Friday, January 30, 2009

Housing subsidy plus free 6 million mansion for Mayor

The Freedom Front Plus said metro council and its Mayor, Dr. Gwen Ramokgopa, are guilty of serious misappropriation of tax money, since the metro council illegally provided her with a mansion at a value of more than R6 million at no cost, while she is receiving a housing subsidy on top of that.

That the Tshwane The Auditor-General delivered a report at today's Council meeting and stated that two laws are transgressed by the continued use of the house, the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Act and the Municipal Finances Management Act.

According to correspondence between the AG and the municipality, the free rent represents taxable income to the Mayor, which was never paid.

It was revealed in new documentation that the Mayor received a housing allowance in spite of the free residence she received.

"The Mayor should pay back all rental payments for her complete stay in the house. She should also start paying rent or leave the house.

It is a disgrace that taxpayers should pay for their own housing, while they must also pay for the house and an unnecessary housing subsidy of a highly paid mayor", Beyers said.

The Freedom Front Plus will request a survey of all the houses countrywide that are provided to Mayors illegally.

"This is a serious transgression by the city council in Pretoria , as well as municipalities countrywide. It is however well-known that the
ANC controlled Tshwane metro council has no respect for the rule of law.

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