Friday, January 30, 2009

On how Apartheid South Africa was “unfairly demonized” — like Israel

The Afrikaner, or Boer, people of South Africa were internationally demonized like no other people in history.

The Afrikaners began to settle in South Africa in the 18th century, fleeing religious persecution in Europe. They established two prosperous states which created job opportunities for blacks, who began pouring in from adjacent areas. The United Kingdom unleashed two devastating wars on them — the Anglo-Boer wars. The British used scorched-land methods and invented the concentration camp, in which 15% of Afrikaners from both republics died.

When Afrikaners finally obtained independence, they understood that only a strong Afrikaner state would prevent further massacres. The Republic thus created was not perfect, granted; the blacks, coloreds and Indians were discriminated against. But the world obsessively focused on the Afrikaners’ errors, leaving no stone unturned in their drive to demonize them.

South Africa was uniquely singled out for criticism. Not a word was said about the enslavement of the Pygmies in the Central African republics, yet the public yelled “Apartheid!” every time an Afrikaner showed up at an international event. The Chinese occupation of Tibet concerned no one, but the South African treatment of nonwhites –who enjoyed freedoms Tibetans could never dream of, either then or now– was severely chastised.

Under the Afrikaners, the blacks enjoyed a standard of life far above that of any other African state. By any measure –infant mortality, literacy, life expectancy, you name it– South African blacks were better off than their neighbors — so much so that the latter began to leave their civil-war torn countries for peaceful South Africa.

But not content with taking advantage of the Afrikaner-created wealth, the blacks began a terroristic campaign by the African National Congress that killed thousands. Where was their Gandhi? They bombed public places, mined roads killing innocent civilians and sabotaged productive infrastructure. Although the government reacted to this, most deaths were caused by black-on-black violence. A particularly barbaric murder method was approved of by the wife of Nelson Mandela — the necklacing, a summary execution carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire. This was used against opponents in internecine ANC warfare.

The Afrikaners only wanted peace, which was offered multiple times to the blacks. After being met with ever more terrorism, Afrikaners diesngaged from 20 areas that were designated as black homelands. Each of these territories was offered full independence; four of them took it — Transkei, Venda, Bophuthatswana, and Ciskei. But instead of focusing on building their nations, the blacks continued to resort to terror.

Meanwhile, the international community shunned South Africa — but not Saudi Arabia, a theocracy where converts from Islam face capital punishment; or East Germany, where people who tried to leave the country were shot dead; or Kampuchea, where Pol Pot perpetrated a genocide of more than 1 million people. Only South Africa, where less than 2,000 blacks were killed by a government faced with guerrilla warfare, was subjected to UN sanctions — but not Angola, where civil war killed hundreds of thousands.

International hypocrisy peaked in the 70s and 80s. When the South African rugby team (the Springboks) toured Australia in 1971, the leader of the Labour Party, Gough Whitlam, opposed the tour and declared: “Australians should never let an afternoon’s entertainment blind them to a lifetime’s repression for another nation.” This, said by a politician from a country that dispossessed and mostly exterminated its Aboriginal population. Huge and widespread protest also occurred in New Zealand in 1981 against a Springbok tour — that, in a country that committed cultural genocide against the Maoris, whose language is in a terminal state.

An automatic anti-Afrikaner UN majority recommended several times economic sanctions against South Africa, and third world countries were quick and happy to implement them. Even the US disgraced itself by applying economic sanctions it never imposed on far worse human-rights offenders like Mozambique or the Congo. Of course, none of those countries stopped using South African diamonds or gold, which are key to high-tech industries, or performing heart transplants, an Afrikaner-invented medical procedure.


After thoroughly analyzing the undemocratic, yes, but relatively benign Afrikaner rule in South Africa, and the disproportionate international reaction to it, only one of two conclusions can be drawn. EITHER

1) The world was full of anti-Afrikaner prejudice and even hate, which is evident in the sanctions imposed by the world’s nations against Apartheid South Africa, and their silence regarding atrocities, massacres and genocides that dwarf it. The only moral thing to do is acknowledge the injustice done to Afrikaners and revert to the situation of 1991, before the Apartheid regime was toppled by the pressure of a hypocritical international community;


2) Apartheid was wrong, even if methods used to fight it were also wrong, and even if other human-rights violations were even wronger. Toppling it was justified, and there was nothing inherently unfair in singling out the Afrikaners, even if the Congolese behaved worse; just like there’s nothing wrong in denouncing the lack of freedom in Cuba, even if Somalia has far less liberties, or — in criticizing Israel, even if its dispossession of Palestinians pales beside the genocide in Darfur.

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Robby said...

You cannot compare SA with Israel the Boers did not displace the indigenous people the state of Israel however was created in 1948 by force of the Belfour Declaration which in turn did displace the indigenous people.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

I don/t however understand why the the west is so obsessed with white on black compared to the horror and scale of black on black.

FishEagle said...

I went and had a look at the comments on the site where this article originally appeared. Many Jews on the site were horrified by the comparison. Those that were against the Israeli government agreed with it. All agreed that apartheid was bad. The wheels have not turned. It would have been so much easier if we could go forward 100 years from now to a time when people looked back and saw how stupid they were when they judged apartheid so harshly

FishEagle said...

I had to respond on the original site. Don't know if my comments will be published. This was my comment:

HB, yes white South Africans were unfairly singled out for criticism during apartheid. It actually just showed me how racist the world actually is. It showed me how the world looked down on blacks so much that they were not even willing to engage in criticism.

Presently the murder rate in SA is 50/day. The number of rapes has increased to such a level that a woman has a greater chance of being raped than learning to read. Regardless of the horrific circumstances that have lead to these conditions, human rights have been grossly violated consistently for years. Where is the world’s criticism now?

As a South African I see the similarities between Israel and apartheid SA. I support Israel, just like I support an apartheid system.

I actually changed after the ANC government was elected when I saw how badly things were deteriorating in my country. I always used to think apartheid was bad. Now I see the alternative and I say bring apartheid back! I fear for my life every day because of crime. It is just not safe to live here anymore. It would be much safer for me to live in Israel, which is at war.

I sincerely hope not, but my opinion is that the world is going to fry Israel. I’ve experienced hatred towards my Afrikaans culture from every single race and/or country on this earth. It is the one thing I understand. Believe me, you are next.

SuSa said...

We have come full circle, in order to have a measure of peace I agree with my American friend who states
in order to find peace...Stop the hate...separate! Back to apartheid.
I for one would love to live in a white only suburb were no black person is allowed inside. Therefore
I also declare

Robby said...

FishEagle....The tables started to turn for SA when the US adopted the moral high ground in 1964 by instituting the concept of "one man one vote" easy to do when the majority in America is white...FYI the justice that pushed it was Earl Warren a conservative Republican and also the guy who came up with the magic bullet theory in the Kennedy assassination

FishEagle said...

Robby, do you also get that uneasy feeling that the American whites are not going to remain in the majority for long? The democracy may just be the downfall of America, which I don’t want to see happening.

Robby said...

FishEagle ....there many areas in the US where whites for the first time are now the minority ie Washington DC,Detroit and Philly come to mind...many would argue that California is only 5 years away from becoming the largest state where mexican nationals become the majority...

Robby said...

The democracy may just be the downfall of America, which I don’t want to see happening.

I have lived half my life in Africa the other half in America....both have failed because of "democracy"

To understand that let me quote Americas favorite son Thomas Jefferson

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

Americas original form of government was a Republic (not unlike the former Republic of SA) where it was understood that all men were not created equal and in order for government to function in a free society only those qualified were allowed to vote in Jeffersons time it was white male land owners.

This kept America free and prosperous for almost 150 years things changed around 1913 and by the 1920's cultural marxism started to take control of American they have achieved complete control.Sorry America is toast.

Funny thing I've started looking at property in Jefferies Bay may be a whole lot safer than say Los Angeles when the SHTF....not a matter of if but when!

FishEagle said...

Robby, you have made some interesting points. The question that is raised in my mind is whether I would be able to give up my right to vote, being a woman if we went back to such a American republican rule. I would have to consider it, although there is an alternative way to qualify for voting. I'm beginning to feel pretty strongly about creating voting credits for people. People that are knowledgeable about history, politics, legislation and finances should be rewarded with more voting credits. That way everybody has opportunity but it is not equal opportunity. People that don't vote should lose credits in the next election.

Robby said...

FishEagle Ah yes the great debate a "womans right to vote" do not take offense but understand Americas founders thought process at the time...woman were the core of the family the glue that held all together however when it came to the affairs of state they felt that a womans natural nature of compassion and nurturing would prevent them from making hard decisions.

On a personal note and I could be wrong but men back then held women in high esteam chivalry was alive and well,this form of respect has been lost over the decades so the question is was it worth the price for the right to vote?....

I may be old fashioned but I can remember a time when a man would rise when a woman came into a room held doors open and give up a seat in a crowded bus or train demands for equality have destroyed this virtue in todays society

Having said I do agree that if we need a test to be able to drive a car there should be a test for the right to vote ...the concept of "democracy" is a failure when someone takes the time to understand the issues and be a informed voter only to show up at the polls and see some guy droolling on himself voting for some government welfare check that voter gets very discouraged and before long does not even bother to vote....although the news media won't tell you this over the past decade voter rolls in America are in decline even the last election only about 30% of those who could vote did!

FishEagle said...

Hi Robby, don’t worry, it takes much before I become offended. Families will not be valued like in those old days before our population numbers have dropped. Gone are the days when a woman’s worth was measured in the number of children that she could bear. Women have adapted to these new circumstances. Our society went through a process when women obtained the right to vote and that process has left many men and women with deep scars. Whether it was worth it, it is still too soon to say. Although I sometimes sorely miss that magic chivalry that you speak about, I have found that some good men still possess those qualities.

Hypothetically speaking, a woman that does not deserve to be rewarded with voting credits, in the evaluation process, must be penalized. Just like people of all races. But as a woman I should value such a choice, deciding whether I would like to spend my time on my family or doing something else, like becoming informed with politics. Whichever way I could have decided, I can assure you I would have still given 100%.

A ruler e.g. president or emperor, has qualities of race, sex, wealth, intelligence, etc. that reflect the population. These qualities have been communicated amongst the population by word of mouth, images and text. The communication process will evolve further to the use of numeric values. Presently we are still struggling with the “counting” or assigning of values. Communism, Marxism and the democracy are political movements that are equalizing populations and effectively assigning a value of zero to the ruler’s qualities. They have a common goal and will be clearing the playing fields before the new game of numeric values begin.

Now it makes sense why we have such poor leaders. But that should change again.

Anonymous said...

you say the blacks were far better off under Afrikaner rule than in any other African country bullshit they were not that much better off you act as though blacks should be grateful and thankful for what oppressing and subjugating them using them cheap labour how arrogant.