Friday, January 23, 2009

Just when you think you have heard it all

Cleansing ceremony for Sefikile schools A cleansing ceremony will be held at two schools in Sefikile near Mogwase, the Bakgatla Ba Kgafela traditional administration said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Solly Kgarimetsa said traditional healers and religious leaders would conduct the cleansing ceremony on Friday.

Learning at the Makuka secondary school and Sefikile primary schools was disrupted on Tuesday after five sangomas went to the schools and planted muti, in the form of a black powder in the school yards.

Irate parents withdrew their children from the schools after the incident and vowed not to return them, unless the schools had been cleansed.

"We do not know why sangomas planted muti at the schools," he said.

Spokesperson for the North West education department, Charles Raseala, said the department would pursue the matter with the help of the police.

"We view this as trespassing that has cost our learners five days of quality learning," Raseala said.

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Joe King said...

I caught a female employee red-handed stealing from me. She had been doing so for some time so obviously I set a trap and needless to say the savage became complacent and fell straight in. Obviously I was not allowed to conduct a body search but she was the only one who had access to the cash. Anyway, forget the details but the end result was that I lost the money and a week later I ended up having to face the thief and four learned colleagues who were all extremely proficient in the labour act at an office for human rights to discuss a case of unfair dismissal.

We were sat around the table with mismatched plastic chairs with the black legal mafia and the thief, on the fifth floor in the center for human rights in and air conditioned office turned to full heat on a scorching African summer’s day. A faded picture of Mandela hung sideways on the wall and the room had not been cleaned since apart hate days. The smell alone was unbearable as all the windows were welded shut. These black do good, no good, can’t get a job anywhere else, lawyers then proceeded to reverse the victim status.

After somnolence began setting in, due to the lack of oxygen in the room, I tried to cede the stolen money – which had still not been recovered - to the human rights group, as long as they retrieved the money from poor black lady thief. This put a whole twist on things and Mr Bright Shabalala was surprised as to why I threatened legal action if I could afford to give the money away. I could not explain the logic of my tactic to this law degree flaunting brainless uneducated bush monkey.

The lack of fresh air was taking its toll and as I was about to drop off into never land, my cell phone rang. As the motley crew had not been observing cell phone etiquette throughout the duration of the meeting, I did not bother excusing myself and retained the status quo. It was my wife calling and I immediately sprang into action with a momentarily lapse of inspiration. I then asked the caller to hold the line and told them that it was the sangoma that I had consulted calling, and asked if they had any objection to him coming to the meeting.

There was an urgent flurry of movement and an exchange of desperate clicking sounds accompanied by widening of the eyes and heavy breathing from the now panic-stricken legal team. I told the caller within ear shot of the panel of lawyers who had now become sangoma fearing Africans, that I would be on my way to fetch him.

The main spokesperson then turned to me and said, I quote, “How! – no sir, you can’t do this, it is not good.” Needless to say the tables had turned and the meeting was cut short. As I left the stale smelling room, I told the thief that I would be seeing the sangoma to lay the curse to get the money back.

The following day, Bright called me and told me that the bitch had admitted to taking the cash and as she had spent her ill gotten gains, she was willing to return to work for me to pay the money off. I of course told them to piss-off and that I had already consulted the sangoma. They might be e d u carted but they still fear the tokolosh.
So with regards to the above, I am not surprised that the learners at Sefikile primary are too scared to return to school. That’s spooooky!! Sleep tight and don’t forget to look under your bed tonight.


Can you imagine on what basis this stone age people cast their vote ?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Great article Loggi ... it is a topic which needs discussion. As we know, warfare is largely fought in the mind. We all gotta get "geared up".

(which we'uns have been doing on our respective blogs ! Keep at it gang - I believe the days will come soon when the screws will be further tightened or even denied)

Superb comments Joe King. A chink in the armour has been found (even though yall have known for some time).

Joe King - whether your wife called you by design or not, those were excellent impromptu actions on yer part. We must exploit to our advantage every weakness known and be learned enough to recognize such potentials when presented.

We also can run headgames and use disinformation wisely.
(To be evil and take advantage ? Of course not but to merely survive the depredations of the beast ! Our right to survival is not something we have need to apologize for fighting to ensure.

Truth be told - what is ludicrous is that a large portion of our own people STILL cannot see where we're already WELL past the point where we'd be righteously justified in throwing off our restraints and start cleaning up our respective countries in a most decidely aggressive manner.)
Anyone care to give a quick definition for each so all will know.

Is the witch doctor/sangoma/muti savage pretty much wrapped into one, or different fields of "expertise" ?
I remember the tokalesh(sp?) are the critters who'll get ya if the risers aren't put under the bed.

Funny, I got a hound dog who sleeps under there ... aint heard report one from him !

Gotta get back on "the road" ... will try 'n rein 'er into yalls driveway more often. Sorry for the dust storm ! Yall take care and we'll see ya the next time.