Friday, January 23, 2009

The joy of being well connected in a Banana republic

Shaik has spent 312 days in hospital

Wednesday marks the 312th day that convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik has spent at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital since he was admitted in March last year.

The Department of Correctional Services confirmed that Shaik was still in hospital, but would return to prison when doctors from the department as well as the Department of Health gave the go-ahead.
Shaik, a former financial adviser to ANC President Jacob Zuma, was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment for fraud and corruption by Judge Hilary Squires in 2005.

After losing his appeal, Shaik was sent to Qalakabusha Prison in Empangeni, in November 2006. Since then he has been in and out of prison hospitals (both Qalakabusha and Westville), and private and public hospitals, where he has been treated for depression, hypertension and a mild stroke, among other conditions.

"Shaik has been hospitalised since March 16 last year, and it would be... a violation of the patient-doctor confidentiality clause for the department to comment on his current medical status," said correctional services spokesperson, Phumlani Ximiya.
Ximiya said the department would foot the bill for Shaik's most recent stay in hospital, adding that "the department was not at liberty to disclose the amount spent on ensuring the well-being of its subjects".

According to Shaik's brother Mo, Shaik is under specialist care at the hospital.
"Doctors are concerned that his eyesight might be damaged because he has developed increased intraocular pressure, indicating the early onset of glaucoma. Specialists are monitoring Schabir to determine if the condition is an acute blockage, which could lead to blindness," he said.

Mo Shaik added that his brother was "still under a great deal o
f stress".

Speaking of Shaik's son, two-year-old Yasir Mohomed, Mo said: "Inshallah (God willing) he will see his father at home soon. The child is ... suffering from separation anxiety. He said the family was exploring all possible means to secure Shaik's release on "solid medical and legal grounds".

Shaik's hospital costs could be R3m

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Shaik to get R5m in interest

ANC leader Jacob Zuma's ex-financial adviser Schabir Shaik will receive R5m from the state in a "secret" deal on interest earned from seized assets

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Anonymous said...

I think that's perfectly reasonable: keep half the interest on your fraudulently acquired money and use the rest to pay your lawyers to spring you out of jail. Can't expect Zuma to pay Shaik's legal fees. The man's appalling with money and he has all those mouths, with more to come, to feed.