Thursday, January 22, 2009

Know thy future leader

Wedding photo of Jacob Zuma and his latest wife Nompumelelo Mantuli

This is our future hip-hopping, gun totting, boogy wooging, rumbling fumbling, ass licking, womanising, shower drenching, leopard wearing , aids preventing, racketeering, money laundering, panga weilding, nike dancing, foot stomping, justice raping, nation building, multi-marrying, Shabir shakin, Zapiro hating, court dodging, Scorpion slating, baby making machine, el presidente. I present to you the man who knows no limits, sex symbol of post apart hate and your future president. the Zuma’s next door. This man is full of love.


· Number one Sizakele Khumalo - whom he met in 1959. She lives at his rural R1,5-million home at Nkandla in northern KwaZulu- Natal and they have no children. (she must be a real ugly bitch!)

· Number two - Ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Foreign Affairs Minister - with whom he had 4 children - Msholozi, 24, Gugu, 22, Thuli, 21 and Thuthi, 19. They divorced in June 1998 due to "irreconcilable differences."

· Number three - Late wife Kate Zuma - with whom he had 5 children - Saady, 29, twins Duduzile and Duduzane both 25, Phumzile, 20 and Vusi. She committed suicide on December 8, 2000 after apparent strained relations with Zuma. (Do you f*cking blame her)

· Still on honeymoon Nompumelelo Mantuli Zuma - whom he married in January . She has 2 children Thandiswe, 7 and 8 month old Sinquobile. (Shootin blanks for a while there boss!)

· Waiting in the wings Thobeka Stacey Mabhija - with whom he has two children, including a 5 month old baby (Maybe next year)

· Mrs Jacob Zuma number six? Bongi Ngema - from Umlazi, has a 7 month old son


· Old flame Minah Shongwe - who is Zuma's old flame. Shongwe, the sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe has a 30 year old son, Edward with Zuma.

· Left at the altar Zuma also paid half lobolo for Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini, 38, the granddaughter of King Sobhuza III, in 2002 but nothing has come out of it.

4 Marriages, 1 ½ Lobola, 3 partners and 15 Children...????? Check the age differences between the children from different mothers – an 8 month old baby, a 7month old baby and a 5 month old baby – very busy 2007!
He adds a whole new edge to "Who's your daddy?"

And we worry about his buddy, poor old Steve Hofmeyr ???

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Anonymous said...

An excellent president I think!

No better person to show to the world how our moral fabric in South Africa has been pulled through the ANC's arse.

progressive said...

I am so unhappy with the bias towards Zuma. He is an avarage black south african man of his age. Many of you saints out there, crawl the nights for prostitutes and sleep with your maids and secretaries and never own up to the consequences. He is a man who is able to take responsibilty for his action. We must not forget that many of the affairs happen at difficult times. Away from family and loved ones. A person normal and resoanable person can not continue to be sane under sextual and close relationship. We must understand this are sacrifices the soldiers made during the war. Zuma had lived in many parts of the world, and he made relationships there. His sense of responsibilty is high than us, who go to parties pick up girls, sleep with them for night or a few nights and throw away their numbers. The guys who make those young and old women to visit the arbotion clinics. Leyts not feed the propaganda machinary. Zuma is having his day in court. He is respecting the constitution. It is his right to defend himself and his family. It will be stupidity for him to just wait for the NPA and counter revolutationary forces to do as they wish with him. The trick of the anti-ANC movement is to divided revolutionary vangurd and then give the country to the right wing. Time shall clarify al lthe tricks, and the people and the revolution shall triumph

Loggi said...

Hi Progressive. He is an average black south African man of his age? You said it , not me.

What revolution do you suggest will triumph?
Here I thought the so called freedom struggle was for democracy?

15 years of ANC democracy and you are now waiting for a revolution.

Viva the revolution???????


Hi progressive !

You must be from Zuma's think tank ! Ever wondered about the mysterious workings of cause and effect ?

Anonymous said...

Come now, anonymous 10:58, things are progressively looking up - as the sophisticated black gentleman pointed out, Zuma's not into one-night stands.

Holy makaroley, what the hell have we come to now.