Friday, January 23, 2009

Relieved SAA passengers thought drug mule hostesses were just rude

JOHANNESBURG. Regular passengers of South African Airways have reacted with relief to news that some flight crew have been arrested for allegedly smuggling 50kg of drugs into the United Kingdom.

Passengers have complained for years about SAA hostesses being cold, distant, fidgety, and openly hostile, but say now they understand "it was just the tik talking".

British police who made the arrests have conceded that the haul might have gone undiscovered if a male attendant had brought it into the country.

"In our experience it's usually the ladies who get busted because they put the stuff in suspicious containers like hat-boxes," said a police spokesman.

"It's a bit of a giveaway when you see a big hat-box being carried by an emaciated 4-foot tall woman. I mean her neck would just snap like a twig if she wore any kind of hat heavier than a yarmulke.

He said that male flight attendants usually evaded detection because they generally preferred to put drugs in condoms and "stick them up their bottoms".

"Some of them are really good at it, and even seem to enjoy it," he said.

"We've seen guys waltzing through here with 80kg of crack up their bottoms, singing tunes from 'Hello Dolly' and beaming from ear to ear.

Meanwhile SAA passengers say the arrests have lifted their spirits. Worsie Roux has been flying with the carrier for years, and says he thought the airhostesses' surly and unhelpful attitude was a reflection on him.

"I thought maybe I was smelly or something," he said. "I would always apologise before I asked them for something, because they always give you such kak looks when you interrupt them having a conversation.
"But now I know they were just totally cooked on drugs. I fell a lot better.

Businessman Midas Mdala said he thought the female cabin crew treated him "like poo" because he black. "It was weird because most of them were black too," he said. "They were rude, abrasive, neglectful, and basically gave you the impression that you were filth.

However he said that now the piece of the puzzle had come together. "They were just practicing being mafia wives," he said. He said he still had the greatest respect for the carrier's male attendants, who continued to deliver high quality service, although he sometimes wished they would be "less thorough and professional".

"Sometimes it's hard to go to sleep on the Joburg-Heathrow trip because they insist on tucking you in and reading you a story, and then shaking you every ten minutes to make sure you haven't been a victim of cot death.

"It's very sweet, but perhaps they could just be slightly more neglectful from time to time."

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Gives a whole new meaning to flying high with SAA.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Certainly wouldn't excuse their behaviour because OF being stoned on the job. Someone making big bucks.

I thought Tik was the same as crank/crystal meth here (methamphetamine) - is it not ?

"Male attendants carried the crack up their stinkin' crack"

Man, the things money wont buy.

Maine000 said...

Desperate people do such things like this. Now they will face the consequences they made. Easy money wont last. Reality talk.