Saturday, January 31, 2009

The "rainbow" nation is so stuffed...

Reminds me of that old saying about African politics - One man one vote, one vote one party forever.

I reckon we can forget about true democracy - what with the Scorpions gone, the general mess and the sheeple..

The Congress of the People (Cope) managed to win just two of the 27 by-elections held this week, even though 21 of the elections were caused by sitting ANC councillors resigning to join Cope.
The implication is that voters still prefer the ANC, despite councillors having rejected the party. The by-elections were held on Wednesday in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo. Twenty-one of the by-elections had been caused by the defection of councillors from the ANC to join Cope, five wards became vacant due to the death of councillors and one due to the expulsion of a councillor.

Twenty-three councillors were returned to their positions while the Democratic Alliance and Independent Democrats took one ward each from the ANC in Musina and Garies in the Northern Cape.
In the Northern Cape all the vacant wards had been ANC controlled. The ruling party maintained its grip over all but two wards, with Cope taking two, in Upington and Groblershoop.
Said the ANC in a statement: “Claims that the ANC has been losing support in the province have thus been proven grossly exaggerated”.

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Democracy can only work if the majority of people have some critical faculties . Look at Zim.
This shows the perfect end result if you let morons - that are to stupid to make even little correct decicions in their own life - loose to cast a vote. I think we in SA are about 10/12 years away where Zim is today - exluding the possibility of a civil war.

Anonymous said...

"we in SA are about 10/12 years away where Zim is today - exluding the possibility of a civil war."

No truer word could be spoken!

islandshark said...

That's why democracies can be so dangerous.

Once you have captured the minds of the majority of moronic souls with your marxist class warfare propaganda, there is almost no chance of return to common sense.

Now, I dare people to keep on saying the ANC isn't communist or the SACP is communist in name only.

It's time to wake up folks. The struggle of the ANC is and always has been nothing more than class warfare.

And if you look across the pond to that once free nation of the world, you'll see a slow motion replay of what is happening in South Africa today. You can thank the Foreign Occupier for that.

Vince R said...

The sheeple will vote in the ANC again. The difference after 2009 is that the left wing are running out of patience. How much longer will they tolerate the fact that 85% of the land is owned by 10% of the people? And you got to agree, that is untenable! The only solution for whitey is to swallow transformation whole (and probably choke to death) or leave.

Anonymous said...

Vince: ALL of Zimbabwe is owned by just one person. That's African democracy at work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you guys are amazing. How quick are you guys to run your mouths/fingers when the shoe is on the other foot. I think for those of you that have left South Africa, good riddance. For those of you that are still here and moaning, maybe you should pack you velskoene and trek to Australia or whatever other place it is you guys go to for bigotry, racism and general white delusion.

Anonymous said...

Greg's baaaaack.....