Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Round tuit

Until now they have been vary scarce. Fortunately with the information highway, you can now own and distribute this TUIT free of charge. Its as easy as pushing "print"

This is an indispensable item. It will help you or the recipient become a more efficient human being. It is an extremely important weapon in the fight against procrastination. It is an instant stress reliever and obliterates the inevitable “I forgot” defensive of those who do not own one. It allows the bearer the freedom to do the required task or action immediately without delay as in now!. No more excuses. No more procrastination, no more stress, just do it. (Tnx Nike)

Now that you have embraced your own personal TUIT, you can accomplish all those issues or tasks that you have put aside until you got a ROUND TUIT. From this day forth, you are blessed to be in the position where you can get on with the task at hand without procrastination. Pass it on to as many people as possible, because even if you don’t need it,(which I doubt) you must be aware of at least three of four well deserving souls that suffer from the "I'll do it as soon as I get a ROUND TUIT" syndrome. This is a serious ailment that can lead to dire consequence. It is easily rectified the natural way, no drugs, no counseling required. This highly contagious disease is particularly rife in the corporate world, the service industry including most, sorry, ALL the useless and inefficient municipal and government departments. It is the root of most disagreements between employer and employee, parent and child, husband and wife, Trevor and the economy, ANC promises and you.

The TUIT is not only completely unbreakable, it does not require batteries, any training, works anywhere anytime, has a life-long guarantee and costs absolutely nothing. It can be easily transported and you can carry it on your person at all times. Keep a few TUITS spare with you and feel free, the next time you are faced with a broken promise or unnecessary delay, to pass it on to the perpetrator. It is a one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on a fellow human being. No more will you hear that frustrating stress causing statement, you are as of now a proud owner of your very own personal ROUND TUIT. I must admit I took a while for me to write this. But as soon as I got a round tuit, I got around to it!

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Anonymous said...

Well we know the ANC never wastes any time getting around TUIT being arseholes. No procrastination there.