residence of travellers, it was found that for foreign arrivals, overseas travellers generally used air (87.0%) compared with road transport (12.8%) whereas travellers from Africa used road (89.7%) more than air transport (8.2%).

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Werner said...

And I would venture that a good chunk of the "overseas visitors" are expats........
Keep up the good work - I really think we are making an impact..

Loggi said...

Thanks Werner

Doberman said...

My thoughts exactly Werner.

Anonymous said...

I think the 200,000 is for the month only. Still, extrapolated out, this is only 2.4 million.

Doberman said...

@ anon 1:44, quite correct. I stand corrected. Extrapolated, the figures still are not too hot. We should be doing better considering where South Africa is placed and the value-for-money it offers. Australia, which is a major schlep from anywhere, in the same period to November 2008 got 5 million visitors, presumably people with some money to spend too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know about value for money, I am an expat and we are visiting SA in August this year, I was looking for accommodation at Hluhluwe as it is the only reserve we have not visited, because we are going to Australia, we decided to book an around the world ticket and are stopping in LA, Tahiti, NZ and OZ. I have compared prices for 5 star hotels in Tahiti, New Zealand and Oz and they are 3 to 4 times cheaper than staying in Hluhluwe - with the credit cruch affecting the world at the moment, things are only going to get worse - So I think SA needs to have a look at their prices to encourage overseas visitors. I encourage people to visit South Africa and also encourage them to stay away from the expensive Game parks as they are mostly a rip off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon. 6h04
We have just spent time in Hluhluwe, as we did last January, and were amazed that the prices had DOUBLED!
No kidding, it's ludicrous. Not to mention food and clothing in supermarkets... at least twice what it is in the UK (and that's without taking into consideration the fact that salaries in the UK far outweigh those in SA).
Inconceivable, but true!

Loggi said...

Anon 6.04
Do read this article. Once again ANC fat cats are using just another department as thier personal piggy bank.
An explosive internal forensic report revealing widespread corruptionat the embattled Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal parks organisation could lead to extensive prosecutions inside the organisation.

Already the entire board, including KwaAmaZulu football club owner and sugar tycoon Patrick Sokhela, has been suspended because of the report.

The report on the affairs of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, by auditing firm Deloitte & Touche, follows an investigation ordered in November last year after the auditor general found that R22-million allocated for special wildlife projects was missing.

They earn millions a month, drive luxury German cars with chauffeurs and bodyguards, live like kings and it is still not enough.

Vanilla Ice said...

...and I rented my SA holiday home out over Christmas, a modest 3 bedroom townhouse, and was charged R1,800.00 by the agent to have a normal clean and wash the linen. A FUCKING RIP OFF.

Rose said...

Wow that is a rip off, the cleaning people here only charge 10 euro an hour which is 130 Rand, you could have hired someone for like 14 hours, do you know you can rent your place out yourself on and I am sure you could find someone to looking after the cleaning and stuff at a nominal price! Agents are always a rip off, we have used the holiday rentals site for the last 5 years to book holidays in SA and Europe and have never been dissapointed!