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I was suspended over Selebi - Pikoli

Inquiries of this nature are good for democracy, well, in normal democracies. We need it also with the Oilgate scandal, the Arms Deal fiasco, Travelgate and a host of other issues. I know, I know, pigs loaded and ready to fly...never gonna happen.

Here we have further proof of Mbeki and ministers meddling in the affairs of the NPA which is constitutionally an INDEPENDENT body investigating a CRIMINAL matter. Lest we feel relieved that Mbeki is gone and things may now proceed differently, it is worth noting that the current Zuma stooge president-temp Motlanthe is still interfering by refusing to reinstate Pikoli.

Clearly, it is the ANC itself that has something to hide otherwise why else would everyone vouch for a criminal like Selebi? Turn him loose to the dogs if you have nothing to hide but as in Zuma's case, the rot obviously runs deep and there are other figures of influence within the ANC that are implicated in the underworld dealings of Selebi. I'm shocked, seriaaass...

Axed national prosecutions chief Vusi Pikoli told MPs on Tuesday that he was fired for doing his job in prosecuting police commissioner Jackie Selebi and accused the executive of interfering in the case.

"This was the reason for my suspension," the former head of the National Prosecuting Authority told parliament's ad hoc committee reviewing President Kgalema Motlanthe's decision in December to fire him.

"The murder of Brett Kebble is when Selebi's name came up. If it had not been for the matter of Kebble I would not have this problem I am having today," he said, referring to the businessman's murder that prompted the Selebi investigation for corruption.

Pikoli said he came under pressure from former justice minister Brigitte Mabandla to drop the case, but refused because it would have been unconstitutional to do so.

"Because I refused to obey an unlawful instruction I was suspended."

Pikoli said former president Thabo Mbeki's complaint that he had jeopardised
national security by not agreeing to wait a requested two weeks to arrest Selebi was a smokescreen.

"National security should not be used as an excuse to avoid a criminal investigation where there is evidence of a criminal offence.

"I would see it the other way round: Public interest would demand that I investigate this person."

Pikoli was cleared late last year by the Ginwala Enquiry, which found he was fit to hold office and recommended that he was reinstated.

But Motlanthe refused, citing a remark in former speaker Frene Ginwala's report that Pikoli had shown scant regard for national security by telling Mbeki he could agree to wait only one week, and not two, to give the state time to prepare for Selebi's arrest.

Pikoli told MPs on Tuesday that delaying arrest would have jeopardised the case, and said it was disingenous to use the point as a reason to fire him because at the time Mbeki had not protested further.

"We agreed to convene the National Security Council, we parted with that undestanding. The president asked me whether I was ready to address the National Security Council.

"I said I was ready to brief it. But I was never called to that meeting."

Instead the president suspended him two days later, on September 23, 2007.

Pikoli said the discussion with Mbeki had taken place in the presence of Reverend Frank Chikane, the director general in the presidency, and that they agreed Chikane would convene the NSC.

"So you can see that I am not fabricating a discussion."

Pikoli said it was clear that the Selebi case was still being obstructed as investigators from the Scorpions went to court this month in a bid to obtain information being withheld by the police.

"As we speak now, 18 months down the line, the Directorate of Special Operations still does not have the information it is seeking.

"The NPA has been obstructed in its duty by another agency. I stand accused but nobody has questioned the conduct of the South African Police Service. Why has this not been resolved?"

Pikoli said he believed that the Ginwala Enquiry had protected Mbeki and Mabandla and that parliament's ad hoc committee, which has a majority of ANC MPs, was not objective in dealing with his case either.

"There is an element of subjectivity. That is the impression I have."

The 22-member committee will hear a presentation from Justice Minister Mohamed Surty on behalf of Motlanthe's office to explain his decision to fire Pikoli.

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Joe King said...

That was then – a quick guide to Pikoli, Selebi, Agliotti, Mbeki, kebble et al


Mr Pikoli's suspension followed reports of disagreement with Justice Minister Brigitte Mabandla over the role of the NPA and the Scorpions in the prosecution of former Deputy President Jacob Zuma on charges of corruption.

The world's largest international police organisation, Interpol, has declined to comment on SABC News reports that suspended Public Prosecutions Director Vusi Pikoli secured a warrant of arrest for Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi. The France-based organisation, of which Selebi is the president, says it's been aware of reports that an arrest warrant has been issued for Selebi

The warrant for Mr Selebi's arrest was reportedly issued by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), which operates independently from the South African Police Services, the regular police force headed by Mr Selebi.

Selebi, who has been harshly criticised for failing to reduce one of the world's highest crime rates, had not previously commented on the report.

"I will never be arrested," he was quoted as saying by the Sunday Times. "I am not bothered at all. For what must I be arrested? There is no such thing as a warrant. It does not exist. I will not comment on charges as there is no warrant."

Some of the charges relate to Selebi's friendship with Glenn Agliotti, a local businessmen who is accused of participating in Kebble's murder, the newspaper added.

Yesterday, he (Selebi) broke his silence about the warrant for his arrest obtained last week by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

“I will never be arrested,” he said. “If there is a warrant for me I will stand on the 10th floor of the Sandton Towers so that the Scorpions can arrest me.

The Scorpions came within inches of persuading Brett Kebble murder accused Glenn Agliotti to testify against National Police Commissioner and Interpol president Jackie Selebi.

But then it all fell apart for the elite crime-fighting body, which - instead of Friday preparing to take the Kebble case to the Johannesburg High Court - admitted that it was "not in a position to arrange a trial date".

Brett Kebble murder accused Glenn Agliotti has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, suspended for five years, with a R300 000 fine. This was for drug charges relating to a R250 million drug bust in Alberton

National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi’s office did not want to comment on the plea bargaining and 10 year suspended sentence for drug trafficking handed down to Glenn Agliotti yesterday.

Mr “I will never be arrested”Jackie Selebi, has temporarily stepped down as the National Police Commissioner. After the National Prosecuting Authority has said that they have sufficient evidence to take him to court, the top cop has decided to step down until the trial is over.

Jackie Selebi is alleged to have accepted Gucci handbags that gangsta Agliotti bought for his wife and girlfriend. He also, allegedly, bought our President Thabo Mbeki, a pair of leather shoes!!!